What Kind of OS does Network Inventory Software Work With?

What Kind of OS does Network Inventory Software Work With?

If you run a business, then you likely know the importance of making sure that everything runs as efficiently as possible, and technology plays a crucial role in that. Where fifty years ago, a company would have paid several employees to keep things running smoothly, they can now do so with software.

One of the most crucial programs for IT-focused companies is network inventory management software, which works to keep track of all of the hardware on a particular network. This makes it far simpler to keep track of the devices in a company’s inventory, but there are a few key questions that we often get which pertain to this kind of software.

A widespread inquiry concerns the kind of operating systems on which network inventory software can run. In this short article, we’re going to look at the three main operating systems that network inventory management software works on, so bear with us.

Microsoft Windows

As you would expect, network inventory software will most commonly work with Windows computers due to how widespread they are. This degree of compatibility means that even the most affordable network inventory programs will work with Windows computers, allowing you to save money on the program itself.

You’ll find that most businesses use Windows, so it makes sense for software developers to support this operating system first and foremost. However, the number of competitors in the field of Windows inventory management software also means that newcomers in the domain will have to create a product that stands out.


Mac has seen massive growth as an operating system over the past few decades, and it is also being used more in business than ever before. This leads to more developers creating network inventory programs for use with the OS, and you’ll find that OSX is commonly supported by most of them.

Keep in mind that working with OSX is a little more restrictive, so some budget programs may not be compatible with it. If your office uses OSX primarily, then it will help to double check that an application is compatible with it before making a purchase, instead of assuming that is the case, as with Windows.


The third most common OS for network inventory management software is Linux, which is a highly modifiable open-source operating system that is more versatile than the other two options. However, Linux’s relative lack of popularity is its downfall, and many programs won’t work with it.

On the other hand, the open-source nature of Linux means that most programs that work with it will be more varied and capable than comparable options for the other two operating systems. You’ll also want to keep in mind that the software won’t necessarily be open source just because the OS is open source.


These are the three main operating systems for which you’ll find network inventory management software available. The most common choice of OS for businesses that use network inventory management software is Windows, followed by OSX and finally Linux.

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