Predictions For the Server Network Monitoring Industry

Predictions For the Server Network Monitoring Industry

The server network monitoring industry has gained a lot of popularity due to its utility and usage. In fact, the industry is expected to reach $1.82 billion USD by the end of 2018. And by 2023, the industry is supposed to reach up to $2.93 billion.

Due to the increasing demand from online enterprises to follow reliability requirements, there has been an increase in the use of specific monitoring equipment. As the network architecture grows, the application delivery becomes more time sensitivity.

As a result, this calls for a dire need for specific and scalable software as well. This need for a better network capability for better emergency network operation and reduces the downtime issues within modern company networks.

What is Server Network Monitoring?

Server Network Monitoring is a real-time testing system that works with software agents or hardware sensors. It’s used against network infrastructure and applications to verify that the network is available and is readily performing.

These active tests use real-time data such as HTTP response time, bandwidth, end-to-end reachability, and jitter. One of the common tests that is the ping command. It works by verifying a round trip time for the packet loss and the host.

Alternatively, there’s no other network software that uses a monitoring system. This allows the user to monitor the entire business or the enterprise network. Through this method, you have full control over how your IT team works through their daily operations.

Why Use Server Network Monitoring?

Running on a large network means that there is a large amount of data that can be processed. Sometimes the data can contain confidential information (i.e., meeting information, product information, etc.), which can lead to hefty fines if they’re leaked.

One benefit of server network monitoring software is that it reports important information on your network’s availability and performance. Server network monitoring helps with solving network and application problems, which helps your IT teams solve the issue faster.

Some examples of server network monitoring software are VoIP monitoring, video stream monitoring, and others.

Demand for using higher network speeds

During the forecasting period, it’s expected that the demand for a higher network bandwidth will increase. This could be due to the company’s need to create a high throughput, high-performance connectivity, and constant uptime.

To address the user’s requirements, the network monitoring is made for enterprise software. Large enterprises through other industries have begun to use digitization methods to help with their digitization process.

Using server network monitoring software helps with getting your business on track. By having more control over your data, you can have your team suited to handle their daily operations. Use it to make your business more streamlined and make it more efficient in the future.


Overall, monitoring your server is the best way to utilize your IT team and network. By doing this, you create a shield for your company once it’s approached by hackers and outside threats. As a successful company, server network monitoring software is an added component you and your IT can’t go without. So try to make use of it today!

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