Amazon Receives Cease and Desist Notice From eBay

Amazon Receives Cease and Desist Notice From eBay

Amazon has received a legal letter from eBay as a cease and desist notice. The notice stated that Amazon’s staff had contacted eBay merchants with the intention of getting them to defect. It’s alleged that Amazon’s staff has communicated with eBay sellers through eBay’s My Messages internal system.

Based on the Wall Street Journal, eBay accused Amazon of poaching sellers in a letter requiring them to stop the recruitment through eBay’s system. Apparently, about 50 Amazon sales representatives around the world have sent about 1,000 messages to eBay’s merchants, requesting them to join Amazon.

If this turns out to become an accurate accusation, then it seems to be an illegal attempt to gain sellers. This is because eBay merchants have their business information publicized on eBay. This makes it easy for Amazon representatives to make a compile list with that information instead of going through messages.

This is surprising that Amazon needs to recruit sellers since they are a company with over 575,000 employees. Perhaps the eBay merchants were in specific niches where Amazon is planning to expand their merchandise offer to shoppers.

Things to Avoid When Appealing Your Amazon Suspension

If you’ve been recently suspended through Amazon, don’t panic. With a successful plan, you can appeal to their Amazon suspension service. Here are some tips on things to avoid if you want your appeal process to become successful.

Don’t resort to legal action

Amazon’s Seller Performance likes to see their merchants take accountability for their actions, and they’d rather directly deal with the seller throughout the appeal process. Most sellers seek an attorney for legal assistance, and the attorney begins to contact Amazon Seller Performance to speak on their clients’ behalf.

Even when an attorney is involved, the amazon suspension process is delayed. On some occasions, Amazon becomes unresponsive until the seller personally contacts them about their suspension.

In these situations of infringement suspension, attorneys can contact a complimentary party to seek a solution and can request that the complaint is removed. Once it’s withdrawn, the seller must contact Amazon Seller Performance for the results.

Don’t open a new account

Once your seller account is suspended, sellers can think that they can create a new account, and try again. However, creating a new account after suspension will delay reinstatement and damage your appeal process.

Amazon has multiple ways of linking seller accounts, and your second account is more likely to be discovered. Once they spot your second account, it’s virtually impossible to have their account reinstated. At this point, the seller has spent too much time trying to open a new account and reduced the chances of reinstating their original account.

Focus on creating the best appeal for the current account. Creating a second account is a waste of time and reduces their chance of reinstatement after the issue.


Mainly, we believe that the amazon suspension service is great for getting your account reinstated. By taking a formal and direct process, you’ll find it easier to appeal the suspension. In conclusion, contact Amazon immediately to ensure that your account is reinstated so you can sell your company’s products again.

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