The 3 Most Popular Uses for the Internet of Things

The 3 Most Popular Uses for the Internet of Things

While technology has gradually changed the way we do things over the course of the past 100 years, the quickest and most sudden shifts have taken place recently. The Internet of Things is one of the most drastic shifts towards fully implementing digital technology in our everyday lives, so let’s take a look at it.

Internet of Things development services have seen a surge in their use recently as every company tries to get in on the IoT wave, but what exactly is it? Put simply, the Internet of Things consists of adding internet functionality to devices that didn’t already have it, allowing them to collect data and make use of it.

We understand that this sounds a little abstract, which is why we’ve put this article together to make things seem a bit more approachable. Over the course of this guide, we’re going to discuss the three most prevalent applications for the Internet of Things, and you may find that you already have an IoT device.

1. Smart home

The most common use of the Internet of Things is in smart home devices, and it makes sense when you consider that things like Alexa will always have to be connected to your home network. If your light switches turn on at the command of your voice, they will likely be connected to the IoT.

A smart home can make your daily life more convenient by combining your daily chores into a single framework from which they can all be managed. If you can check the status of everything in your home over a single app, then that makes things easier for you.

2. Wearables

Smart devices which can be worn are another example of a widespread internet of things product. While most of us will look at the Apple Watch as a smart device in its own right; in its most basic form, the Apple Watch is a wristwatch that is connected to the Internet of Things for expanded functionality.

The market for wearables is expanding at an ever-increasing pace, as more companies devote serious R&D to bring new products to the market and get a share of the revenue. Beyond watches, smart glasses and other accessories are also being developed.

3. Smart infrastructure

While this may not be as noticeable in our daily lives, smart infrastructure is another common use of the Internet of Things, and it can end up saving quite a bit of tax money. For example, roads and highways can have sensors installed in them to monitor their rate of degradation and improve their maintenance procedures.

On the other hand, something like a malfunctioning stoplight could be diagnosed and fixed far quicker when it is equipped with IoT sensors.


The Internet of Things will continue to expand over time, and we’re only seeing the beginnings of a massive, worldwide network. These three applications are just a few of the many domains in which the Internet of Things can be put to good use.

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