Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

In the modern gaming world, no platform is as rich or as rewarding as is PC gaming. Gaming on the PC offers better graphics, superior multi-player options, better gameplay, and overall a better gaming experience. However, one reason why most gamers are still playing on a console is that they believe the cost of getting a computer good enough to play the top games is way too high. And, rightly so…

If you look at the cost of the “high-end” gaming computers that some manufactures are producing, it’s obvious why more gamers aren’t switching to the PC. They’re too damn expensive.

For just a smidge over $3,000 you can get a pre-built computer that promises to play any game on the highest settings. It’s not reasonable at all, but people pay those prices. Unfortunately for them, they could’ve saved themselves thousands of dollars if instead of buying their computer pre-built, they instead bought the components and built it themselves…

Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

Why Building Your Next Computer is the Only Way to Go

Sure, it’s nice to have a complete product arrive at your door. You buy the computer, wait for it to arrive, open the box, turn it on, and BAM… you’re gaming. And, if you’re the kind of person who likes that kind of ease and simplicity, then by all means, spend the extra couple thousands of dollars on a pre-built machine.

However, if you’re a courageous, adventure-seeking gamer who wants to learn a new skill and set yourself apart from the rest of the non-computer-building gamers out there, then you need to build your own system.

There are a number of advantages that building your own computer provides, including:

  • You save yourself a ton of money by building your own gaming computer by avoiding the high markup costs that manufacturers place on their systems.
  • You have complete and total control over the quality of the components that go into your system. That means you won’t have to be stuck with the cheap and stripped down components that the manufactures love to use in order to cut costs and maximize your profits. (Manufacturers typically use cheap motherboards, power supplies, and hard drives.)
  • You can build your computer to your own specific needs. For instance, if you’re just playing Minecraft and League of Legends, you don’t have to spend $300 on a video card and $200 on a processor… you can choose the right components that will fit your own personal needs.
  • You’ll gain a valuable skill that will stick with you for a long time. I mean, let’s face it… we live in a tech-driven world. It’s good to have knowledge of how a computer is put together.
  • Building a computer gives you an insight on when and how to upgrade your computer as it becomes necessary, which will help you avoid buying a new system every couple of years, thus saving you even more money.

With all of the benefits listed above, there’s really only one reason why anyone would choose a pre-built computer over building one their selves: they think building a computer is too hard.

This isn’t true. Building a computer does take some patience and you do have to handle the components with care, but ultimately, assembling your own system is not a difficult task.

In fact, if you can read and operate a screwdriver, then you are more than qualified to build your own computer. And, with all of the how-to-videos, instructional eBooks, and helpful forums out there, building your own computer has never been easier.

Don’t Buy a Pre-Built System… Build Your Own Gaming Computer

Most gamers will never take it upon themselves to build their own gaming computer. It’s too bad, because building your own system will give you more performance and quality, it will save you money, and it will give you a valuable skill.

So, if you’re tired of shelling out thousands of dollars for a system that will allow you to play your favorite games, or if you want to make the jump from console gaming to PC gaming but you don’t have the money to buy a pre-built computer, then consider building your own computer. Any way you look at it, it’s the best option you have.

2 Responses to “Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer”

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve always been a strong advocate of building your own computer because

    1. It’s fun and interesting
    2. It’s way cheaper
    3. You end up with a better understanding of your PC and its components which makes it easier to troubleshoot problems/etc

    That being said, these prebuilt computers do come with things like preinstalled operating systems (which presumably most people pirate when they build their own computer), warranties, and dedicated support teams you can call when you have a problem, so the extra amount they charge you isn’t completely unjustified. But despite all that, I think if you’re even remotely interested in technology you should look into building your own PC every time.

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