Improving Your Website With Web and Social Analytics

Improving Your Website With Web and Social Analytics

Modern day websites have to be more creative than ever to get the kind of traffic they need. Web analytics offer a way to find out how the website is performing and are there any opportunities to take advantage of.

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There has been advancement on the web analytics front and numbers of tools are there to optimize the process.

In the current status quo, the success of a website is now dependent on a number of factors ranging from the kind of storage area network to the analytics and SEO tools you use. For instance, you could use a network server whose storage is backed by reliable companies such as LSI and others.

Improving Your Website With Web and Social Analytics

Web Analytics

Tools like Google analytics have the advantage that they are free and easy to use. Using them, it’s possible to find out:

  1. Quantity of the interactions on your site.
  2. The number of page views.
  3. The source of your visitors (demographics).
  4. The hot spots on your websites (the content/options people mostly access).
  5. Kind of devices your visitors are using.

The benefit of the web analytics is that you know the kind of operating systems your visitors are coming from, their geographical location, and demographics; all relevant data to optimize your web presence.

If your web analytics stats show that majority of your visitors are using smartphones, you can make an app for your business/service.

Google analytics is available for free and can provide elaborate stats based study as well as measurements for use of data and your traffic. The analytics tools have been divided into categories like analysis, content, social, mobile, conversion and advertising.

Another extension is the Google Analytics Developers which allows webmasters to have their customized business measures so they can have their own key performance indicators (KPIs) for the evaluation of their websites.

Social analytics

Pinterest is a wonderful tool to access the existing audience on your website. This social network has now a proven record for generating sales for a wide variety of businesses. Surveys indicate that people on Pinterest tend to buy more items than on any other social network.

One of the main attributes of Pinterest is that it is primarily a visual attribute and you need to upload images for your business/service. The idea is that if your content that has been “pinned” goes viral, you can achieve more sales. It’s also good for creating a mammoth online presence. This is one of the key points of social media.

Pinterest also has analytics which give a good summary of your activity. You can see which of your pins have made most impact and how is your overall progress. Like other analytics tools, it’s possible to predict which aspect of your website is being appreciated by the masses at large.

Your web presence would be incomplete without having a web analytics tool. You can start with a free one since it would not add to your overall budget.
However, on a large scale business, you would need an active and professional service. The idea is to understand the dynamics of your customers and adjust your product accordingly.

The data you generate from your web and social analytics can be integrated into your product research, development and other marketing related aspects.

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3 Responses to “Improving Your Website With Web and Social Analytics”

  1. The Guy says:

    Thanks for the tips. There are so many analytics tools out there that it can be confusing. I tend to vary between Jetpack, Google and my site’s C-Panel. All provide interesting information.

  2. urstrinath says:

    Thanks for the tips….. thank you so much

  3. Aqiyl Henry says:

    Using Google analytics is a very important tool to use to gain insight into where and how traffic is coming to your site. Many people don’t use Webmaster Tools, but it is also a very important tool to use.

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