How to Determine Whether it is Possible to Repair a Dead Hard Drive Yourself

Hard Drive

Has your hard drive suddenly died and left you high and dry? If there was nothing important on it then it the easiest option is to just buy a new hard drive, but if you have important information that you don’t want to lose you may be thinking about repairing it. Unfortunately repairing a dead hard drive is easier said than done, and in some cases it may not even be possible for you to do it yourself.

How to Avoid Expensive Computer Repairs [Infographic]

How to Avoid Expensive Computer Repairs

There are many issues that can occur with computers, and most of the time those issues can be a cause of frustration and even anger. Most parts that make up a computer can fail at any time, which can result in an expensive repair bill.

While not all failures can be prevented all the time, there are many things you can do to prevent some of the more common issues that you may face. Taking care of your computer can go a long way to helping you avoid expensive computer repairs.

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You Won’t Believe How Long Your Computer Will Last

How Long Will My Computer Last?

With Microsoft’s support ending for Windows XP, many people are looking to move to one of the newer versions of Windows – either Windows 7 (my preferred version), or Windows 8. I have been recently looking at helping someone upgrade a Windows XP system to a newer version of Windows, and have run into a bit of a snag. The desktop is old, and isn’t compatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 requires the processor to have the NX (No-eXecute) bit technology, and the processor in the desktop doesn’t have this technology.

This got me to thinking how long a typical desktop will last if someone was to buy it new today. The thought is that computers go obsolete the moment you bring it home. That is a thought that hasn’t been relevant in probably 10 years. In fact, for many people a new desktop computer can probably last longer than any computing device they may buy.

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How to Install a New Larger Hard Drive into an Otherwise Working Windows System

Install a New Larger Hard Drive into an Otherwise Working Windows System

It may seem like a difficult chore to move your system and all your files from one hard to a newer, larger hard drive. There are tools available that can take much of the work of moving to a larger hard drive out of your hands.

Below are instructions, provided by Dave Baxter, that explain how he moved from an 80GB hard drive to a 250GB hard drive on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.

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Tips On Choosing a Processor For Your Trading Computer

Tips On Choosing a Processor For Your Trading Computer

When it comes to a trading computer, your central processing unit is literally the brains to the whole operation. Even if every other component is the top of the line, absolute fastest and most powerful thing on the market, if you have a slow CPU then your PC is only going to do so much. Now if you are shopping for a stock trading computer, for just about any system that you look at one of the first things that they will tell you is what type of CPU is in it.

But what type of processor should you go with? How do you know it’s the best? And what the heck is a GHz? I thought if might be helpful to demystify all of this for you so that you know what to look for in a CPU when buying a trading computer.

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Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

In the modern gaming world, no platform is as rich or as rewarding as is PC gaming. Gaming on the PC offers better graphics, superior multi-player options, better gameplay, and overall a better gaming experience. However, one reason why most gamers are still playing on a console is that they believe the cost of getting a computer good enough to play the top games is way too high. And, rightly so…

If you look at the cost of the “high-end” gaming computers that some manufactures are producing, it’s obvious why more gamers aren’t switching to the PC. They’re too damn expensive.

For just a smidge over $3,000 you can get a pre-built computer that promises to play any game on the highest settings. It’s not reasonable at all, but people pay those prices. Unfortunately for them, they could’ve saved themselves thousands of dollars if instead of buying their computer pre-built, they instead bought the components and built it themselves…

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Three Reasons Why Your Next Upgrade Should Be An SSD

SSD Hard Drive

When our beloved computers start to give us grief by slowing down and struggle to perform the simplest of tasks, many of us have traditionally resigned to the fact that we need to buy a new machine. That was until Solid-state Hard Drives (SSDs) came around. You see, the storage inside our computers is often overlooked and taken for granted. As Dong Ngo from CNET puts it, “How many times have we asked ourselves where that Web page we’re viewing (like this one), the movie we’re watching, the song we’re listening to is stored, or even how the iPhone remembers to wake us up at 7 a.m every day?”

Goodbye Keyboard, Goodbye Mouse

Computer Keyboard

It’s gonna happen eventually…but when? When are we going to stop using these rudimentary tools – the computer keyboard and mouse. Just look at them. They look like they are straight out of the early 1900’s and well…they are.

At least, the keyboard is. The Keyboard has its roots in typewriter technology which was first in use in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Video terminals for computing along with keyboards were used in the 1970s. The mouse was first used for personal computers around 1984.

So here we are almost 30 years later and technology hasn’t changed a whole lot for computer input. Sure – I’ll admit that keyboard and mouse technology has changed a bit with optical mice, wireless keyboards and other minor advancements in technology. But I’m still punching keys to write this article and I’ll roll my mouse around my desk and click the buttons to post the article to this website.

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