Tips for Speeding Up Your PC

Tips for Speeding Up Your PC

There are many tips for speeding up your PC that are available online. Some of the tips really don’t do much to increase the speed, while others may have a drastic improvement in the performance of your PC.

A PC typically runs fast in its first year or so, but after that time period, its speed begins to slow down. There are a great deal of PCs out there that are only three or four years old, yet run so slow that they are almost unusable. If your PC happens to be this slow, luckily, there are some tips for speeding up your PC that you can employ.


Tips for Speeding Up Your PC

Below are several tips for speeding up your PC that you can follow to increase your system’s performance.

Update The Drivers

One of the best ways you can increase the speed of a PC is by updating its drivers frequently. Typically, a new driver can make a PC speed up considerably. Updating your driver often will ensure that all programs and applications on your computer work well. Therefore, getting an upgraded driver constantly will make your PC faster and much more advanced than a PC that hardly gets its drivers updated.

Reduce the Number of Installed Fonts

Over the years, a PC tends to accumulate an abundance of different fonts that the owner hardly ever uses. While fonts may not seem like much, they make the booting process slower because a PC must load every single font in the font folder. PC owners can easily delete fonts that aren’t system fonts to make their PC run much faster.

Lose the Wallpaper

The use of detailed and very colorful wallpaper slows down your personal computer considerably. Complicated wallpaper tends to slow down your computer due to the graphics card of your PC being overworked. Instead of using pretty wallpaper, use plain or even just white wallpaper instead to improve the performance of your PC.

Free Up Disk Space

Freeing up disk space is a great way for any PC owner to speed up their slow computer. The freeing up of disk space is now easier than ever due to a program called Disk Cleanup that is installed on almost every personal computer. Disk Cleanup removes temporary internet files, empties your recycle bin, deletes installed programs that aren’t used, and also removes temporary Windows files.

Upgrade Your PC

If your computer still isn’t speedy even after trying out many methods that should speed up your PC, you might have to upgrade your PC to the latest operating system. Doing this has helped many PC owners speed up their computer a lot. If even this doesn’t help, it might be time to get a new PC.

Other Tips For Speeding Up Your PC?

Slow PCs frustrate millions of people worldwide every single day. If these people were to use tactics in order to speed up their personal computer, they will likely have an improved computing experience for the rest of their PC’s life. By following the above tips for speeding up your PC, you should see a performance improvement.

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  1. David Britt says:

    Upgrading the hard drive is one of the best option and deleting unnecessary documents. If your pc is more than five years the best thing you can do is buy a new computer.

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