Top 4 Issues with Peripherals You Can Come Across

Mac with USB Hub

ou may be fully satisfied with your flawlessly working Mac until some unexpected, unexplainable issues pop up. One of the most frequent causes of concern is the trouble with peripherals. Such problems may reveal themselves differently, ranging from a dead USB port to non-detected Bluetooth headphones. Any connectivity problem like this can be quickly addressed with the help of DIY means, which we disclose in this article to help you manage minor Mac issues without engaging costly repair services.

How to Remove Applications from the Mac Computer?


Over time, every Mac user may realize there are too many unused applications on the device. If only uninstalling unnecessary programs was as easy as moving the icons to the Trash, but unfortunately, it is not so simple. Every time when you uninstall an app incorrectly, some files may remain on the hard drive, taking up space and slowing down the computer.

How to Check if Your Mac Hardware is Working Properly

Mac Hardware

Mac’s hardware is cited as one of the best, fashioned with great speed, capacity, and enhanced reliability. As machines are unpredictable, you will encounter an issue at one point with your Mac’s hardware. This is the case with even the most powerful systems, you can’t avoid issues. It is common for many Mac users to … Read more

Most Popular Ways to Accessorize Your Mac

Accessorize Your Mac

If you’re looking into buying one of Apple’s prime selection of computers or already have one, you might be surprised to know that you’re still not reaching the peak of what a computer can do. All that can change with the purchase of some simple accessories.

In this article we look at what goods you’ll need to really get the most from your Mac device, whether it’s professional work or throwing it in your bag for some on-the-move computing. Even these powerful computers have gaps in their functionality that need to be filled, so don’t be caught out. The MacBook Air is the device of the moment, and you can browse a huge range on sites like if you need inspiration on which one to plump for.

Here are some popular items you can use to accessorize your Mac.

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Vimeo Videos Downloading on Mac


As you know, Vimeo is a popular video sharing website which has over 16,000 videos uploaded daily. There are many reasons millions use Vimeo. It is interesting to know the fact that Time Magazine voted as a Top 50 Website for the last two years running.

Also, Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who make their own videos and share them with the world. Now everyone can upload Vimeo video as long as you can see the Download button below the video.

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5 Cool Mac OS X Apps You Can Now Find in the Apple Store

Apple Logo

Apple’s Mac OS X is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, and by most accounts, it’s better than the more widespread Windows. In fact, the only reason it doesn’t have as many users as Microsoft’s OS is that it only works on Mac computers, and they simply can’t compete in volume with the dozens of PC and laptop models out there.

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