Most Popular Ways to Accessorize Your Mac

Accessorize Your Mac

If you’re looking into buying one of Apple’s prime selection of computers or already have one, you might be surprised to know that you’re still not reaching the peak of what a computer can do. All that can change with the purchase of some simple accessories.

In this article we look at what goods you’ll need to really get the most from your Mac device, whether it’s professional work or throwing it in your bag for some on-the-move computing. Even these powerful computers have gaps in their functionality that need to be filled, so don’t be caught out. The MacBook Air is the device of the moment, and you can browse a huge range on sites like if you need inspiration on which one to plump for.

Here are some popular items you can use to accessorize your Mac.

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Apple vs. Samsung – The Battle for China [Infographic]

Apple vs. Samsung - The Battle for China [Infographic]

With the battle getting hotter by day for Samsung and Apple in the scramble for the Chinese market, none of the tech giants are opting to back down. The battle has become hotter with each of the two deploying different techniques. In a move aimed at precipitating Samsung from the Chinese market where it enjoys a clear lead of 18.3%, Apple is rumoured to have entered a deal with China’s lead telecom company, China Mobile. For the telecom company, this has come with a fall in its shares by 2% following its earnings release. With Apple’s fourth quarter coming into an end this October, the results are hotly anticipated.

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Apple iPhone 6 Rumoured Features

Apple iPhone 6 Rumoured Features

With the rumour mill in full swing regarding the future release date of the iPhone 6 and its new features it seems that the Apple phone is looking at a massive upgrade. With the likes of HTC, Samsung and Sony all hot on the heels of the iPhone’s crown it’s growing increasingly obvious that Apple needs to reassert its authority in this market place.

As normal Apple is saying very little and leaks are not common place for this company. What is for certain is that Apple is looking to retain it placing for the iPhone as the most desirable Smartphone on the market.

However this new fantastic phone might not be launched to market until next year. Bearing in mind that Apple will normally only release one new product per market per year and with rumours that the iPhone 5S may be released in the autumn of this year, it would seem sensible to assume an early 2014 release date. This means you have plenty of time to sell your iPhone online and start saving.

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Why the MacBook Air is Leading the Way

Why the MacBook Air is leading the Way

Of all the notebooks and ultrabooks available on the market, Apple’s MacBook Air has been performing consistently well. These impressive pieces of equipment don’t generally come cheap however; so why are consumers around the world willing to pay so much money to get their hands on one?

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Java – A Huge Security Problem in Your Computer

Java - A Huge Security Problem in Your Computer

Many of the attacks on a computer system involves exploiting weaknesses in installed software. Everything from the operating system, Web browsers, office software, and software that just connects to the Internet, may have weaknesses that hackers can exploit to install malicious software. Most of the time malicious software that targets a particular application exploit is limited to a particular type of computer, such as Windows or Apple. This is why it is always important to ensure you keep the applications installed on your computer updated with the latest patches.

There is one piece of software that is exploited on a regular basis, and the exploits aren’t limited to a particular system. This software is designed to work on many different systems, so it is an extremely easy target for hackers. The software is Java.

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Scanning The Choices in iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Cases

In spite of the predictions of naysayers everywhere, the iPhone 5 has triumphed, by and large. While of course, the device isn’t perfect, and arguably nowhere near the incredible amounts of hype surrounding its release, it is an incredible piece of technology. But what about the less heralded, but equivalently useful accessories that go with it. What about iPhone 5 cases?

iPad Tricks that Business Users Should Know

iPad Business User

For most common users, Apple’s iPad provides a means for consuming content, and for that matter anything – music, video and text. As a business user, you may want to put the iPad to better use. Apple’s documentation, though elaborate, throws little light on how an iPad can be used to enhance your performance in a business environment. Business users hit upon some features accidentally and use those features, or simply miss them entirely. Smart business users however, take time off to discover features and abilities in the iPad to make it work harder for them.

The iPad has features that make it ideal for sharing data with personal computers and services that use the web. Some users discover features for themselves but it usually comes too late. Most tips and techniques that apply to an iPad also work for an iPhone because both use Apple’s iOS. However, don’t expect them to work the same way. There are couple differences here and there.

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