Apple vs. Samsung – The Battle for China [Infographic]

Apple vs. Samsung – The Battle for China [Infographic]

With the battle getting hotter by day for Samsung and Apple in the scramble for the Chinese market, none of the tech giants are opting to back down. The battle has become hotter with each of the two deploying different techniques. In a move aimed at precipitating Samsung from the Chinese market where it enjoys a clear lead of 18.3%, Apple is rumoured to have entered a deal with China’s lead telecom company, China Mobile. For the telecom company, this has come with a fall in its shares by 2% following its earnings release. With Apple’s fourth quarter coming into an end this October, the results are hotly anticipated.

With the market remaining fairly stable for Samsung, the scramble for the China market presents a lucrative business for the winning company. As the battle ranges, interested investors have opted to keep a distant eye before making their next move. However, its not clear on who of the two tech giants is likely to win the enraged supremacy battle.

Apple vs. Samsung - The Battle for China [Infographic]

Infographic provided by City Index.

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