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I enjoy reading blogs and Web sites that are humorous, mainly because life can be serious at times, so reading something funny is a change of pace. Many of the funny Web sites, however, can have recycled content, or content that I have seen many times before.

This week, I review a blog that, if you are a cat person, can be seen as amusing. I, myself, am more of a dog person, but I still found this week’s site rather impressive. I review the blog Moviecat (no longer exists) this week.


Design 4 stars

Moviecat consists of a simple design with both left and right navigation bars. At the top of the left navigation bar is a compact and simple menu for navigating around the site. There is also a list of film reviews created by the author and some advertising.

The right navigation bar consists of the site’s sponsor’s, some other advertising and some links the author has enjoyed in the past. One thing that stands out with the navigation bars is the amount of advertising. It appears to drown out some of the content as the content is mixed in among the ads. It may be easier to see the content in the navigation bars if the content was consolidated in one location.

The font size chosen by the author throughout the blog can be deemed a little small for those that have vision problems and have difficulty reading small fonts. I, myself, enjoy larger fonts, however, to each their own.

There aren’t too many colours used in the actual blog design as the author has chosen to go with black and white. The colours chosen by the author suits the design and content of the blog nicely.

Overall the design of the blog is easy to navigate, but could be better if the navigation content was consolidated in one location to make navigation just a little simpler.

Focus 4 stars

I first came upon Moviecat from Entrecard and was a little taken back by the movie posters. I was originally confused at what the focus of the site really was, but it becomes apparent when viewing the posts.

The blog is focused around replacing people’s heads in movie posters and scenes with cat heads. It is a unique focus to say the least, and after viewing some of the posters they are definitely well done. I do find it strange, however, to see a person’s head replaced with a cat head, but then again, I’m not a big cat person. I’m not sure if the author has created the images them self, but I can imagine so because I don’t know where you would find pictures such as those.

After viewing some of the posts, the focus of the blog becomes easily clear.

Content 2.5 stars

The content of the blog is one of the weak points as the content mainly consists of people’s heads in movie posters and scenes replaced with cat heads. Each posts mainly consists of an image and some basic information about the movie. Besides the basic movie information, there is no written content for any of the posts.

There is a review section of some of the movies, but each review only consists of a ranking and a one line description by the author. The content of the site can be better if the author wrote a more lengthy review for each of the poster or scene that was placed in a post. This means that each post would then consist of a poster or scene, the movie information followed by the review.

The content of the entire site is geared mainly for people who like cats, but even if you don’t you may find some of the images creative. More written content would definitely add to the site.

Spelling and Grammar 4 stars

Since there is very little written content, assessing the spelling and grammar was difficult. There were a few spelling mistakes for the limited content that was added to the site. The mistakes that were found didn’t affect the overall readability of the site.

Overall 3.5 stars

Moviecat is definitely a one of a kind of blog. For those that enjoy cats, then you may want to have a peak at this blog and see what you think of the images. For those that aren’t cat-lovers, you may still want to check out the images that are posted on the site. This site mainly consists of images, with very little written content, but this may be your thing if you don’t enjoy reading lengthy posts.

2 Responses to “Review: Moviecat”

  1. Paul says:

    I have to admit, it’s is definitely a unique site.

  2. Leon says:

    I like Moviecat too. It’s really funny.

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