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After taking a short vacation during the holiday season, I have returned to publishing posts, and reviews to Technically Easy. This week I have reviewed a blog that is focused mainly on a subject that I have very limited knowledge about: anime.

Anime is very popular among some people, however, I have never gotten into that type of animation. The authors’, yes there are two, of the blog Poopsies are indeed fans of anime, as well as toys, manga, and video games. They have created the blog Poopsies to share their interests in the topics, but does it flow nicely together and stay focused on their topics?


Web Site: Poopsies

Description: A blog about anime, manga, video games, toys and figures and other related things.

Design 4 stars

The design of Poopsies is a standard, simple design with the content on the left side and an navigation sidebar on the right. The blog does use light colours for the text, with gray for the content text and heading, and pink for the navigational text. This can make it harder to read for some visitors.

The navigation sidebar is nicely laid out with a description of the blog first, followed by the authors’ information, labels and then archives. Near the bottom of the sidebar, it does get messy with various advertising, logos and other images.

Overall, the design is easy to navigate and not to hard on the eyes.

Focus 5 stars

The blog’s main focus seems to be on Anime, as there are quite a few posts with regards to this subject. There is other information focused on by the blog, such as toys, manga and video games. Each post seems to fit nicely into each of the subjects the authors’ have chosen to write about.

To make it easier to determine what Poopsies is about, the authors’ have also included a description at the top of the sidebar on the right.

I find that the authors’ have not swayed away from the focus when publishing their posts to the blog. The content and images within the blog keep the focus throughout.

Content 2.5 stars

The content of Poopsies simply consists of short regular posts, at least several posts a week. Each post is accompanied with an appropriate image to help provide more information without using words.

The blog does provided reviews of such things as video games, and each review is a little longer than some posts, however, they are still not overly long. The reviews provided good information about the object in question, as well as provide an image from the game or box cover.

The content of Poopsies is well written, and short, but doesn’t subtract from what the authors’ are attempting to convey.

Spelling and Grammar 4.5 stars

The posts in Poopsies are easy to read, mainly because there are very little spelling and grammar mistakes. The only issue that I found was the occasional capitalization issue, however, this does not reduce the readability of the blog. The authors have definitely taken the time to check for both spelling and grammar mistakes before publishing each post.

Overall 4.5 stars

Poopsies provides a simple layout that makes navigation very easy. The colours, however, are little on the light side and can be hard to read for some visitors. Each post and nice and short, but provides good information. A suitable image accompanies each post to help describe what the author is writing about. For fans of Anime, you should definitely check out this blog.

2 Responses to “Review: Poopsies”

  1. Paul says:

    Seems to look that way…however don’t count out the Microsoft and Intel juggernaut just yet.

    If Microsoft can get their Windows OS on most of the computers worldwide they probably have a few tricks up their sleeves yet.

  2. martini says:

    Glad you’re writing again, Pollywog. Have you heard the news? The war is over! I just posted about it. HD vs. Blu-Ray.

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