10 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting

Starting an online business or personal website requires a secure and reliable host. If you are new to the industry, it may be confusing to determine what to look for in a hosting company. What’s important? What are the key differences? Below are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a host for your site. Read More »


How Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

Top 4 Cloud Storage Providers

Essentially, Cloud allows you to store and access your data online via a virtual server. This means you don’t have to worry about the fragmentation of data across a number of machines. Placing this data in the Cloud means it is available in one place to all machines with access. This of course, makes for a range of benefits and allows you to adapt and improve your business’s storage solutions without making any sacrifices or having any security concerns. Read More »


5 Mac Protection Solutions

Apple Logo

We all love Mac and their operating system. It’s rather good and reliable – at least, during a few years of usage, refreshing and other operations it didn’t bring to me any troubles. But there is a solid minus in it – a lot of software must be bought, there are no in-built tools for elementary things like HDD defragmentation, antivirus protection, log cleaning and other things that are necessary in everyday life of a common Mac user. Read More »

Operating Systems

Facts about Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich


Android as we all know is an extremely well-known mobile phone operating system that is in vogue in recent times. Till date Android has successfully come up with various versions of the same. However, a new Android 4.0 version was introduced in the market some months back. This particular version is popularly known as Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Most importantly, the 4.0 Android version(Ice Cream Sandwich) is known for the exclusive and out of the box features that it is known to possess. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Identity Theft at a Higher Level

Identity Theft

There are so many victims of identify theft. People fall into these traps every year. So many people find themselves looking for a way to scheme other people. The victims of identity theft may do everything in their powers to prevent this. Sometimes those crafty Internet hackers just outsmart some people and find a way to steal the identity. Read More »

Online Safety

5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Business

Social Media

You’ve made the decision to introduce the social media world to your business. This is a huge step for any company, especially because it involves much more than launching another marketing effort. An effective social media strategy is equal parts branding, advertising, public relations, customer service, and yes – problem solving on the fly. To establish your business across a myriad of social media platforms, it’s imperative that you hire a social media manager. Here are five reasons why. Read More »

Social Networking

Google Fiber: Out of This World

Google Fiber

It wasn’t long ago that you had to actually dial a telephone, get up from the sofa to change the channel on your black and white TV, and the closest thing you had to a computer was a calculator. Then a man walked on the moon, and we all asked, “What next?” Read More »


3 Ways To Become Less Dependent on Google Search

Social Media

When you compose a new post for your blog, what’s the first thing you have in mind? Is it your readers? Or is it Google? It’s a sad reality of the modern web that bloggers cater to the whims of Google, often to the detriment of their readers. They stuff their article with keywords and mind every little link, lest they find themselves not ranking in the top 10 for high-volume keywords. But you know what? Read More »

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