Content Marketing: The Present Phase of Online Marketing?

Content Marketing

In the present online paradigm, owing to lack of time or increased awareness, consumers have simply shut-off the traditional world of the internet marketing. They simply ignore the magazine advertisements, mark the advertorial mails as spam and have become so efficient in the online surfing that they can simply extract the required information without bothering for the banners or the pop-ups(thus, making them useless). Read More »

Internet Marketing

Lenovo Ideapad Z575 – A Review

Lenovo Ideapad Z575

In the current deluge of ultrabooks, tablet computers, and hybrid gadgets the emergence of a good solid laptop almost goes unnoticed. If you’re talking about a Lenovo product, however, it’s a different matter. The famous technology company’s equally renowned Ideapad notebook breed has a new edition – the Lenovo Ideapad Z575. And by all accounts the Z575 is slated to become another winner what with its fetching design and all-round performance. Read More »


A First Look At Samsung Galaxy Camera – An Android-Based Compact Shooter

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Camera have been circulating before its announcement at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The device was purported to have the functionality of a camera anda Galaxy smartphone. It came out as expected. Samsung Galaxy Camera combines the hardware of a modern-day compact shooter to that of a Galaxy smartphone. Read More »


Finding Strategic Partners Through Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Business companies are now making a full use of social marketing to promote their business and employ their business plans and strategies. I have been using Facebook for a long time and I am aware that it is a very effective tool used for communicating with friends, relatives and close acquaintances. As of now, I have discovered that you can use the major social media sites as an essential instrument for implementing marketing strategies that can boost your sales. Here are some of the fields of business where social media sites prove to be useful. Read More »

Social Networking

Teleradiology Today Where Does it Fit Into Modern Medical Care?


You’ll be glad to know that modern medical companies are doing their utmost to lower the cost of quality medical care yet still bring new technology to the greatest number of institutions and people in the market who need it. One technology recently coming into its own in modern medical care is “Teleradiology”. So, what is teleradiology and where does it fit into the mix? Read More »


How to Choose the Right Smartphone Credit Card Payment System

Credit Card Payment System

So, you’ve discovered the fact that smartphone credit card payment systems make it easier to process payments from any location. The next step is to decide which system is right for you. Most smartphones can’t process the magnetic strip on a credit card, so the information still has to be processed through a third party for verification. Read More »

Mobile Phones

iPhone & iPad Basic Technology

iPhone and iPad

Apple is an American based international corporation know for it’s innovative communication based designs that range from various consumer electronics including phones, computer software, personal computers, and portable media devices. The Macintosh line of computers has been Apple’s most prosperous hardware designs, and have been followed up by other innovative products such as the iPhone, the iPad and various other technologies. The iPhone and iPad has played major roles in the advancement of next generation communication with creative technology. Read More »

Mobile Phones, Tablets

Traffic Stats: September 2012

Traffic Stats - September 2012

Last month was a great month for traffic for Technically Easy. The months saw some record numbers in terms of traffic to this blog, which I am definitely pleased with considering the drop in traffic at the beginning of the year. Over the past six months I have seen the traffic numbers continue to climb, and it was no different in September. The year-over-year numbers were also the best I have seen in almost a year. Read More »

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