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5 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Login

Wordpress Logo

There is a lot of information about how you can keep your WordPress blog secure and safe from hackers. Such tips involve keeping your WordPress veresion and plugins updated, as well as backing up all your blog files and database. Read More »


Creative Ways To Perfect A Less Than Perfect Photo

The Photographer

>Have you ever been out photographing all day only to come home and find out you are not happy with anything you shot? When that happens we are often tempted to erase our memory card and live with the dismay. In today’s digital age there is no need for dismay. There are a myriad of creative ways to perfect a less than perfect photo. Read More »


Top 3 Portable Devices for Working on the Go

Portable Devices for Working on the Go

Compared to just 5 years ago, the world today is much more hectic and fast-paced. Just working hard is not enough – you have to be able to deliver results instantly and accurately on multiple projects at a time. Utilize these three portable devices below to help you better manage your time by working on the go: Read More »


Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog

I Blog Therefore I Am

One of the most popular things to do on the Internet these days is to host a blog. Usually, when a person starts their first blog, they will end up with two, three or more. Having a blog is easy and there is a new host of software every day to make it easier. So why does a person want or need a blog? Here are the top 10 reasons. Read More »

Websites and Blogging

Operating an Online Company and Finding the Best Internet Service

Internet Service

Operating an online business from home is an excellent opportunity for those who have limited budgets. However, these businesses will come with some challenges and one of the biggest is finding the best Internet Service Provider in their local and surrounding area. Therefore, when shopping around there are some qualities and features that the owner should look for if they want to make sure they will have the proper servicing for the company’s activities. Read More »


How to Get Free Satellite TV Channels

FTA Satellite Dish

If one thing is true about today’s market for television broadcasting, it’s that consumers face an overwhelming range of technology and packaged viewing choices. While each type of service provider offers different benefits and associated costs—cable companies and subscription satellite are only the most common solutions—one often-overlooked option is a free-to-air (FTA) satellite system. Read More »


Windows Phone Free Apps – The Best of the Lot

Windows Phone Free Apps

Mobile phones are not merely communication devices these days. High-end communication, entertainment, gaming and what not- just click an app and you will reach to a next-generation world. All mobile phones, whether it is the normal phones or the tablets and smartphones, provide you with gamut of alluring features. Windows phones are the latest buzz in the technical market. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Traffic Stats: August 2012

Traffic Stats - August 2012

Last month as a good and bad month for traffic. The good was that traffic has returned to where it was at the end of last year, which was great to see, especially with the algorithm changes by Google this year. The bad news was that there was an issue with my blog in the middle of the month, which had an impact on the traffic for two days, but the overall impact to traffic was negligible. Read More »

Websites and Blogging