Understanding White Balance

When taking pictures with a digital camera you may notice that sometimes your photos have a colour cast to them. Many people keep their cameras on the auto setting, which attempts to remove the colour cast, but may not always work.

Digital cameras have the ability to change what is known as the "White Balance&quot (WB). This setting attempts to offset the colour produced by a specific light source to make the colours as true as possible. This post will discuss what white balance is, and how to use it.

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How Encryption Works

Everyday there are possibly millions of transactions made that involve the exchange of personal information. Obviously, those that provide that information would like to know that the information they send is safe and secure. On the Internet making information secure is handled by encrypting the data before it is sent, and decrypting it once it … Read more

How Digital Cameras Work

Over the past few years the digital camera has become very popular with everyone from the amateur photographer to the professional. The digital camera provides the ability to instantly view a photo and either delete or keep it. How is a digital camera able to take and store a photo without the use of film? … Read more

How to Buy a New Computer

Buying a new computer can be very confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are many components that make up a computer, and you may not know exactly what you need to include in your computer. For example, how much memory or hard drive space will you need, or what type … Read more

Backing Up Digital Photos

There is much discussion on the Internet about the best method for backing up digital photos. Some say CD/DVDs are the best media, while others prefer hard drives or tapes. In my opinion there is no right way to back up digital photos as each method has its advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss the … Read more

Converting Digital Photos for E-mail or the Web

There have been many times in the past when someone has sent me an e-mail with picture attachments. I don’t mind picture attachments, if they are resized. Many times the pictures have not been resized and I end up downloading 5 files that are a combined 10MB. Even on broadband this can take some time.

In this post I will outline the steps I use to resize my digital photos so they can be easily sent by e-mail or posted to a Web site. The steps outlined are general enough where they can be used by most photo editors as they all have the needed features.

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How to Make Money Online

There has been much talk on how to make money on the Internet. There are many ways to make money, and I will discuss some of the ways in this post. Advertising on a Web Site If you have an existing Web site this is perhaps the easiest method to implement. There are many advertisers … Read more

How To Generate Web Site Traffic

There is much discussion on how to generate traffic to your Web site, but I decided to list a few points on the methods I like to use. It’s All About Content You may have heard that "content is king." What does this mean? Visitors to your site like to read updated and unique content. … Read more