Understanding the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is one part of the Windows operating system that the average user will probably never access. It can be intimidating, confusing to a user, and making the wrong change within it can prevent Windows from loading. Many Windows and application settings are stored within the registry, which makes it very powerful for … Read more

Using the Windows Recovery Console

Last year I had an issue where Windows XP failed to load. It would always get to a certain point during boot up, and then stop and reboot. This occurred when it was loading one of the Windows drivers (I can’t remember which one). After searching the Internet for a solution to my problem, I … Read more

Connecting Multiple Computers to Broadband

Broadband, or high-speed, Internet connection is what many users currently use in their home. Along with high-speed Internet, many users may also use a router to allow multiple computers to connect to the Internet. This post will describe how a router is used to connect multiple computers. To make it easier to understand, I will use where you live as a comparison to how your computer is connected to the Internet.

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Myth: 72dpi for Web Images

Every time I read articles or tutorials about saving images for Web pages or sending through e-mail they always mention saving the images with a resolution of 72dpi or Dots Per Inch. The interesting fact about this suggestion is that a computer monitor doesn’t deal with dots or inches, but rather with pixels. The resolution … Read more

Windows Explorer Won’t Load – Advanced Solution

In a previous post, I described how I was able to solve my Windows Explorer problem. I didn’t go into great detail on how I managed to find the solution, so I thought I would expand on that and describe steps you can take. First, let me say that not having Windows Explorer running is … Read more