How To Generate Web Site Traffic

There is much discussion on how to generate traffic to your Web site, but I decided to list a few points on the methods I like to use.

  1. It’s All About Content

    You may have heard that "content is king." What does this mean? Visitors to your site like to read updated and unique content. This means you must update your Web site on a regulary basis to keep your visitors coming back for more. Search engines also love unique content. The more content you have the more you will get listed in search engines. When you first start a site search engines may be your main traffic generator so it’s best to get listed in them. Also remember to check your spelling and grammar.

  2. Write Content For Your Visitors

    When writing your content, write it for your visitors and not search engines. This means don’t load up the content with keywords that is hard to read and understand. You need your visitors to keep coming back and not the search engines. If you write unique content the search engines will list you…don’t worry.

  3. Linking to Your Web Site

    This is a big part of getting listed in search engines, and thus getting more traffic. The more quality Web sites that link to yours, the better search engine rank you will receive. You should have sites that share the same niche as your site link back to you. When a search engine indexes the other site, it will find the link to yours and then index your site.

  4. Get Listed in Directories

    Besides search engines, there is another type of site you should get listed in: a directory. A directory is a list of Web sites that are organized into various categories. Many of these Web sites are very popular so getting listed in one of them can help you generate traffic. A bonus to getting listed in a directory is that they usually have a high page rank, which will help increase yours. Do a search for directories that contain your Web site niche and get added.

  5. See also Open Directory Project.

  6. Forums and Blogs

    I put these two into the same point because they essentially do the same thing: you leave comments and a link to your Web site. Let me explain. Do a search for a forum that is related to your niche, and sign up. Add your Web site name and URL in your signature to your profile. Now leave comments to some of the posts in the forum. Search engines will index forums, and at the same time will find the link in your signature which will once again act as a link back to your site. Leaving comments in blogs acts the same way as comments in forums.

    See also Website Babble.

  7. Write Ezine Articles

    Ezine articles are similar to magazine articles except they appear online. There are several free Web sites that allow you to write your own article. These are great as you can become a well-known leader in your niche. You should then put a link at the end of your article to your Web site, so anyone reading it can click the link and go to your site. Search engines will also index any article you have written. Other sites that also enjoy your article may print your article with the link to your Web site included. You can’t get any better than that for something that cost you nothing but time.

    See also Ezine Articles.

  8. Good Site layout

    This one is important to get your visitors to return. Make sure your site is easy to read and navigate. Having light grey text on a white background may be hard for some to easily read, so use black instead. A visitor to your site should be able to understand how to navigate within the first few seconds of loading the page. Keep the navigation simple, such as a menu on one side of the page or across the top.

  9. Submit Your Feed

    If you have a blog make sure you submit your feed to various Web sites. A feed is the content that you have created in a specific format. You can also create feeds for a regular Web site as well.

    See also Feedburner or Ping-o-matic.

  10. Advertising

    This point is not one to generate traffic as much as revenue, but I felt it important to list, as it can reduce your traffic. Placing advertising on your site is a debatable issue. The issue that is up for debate is when should you place advertisment: when you first start your Web site, or when you get a large number of visitors? My take on the issue is that it is your choice, just don’t load your site with advertisment. I hate sites that display advertisement at almost all possible locations on a Web page: top, bottom, left and right. I prefer that the advertisement be in one location and blend into the site and not stand out.

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