Is Your SEO Campaign Stagnating?

Is Your SEO Campaign Stagnating?

It seems like every week I’m reading (or writing) another article about how important regular content writing is to the success of any website or ecommerce solution when performing an SEO campaign and/or just keeping up their position in the SERPs. Regular timely content is also important for keeping your customers engaged and coming back to your site. On top of that, if you really care about whatever the topic of your website is, then you should have plenty blog about on a regular basis.

However, it can be easy to get trapped in the content zone. The blinders go up and you don’t see any other aspects of good SEO health. But there’s much more to ranking well over time than just writing stuff for your own site. Take a look at some of our ways to shake up your SEO rituals.

Is Your SEO Campaign Stagnating?

Write for Someone Else

This first one isn’t far from the writing sphere, but it does have an added benefit: inbound links. When you go outside of your own site and do guest blogs for someone else, they come with valuable links back to your website. These are good because they not only boost your reputation with Google and other search engines, by telling them that other sites link to you and find you relevant. They also have the very tangible benefit of boosting traffic by boosting the number of eyes who see your writing and can click that little link back to your site. Guest blogging is win-win and should definitely be part of your SEO methods.

Tag Things

You site should be a rich media experience, with pictures, video, and sound (podcasts, etc.). If you run an online store, make sure to include lots of images of all your products. But just including images isn’t enough – you need to tag all those images to help them show up in search engines. Make sure that your tags align with your keyword needs for maximum SEO effect. Even if you can’t always squeeze the proper keywords into all your images, their ability to show up in search engines will bring people to your site based solely on their interest in whatever the image is. They can still convert into shoppers down the line, though.

Videos need tags too! Make sure that the meta data for your videos has all the keywords that people searching the net will need to find their way to your website. A good video can sometimes be more effective than an image when it comes to converting customers, as videos have greater potential to be entertaining and encourage users to linger on your page for longer.

Get Social

This can mean a lot of different things. For sure you need to be reposting your blog posts and other writing/SEO efforts via your Twitter feed and Facebook wall (as well as LinkedIn, and whatever other social networks you use). But you can also grab links back to your site by posting on other people’s blogs and on forums. These links aren’t as strong as the ones you’ll get from guest blog posts, but they do serve a purpose.

For starters, they put your name out there, which is always important. Readers see you sounding off about topics. The more they see you, the more they start to think of you as a knowledgeable voice within the community. Sooner or later they end up following a link back to your site. Then you’ve got another regular reader, or Twitter follower, or Facebook fan, or (hopefully!) maybe someone who converts.

Being a regular commenter on a guest blog can also help you out when trying to get a guest blog spot. If the blog owner sees that you’ve been coming around for a while, he or she is more likely to trust you and give you a chance to post.

Wrap Up

There’s a lot more to keeping up in the SERPs than just writing timely, topical content with good keyword density. You need to diversify you efforts with videos, images, guest blogs, and comments on other sites. The more places your name, website, ideas, opinions, and links back to your site appear, the more chances you have that someone will end up where you want them, and then happen into that revenue funnel. Remember: creativity counts for a lot in SEO.

10 Responses to “Is Your SEO Campaign Stagnating?”

  1. Ryan says:

    Just recently The Big G deindexed a lot of blog networks and that is included in your SEO strategy then that could penalize or even deindex your sites. It’s important to write great content and get links from authority places and relevant sites. I still find that commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to attract great links and other people to your site.

  2. Pham Thu says:

    Thanks for sharing this tips.

  3. Fiona says:

    I guess your point is what I’m looking for. I never take into consideration making an admissible comment until I had read your blog. I absolutely got your point why we should avoid making things that triggers stagnating our post. For now I’ll consider your point and hope that I’ll be able to gain rank on SEO world.

  4. Andrew Walker says:

    Hi. Thanks for sharing this tips. It’s very detailed and useful.

  5. Farrah says:

    Since I’m new on working on SEO blog commenting I would love to learn about it. I’m gaining experience and data that will aid me improve me my job to somehow compensate my boss for giving me such rate. I don’t think SEO got stagnant. There’s a lot of sites that gives methods and tips on better blog commenting and with the information that every author provides for it’s reader like this it will surely help the SEO industry.

  6. Divine says:

    Melody, As a SEO, I would prefer using Blog commenting. I am on the field and as a experience, I already gain Ranks in using commenting. It works!

  7. @melody

    Commenting can boost your rank but you should not lose the real value of a comment by looking at just as a link. Commenting is more about the relationship and is a great way to interact with bloggers and site owners. Most bloggers now will not allow you to comment and simply drop a link. It’s of no benefit.

    Many think of commenting for a link to be purely spam.

    What is more effective however, is becoming a guest blogger on the sites you regularly comment on. The more they get to know you, the more likely they will give you an opportunity to write for them. This is the area that is growing dramatically right now.

  8. melody says:

    How about commenting? I read that commenting can also boost your page rank, but to make sure it is not consider spam the comments should be relevant to the post and would not offend the site owners. But which one is better in increasing page rank? guest blogging or commenting?

    • Hi melody, I’m pretty sure commenting doesn’t boost your page rank, simply because most commenting system has the links to be set as “no follow” so no rankings will be passed to your URL. Some set them to do-follow but very very rarely this will happen

      Guest blogging is the way to gain some linkings

    • Paul Salmon says:

      I agree with Michael said. Commenting doesn’t really boost your page rank, and guest blogging is the way to go. That being said, commenting does have its benefits, such as gaining a few visitors, and I enjoy commenting on other blogs regardless if the link is nofollow or dofollow.

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