How to Run Google Apps on Kindle Fire without Root

How to Run Google Apps on Kindle Fire without Root

Google has long been the go-to website for almost everything on the web. Their outstanding services like Maps and Gmail have become indispensable for quite a few of us. We like their simple layout, functionality and, to be honest, we’re used to them by now!

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Which is why we’re so frustrated when we can’t access these functions from other devices. They form a small part of our lives and we’ve come to depend on them – whether we’re lost, need to share a document with the office or simply check our e-mail.

Another indispensable gadget for a lot of us is now the e-reader. As more and more people switch to an electronic reading experience, the e-reader is the must-have for any serious techy bookworm. Kindle Fire has become one of the most popular e-readers on the market. It combines excellent performance with great looks and all for under two hundred pounds.

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It won’t come as a surprise then that many people have purchased a Kindle Fire and now find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to accessing Google Apps. So here’s our guide on how to run Google Apps on Kindle Fire without rooting it.

Before starting, you’ll need to go into the Kindle Fire Settings and make sure the installation of applications from unknown sources is enabled. You’ll also need to make sure that you’ve got a file browser such as ES File Explorer installed.

  1. Download the Google Apps files here.
  2. Unzip these files to your hard-drive.
  3. Once unzipped, transfer the files to your Kindle Fire.
  4. On the Kindle Fire, open ES File Explorer or other file browser and install ‘Google Login Service.apk’
  5. Restart the Kindle Fire.
  6. Open ES File Explorer or other file browser and install the Apps.

Following these instructions will provide you with just a few of the apps available from Google without being a complete fix. This is, of course, a temporary solution that won’t offer you the full functionality available online.

If you’d rather invest in a more permanent, quality solution to this rather techy problem you should consider purchasing an MK802 iii to provide you with all of Google App’s web functionalities on your Kindle Fire. Simply put, it’s a mini-PC on a detachable USB stick that comes in at quite a reasonable price if you simply cannot do without having access to Google Maps, Mail and all the other apps which we love.

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  1. Rana says:

    I’m installing on an older Fire– no HD and I get a parse error for some of the apps. Do I need a non-hd modified version ? from where? any help is appresiated

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