8 Quirky Ideas to Maximize Battery Life For Any Device

8 Quirky Ideas to Maximize Battery Life For Any Device

The battery life of each device is impacted by several factors. That means there are things you can do to get maximum use. Take a look at the following ideas (some are a little quirky) for maximizing your battery life, no matter what device you’re using.

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Keep Your Battery Refrigerated

The Muse Refrigerator - Full frontal
Image via Flickr by alexmuse.

This one might surprise you, but batteries last longer and take more charges if you refrigerate them before each use. This is because heat damages batteries and makes them drain faster. So, keeping them cool helps them last longer. However, you do need to be careful how cold you store the battery, the freezer may prove to be too cold and could actually crack the battery rendering it useless.

Don’t Let Apps Run in the Background

BlackBerry apps
Image via Flickr by ilamont.com.

Some smartphones can run multiple apps at the same time, even without you knowing it is going on. Every app that you have running on your device takes battery life. So, use an app killer to make sure you never have apps draining your battery by running in the background.

Turn Down the Brightness on Your Screen

Blackberry Curve Menu Setup Button
Image via Flickr by digitpedia.

Your screen uses a lot of battery power, especially if it is a touchscreen. However, you can reduce the amount of battery power it consumes by turning down the brightness setting. You can also set the screen to time out sooner. This is a simple tip, but can prove to save a lot of battery life.

Opt to Send Text Messages Instead of Making Phone Calls

Hit me with a text
Image via Flickr by RyanKemmers.

Talking on your phone is the easiest way to drain your battery, but text messages require a lot less power. Plus, smartphones with user-friendly keyboards, like the BlackBerry Curve 9310, make it easy to send text messages. So, if you have a quick message for someone, opt to send a text instead of making a call.

Drain the Battery Fully Before Recharging

IDAPT i1 Eco - Lifestyle -02
Image via Flickr by IDAPT.

Most batteries are only designed to take a certain number of charges. This means that you can maximize your battery’s life by only charging it when it is fully drained. That way you’ll be able to get more charges out of it. This will also help minimize overcharging a battery. Many times people will leave their phone on the charger, even when it is fully charged. This is not good for the battery and recharging when the battery is drained can minimize the time spent overcharging.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi When You’re Not Using It

Image via Flickr by miniyo73.

Many people do not know this but when you have the Wi-Fi settings of your deice set to on, it is constantly searching for a wireless signal. The device does not know if you are in the middle of the desert or in the city. It only knows to search for a Wi-Fi signal. Constantly leaving the Wi-Fi on will drain the battery more quickly than when the Wi-Fi is off.

Turn Off Notifications

BlackBerry email on the BB 8330
Image via Flickr by ilamont.com.

There are settings on your smartphone that allow you to get email alerts and other notifications. You can maximize your battery life by turning these notifications off. This is a good idea for people who don’t need to check their email on a regular basis. If your phone is always searching and monitoring notifications, it is using more battery power than it needs to.

Turn Off Location Settings, Like the GPS

Blackberry vs Tomtom
Image via Flickr by tripu.

Some devices can pinpoint your physical location because of an internal GPS. This is great for when you want to get driving directions or look for things to do nearby, but keeping the GPS on at all times is a sure way to drain your battery fast. So, turn off the GPS function when you’re not using it.

Can you think of any other ideas to maximize the battery life on your devices? We’re particularly interested in anything quirky and unusual. Leave a comment below.

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4 Responses to “8 Quirky Ideas to Maximize Battery Life For Any Device”

  1. Ravi says:

    Nice Tips paul. My Android Device has been eating Battery since i Purchase it, so i started charging it only when The battery is beyond Alert Limit. And it Proved Efficient. Also Keeping Mobile at Coll places helps to Live Battery Longer.Thanks

  2. Ben says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great list. I’ve heard that with modern phone batteries however, running the phone down to zero battery before charging isn’t as useful as it was back in the days before the iPhone took off. I may be wrong though and I’m sure it depends on the make of phone.

    How do people find out that refridgerating your phone can have positive results? Maybe they wanted to keep it fresh! 😀

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Draining a battery fully before recharging is a debatable one, to be sure. Some may also say don’t recharge a battery until it is below 20%. I don’t know if there is a hard and fast rule to that. Most battery do have a set lifespan, so eventually the battery won’t function optimally and will eventually need to be replaced.

      A refrigerated, fresh battery is always good to have :). Heat does kill many batteries, which is why I try to stay away from those fast chargers for rechargeable batteries as they really heat up batteries. They do more damage than good.

  3. vicky says:

    keeping the battery refrigerated is really shocking to me. But whenu gave the explanation, it really fit in place. The other are simple but practical tips to stop your battery from draining quickly. Good post.

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