How to Buy iPhone Parts Online and Repair/Upgrade Your iPhone Yourself

If you’re part of the faithful few who have dropped their phone down the toilet, or the magnificent many that have cracked their screen, then your iPhone may be in need of repair. The number of people who have accidental damage cover however, pales in comparison to those who need it. Sending it off for repair could sometimes mean a hefty bill, but it’s actually far easier to do it yourself than you think. Here is how you can buy the parts, and repair or upgrade your iPhone yourself.

How To Buy iPhone Parts Online And Repair/Upgrade Your iPhone Yourself

What’s the Damage?

First things first, you need to check out what needs repairing. This is easy to find out if you can physically see the problem, but a little harder if you’re not quite sure what’s wrong. The most common accidents are a broken screen or cracked back plate, a broken charging point, speaker, microphone or home button. Often water damage or a dead battery can cause the phone to stop working altogether with no physical indication of which part needs replacing. If it’s water damage, take it to a reputable online company and it could be rescued. If you suspect it’s the battery, then changing it, or any other part, is easy once you know how.

There are many iPhone parts you can buy online

Not all change is due to damage though; you might just fancy changing from a black cover to white or vice versa! You might want to apply new aesthetic upgrades or cosmetics. These little upgrades are more than possible, even for average Joe!

The Good Part

So, once you’ve identified the damage, it’s time to order your part. Make sure you find a good legitimate company online, and read customer reviews of their services and products to make sure that you’re going to get what you pay for. Shopping online means that you can find highly competitive prices. Order your part and pay online for an easy purchase, delivery shouldn’t take too long! Not only that, but they will usually also offer repairs as well as parts in case you can’t perform the iPhone surgery yourself.

Buying online through a safe retailer means there are no dodgy deals either. After you’ve done your research by searching the company and making sure it’s legitimate, you can usually pay via secure card or PayPal for a safe transaction. Why not get some spares while you’re at it?

Following instructions

Most online iPhone part and repair specialists will provide everything you need to bring your phone back to life. Not only will they offer parts and repair services, they also have great instructional guides on how to do the job yourself. Finding instructions online can be great, but looking in the wrong places may not always achieve the desired results.

It’s always best to find a good instructional video or easy step-by-step guide from the same place you buy the iPhone parts from, as it will be safer and more reputable. You don’t want to take any risks when it comes to your phone, you could end up damaging your product even more if you follow a guide by someone who doesn’t have a good plan of attack! The thorough and easy to follow guides online will help you get your phone back to 100% in no time.

Repairing an iPhone is easier than you think

Once you’ve found the guides, you can go through at your own pace, making sure you grab any specific tools you need from the online store. They should have everything available that you’ll need to make your repair safely.


In today’s world of technology, our smartphones have become indispensable. Damage to your iPhone could mean you losing touch with social media, calls and texts to friends and family, your handheld games, organizer, camera and photo album. There is so much stored on your phone, but damage doesn’t always mean loss or a hefty bill to get it back. With this easy guide to online buying, repairing and upgrading yourself, you can save time, money and have your iPhone up and running again before you know it.

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