Is Microsoft Becoming a Less Relevant Brand?

In the late 90s the biggest talk in the world of technology was always about Microsoft, and the products that they were releasing. Windows was the dominate force in operating systems, and Microsoft Office had a stranglehold on the office suite of products. Internet Explorer began challenging, and eventually surpassing, Netscape’s offering in the Web browser arena.

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How to Delete Locked Files in Microsoft Windows

Finding a way to delete locked files on my Microsoft Windows system has always been a pain. I usually have many programs running on my computer at any given time. At some point I may need to delete a file that is in use by one of the programs, and Windows doesn’t easily provide a method to delete locked files.<

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Tips to Tweaking Your Version of Windows 7

Windows 7 was a very well received Windows upgrade, but with any piece of computer software, there are things that can be changed around and tweaked to each individual user’s likes. That’s where Windows 7 tweaks come in. These are great and generally free ways to make your version the way that you want it.

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