Why You Need to Monitor Your Network

How many businesses do you think have a website? 75, 80 percent? It’s 2011, everything’s online, so of course most businesses are going to be online too, right? Wrong. Only 45 percent of small business owners have a website, according to a recent study by Discover. And while that was a significant increase from the 37 percent in 2009, there are still a significant portion of the driving force of our economy that aren’t cashing in on all the potential the Web can offer.

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How Network Security Policy Works for Everyone

Network security policies are not topics commonly spoke of around water coolers at work. This topic is more commonly handled by extensively-trained experts. Where this fact proves true, this does not mean that you have to be a well-trained professional to desire the knowledge of how a network security policies work. More than ever before, every day computer users are becoming well-versed in the basics of how important network security is with the internet.

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Why You Should Secure Your Wireless Network

While it may seem like a pain at times to connect a wireless device to your wireless network, there are very good reasons why you should take the necessary steps to ensure that your network is secure. Some people may choose to keep their network unsecured, but they are unaware of the consequences of allowing anyone to connect.

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