How to Determine Your AdSense Coverage

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If you use AdSense you may be wondering how to find out about how to determine your AdSense coverage of the ads that are displayed on your pages. By coverage I don’t mean what percentage of your pages includes AdSense, I mean what percentage of the ads displayed are not public service ads (PSA).

When a PSA is displayed in one of your AdSense units you don’t receive any money when a visitor clicks on that PSA. With the new AdSense interface, it is very easy to find out what percentage of your ads display actual ads, and not public service ads.

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My Thoughts on Chitika Advertising Network

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Over the past two months I have been testing out Chitika advertisements on Technically Easy. Unless you arrived from search engines you may have never seen these ads displayed on my blog. Similar to Google’s AdSense, Chitika pays you each time a visitor clicks an ad that they display.

While I had some high hopes for Chitika, I can’t say that I am impressed with the results of displaying their ads. In this post I will discuss my findings and thoughts about this ad network.

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OIOpublisher – Private Advertising Made Easy

For many months now I have been using OIOpublisher to provide private advertising on Technically Easy. While I could easily do it myself without any help, using OIOpublisher has made offering private advertising very easy.

Last month the author of OIOpublisher released a new version that adds even more functionality to the already amazing tool. I have just upgraded to the lastest version and have had no issues since the upgrade. OIOpublisher is perhaps the most versatile private advertising tool available for both web sites and blogs.

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Entrecard – The Good and Bad

Some time ago, I joined Entrecard, which allows you to advertise your blog’s business card (a 125×125 pixel image) on other blogs. You do this by earning Entrecard credits, and then spending those credits advertising on other blogs.

Recently, there has been talk about whether Entrecard is good to join, and whether traffic generated from it is good or bad traffic. Just as with other new ventures, Entrecard has both good and bad points that I will outline in this post.

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How to Make Money Online

There has been much talk on how to make money on the Internet. There are many ways to make money, and I will discuss some of the ways in this post. Advertising on a Web Site If you have an existing Web site this is perhaps the easiest method to implement. There are many advertisers … Read more

Making Money Online

Making money on the Internet is a hot topic, and something many of us would like to do. It’s a nice thought to stay at home and make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without actually working those hours. One of the most common means of making money is through advertising on … Read more