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For many months now I have been using OIOpublisher to provide private advertising on Technically Easy. While I could easily do it myself without any help, using OIOpublisher has made offering private advertising very easy.

Last month the author of OIOpublisher released a new version that adds even more functionality to the already amazing tool. I have just upgraded to the lastest version and have had no issues since the upgrade. OIOpublisher is perhaps the most versatile private advertising tool available for both web sites and blogs.

What’s New in 2.11

In addition to what was offered in previous versions (see below), there are some nice additions in the current version. These additions include:

  • Three new methods of payment that you can accept: 2Checkout, Authorize.net, and Google Checkout. This provides alternatives to using PayPal.
  • The ability to provide the same ad spot for different time limits and prices. For example, you can have the same banner ad spot sell for $50 for 30 days or $30 for 14 days. You specify both the prices and the number of days.
  • Now supports flash banner ads as well as regular image ads.
  • The option of link exchanges. This allows you to provide a link for free in an ad spot provided the owner of the link provides one to your URL. This works for both banner and text ads.

These new features are in addition to the features that currently exist within OIOpublisher. For those not familiar with the tool, let me run through a few of the features that are also included.

Features of OIOpublisher


As mentioned, I have been using OIOpublisher for about 9 months now and have had no problems with the tool. It can be installed as a plugin for a WordPress blog, or as a standalone application for a Web site. It is very easy to use and requires little setup for you to start offering private advertising.

In addition to the list above, the following is also included with OIOpublisher:

  • Keep 100% of what you make from the sale of your ads.
  • The ability to offer the following ads and products:
    1. Text Ads – simple list of links.
    2. Banner Ads – Image and flash ads of a size that you choose.
    3. Inline Ads – Ads that will automatically be inserted into your content.
    4. Paid Posts/Reviews – Offer paid posts and reviews.
    5. Custom Purchase – You can sell a product directly from OIOpublisher.
  • You specify the number of days and cost of each ad.
  • Automatically manages the communication via e-mail between you and the advertiser. All you need to do is approve the ad sale and everything else is done for you.
  • If you have ad spots that have not been purchased, you can run your own ads in those spots until they are sold. For example, if you have a 468×60 ad spot that hasn’t been sold, you can display Google adsense in that spot until it is sold. This allows you to still make money from unsold ad spots.
  • Ad statistics are generated and automatically sent out to advertisers. Ad clicks, impressions, CTR, eCPM, and eCPC are calculated for each ad and the results sent to the advertiser.
  • You can specify to show particular ads for a specific country only.
  • Purchase form is automatically included.
  • Full control over all e-mails that are sent and even the template of the purchase forms.
  • If you have a free web site or blog, such as Blogger, then you can run OIOpublisher on a self-hosted site and include the necessary Javascript to run on your free site. All Javascript and PHP code that you need to add to your web pages is automatically generated within OIOpublisher.

There is however a one-time payment of $47 to use OIOpublisher. With the payment you also receive:

  • Instant access to all ad manager updates after purchase.
  • First-hand support via the customer service forum.
  • Access to an unlimited number of marketplace submissions.
  • Access to the OIOpublisher affiliate program (purchase not required).

If you have thought about offering private advertising on your web site or blog, then look no further than OIOpublisher.

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    Hey, I came across this blog article while searching for help with JavaScript. I have recently changed browsers from Safari to Microsoft IE 6. After the change I seem to have a issue with loading JavaScript. Everytime I go on a page that needs Javascript, the page freezes and I get a “runtime error javascript.JSException: Unknown name”. I can’t seem to find out how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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