Making Money Online

Making money on the Internet is a hot topic, and something many of us would like to do. It’s a nice thought to stay at home and make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without actually working those hours. One of the most common means of making money is through advertising on your Web site, where a visitor will click on an advertising banner, and you get a percentage of the cost of that click.

Last year I was looking into ways to make money off the Internet. I didn’t have a Web site at the time, so the advertising idea was not applicable. Another solution would be the more time consuming method: open an ecommerce site. I have done Web programming before, but have never created an ecommerce site. After looking into what is required, such as a Web host, merchant account, inventory management, shipping, to name few, I decided to look for an easier way.

This easier way presented itself in the form of Shopster. I decided to take the chance and signed up with them to see what they had to offer.

Here is what they have to offer:

  1. World-class storefront solution.
  2. Choice from over 700,000 wholesale products to add to your store.
  3. Easy management of their store. (You’ll be able to make changes and customize literally anything).
  4. Use of any domain name for your store.
  5. Full Hosting of your store.
  6. Coupon creation functionality.
  7. Automatic cross-sells.
  8. Automatic bestsellers.
  9. Optimization of their store for the search engines.
  10. Logo creation software.
  11. Unlimited categories, custom pages, and feature pages.
  12. Complete order history of their customers. Plus your customer’s contact details for cross-selling/up-selling.
  13. Free Updates.
  14. Complete search statistics of their store. (You’ll be able to see what your customers are searching for).
  15. Choice of up to 1000 products. (You can add more at any time for only $9.95 a month per 1000 additional products).
  16. Customer Reviews on your products.
  17. Full customer service on all of your customer’s orders.
  18. Product delivery on all your orders.
  19. Dispute resolution included.
  20. Payment System included.
  21. Monthly payouts on your sales.
  22. Secure checkout/SSL included.
  23. Branded emails to send to your consumers included.
  24. Fraud detection on all orders included.
  25. Access to Shopster’s excellent community forums.
  26. Free marketing guide and assistance.
  27. $50 in free keyword marketing with Yahoo! Search.
  28. Store hosted on best servers available in the world – fast, secure, 99.8% server uptime.

I can honestly say that everything listed, is what they offer. You basically create a Web page template for your store (they also provide several templates if you HTML isn’t too good), select your products, organize them into various categories, and then sell the products. All order processing, shipping and handling is managed by Shopster. Once you make a sale, you will get a check in the mail the following month for the profit that you made. The best thing of all is you control your profit margins, meaning you set your own prices for what you sell.

Another bonus to Shopster is that you can also sell most of the items on E-Bay – they allow you to do that. In the end, Shopster is a partnership – when you make money they make money.

If you have any questions about designing, marketing you store, or selling items, they also have forums where the Shopster folks are more than happy to provide advice and answer any questions you may have. There are also fellow Shopster members who are also more than willing to help.

To join, simply click on the banner below, and open up your ecommerce store today.

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