5 Tips for Getting Started with a Career in I.T

The present world is a fast-paced digital environment, and employers are always looking for professional experts to stay in tune with technological trends. Whether you are a tech enthusiast just looking for your first job, or you are thinking of switching careers to earn a high salary, landing your first job can be a challenge.

Below are five tips to help you improve your prospects of getting into the I.T industry.

1. Get your resume updated

Your resume is the first point of contact between you and your potential employer. It is a chance to showcase your skills, experience, and suitability for the job and should, therefore, be well thought out.

A good tech resume should be clear, be of appropriate length and highlight your strengths. Ensure that all the dates are accurate and the language used is simple enough without much technical jargon. You can find resume examples to guide you in coming up with the best resume for your career in tech.

2. Build meaningful relationships through networking

Networking may seem intimidating, but it is one of the most successful ways of landing a job. Developing connections and meaningful relationships with people in the tech industry improve your prospects by providing support, advice, referrals, and recommendations.

You can build contacts with I.T professionals either by attending networking events, technological forums and volunteering at events. The internet is also a great way to connect through social media as well as job sites and career websites.

Joining sites such as LinkedIn gives you access to both job opportunities and career networking where you can connect with people with similar interests.

3. Boost your skills

Tech careers require industry-specific skills in addition to impressive academic credentials. For individuals with no experience, apprenticeships and internships are great ways to kick-start a career in I.T. They give you job exposure and help you develop and practice the necessary skills for your field of interest.

As much as technical skills like coding and programming may be compulsory, soft skills are equally important. According to a report, 57% of senior leaders prefer candidates with soft skills. Careers in tech require creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and adaptability to name a few. Always be open to learning as gaining and mastering new skills gives you the upper hand in landing an I.T job of your choice.

4. Stay updated on industry trends and news

A good way of staying informed on current developments will help you know what is on demand and what isn’t. It also enables you to prepare for the future by predicting technological trends.

You can decide to go the standard way of reading industry specific magazines and listening to the news, or you can leverage the internet for information.

Email alerts are the most convenient sources for the latest news and trends as it notifies you when there are updates on your subject of interest. It also gives you the option to filter content so that you get specific updates.

Google Alerts, for example, will keep you informed on new products, services and even changes in the I.T industry which can help you in your interviews.

5. Acquire marketable certifications

Certifications prove to your potential employers that you have the required knowledge and skills in your field of interests. They also open doors for career advancement and better salaries. While it may not be necessary for some jobs in I.T, some employers may require relevant certifications from applicants in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

There are several like Microsoft Certified Network Engineer (MCSE) that you can pursue to improve your knowledge and skills for entry into the I.T industry.

However, it is essential to research the best certifications to go for with regards to current skills in demand. For example, more businesses seek individuals with skills in cloud computing and cybersecurity, which makes these certifications the most rewarding in 2019.

A career in I.T offers a wide range of specializations ranging from SEO and data analytics to Artificial Intelligence. It also cuts across many industries and provides numerous opportunities to career growth and acquisition of new skills.

Implementing the above tips will give you a competitive edge and make your job hunting experience smoother and more promising.

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