3 Link Building Tips for New blogs

3 Link Building Tips for New blogs

If you are a blog, or website, owner then its important for you to follow SEO for your blog that includes link building. Building backlinks for your blog is one of the best way to make your blog SEO friendly and building backlinks helps to gain High Search Engine Rankings. But there are number of ways to build backlinks and its not a quick process. It may take some time to build backlinks. But we have to build them effectively so that your Blog ranks higher in Search Engine Rankings.

3 Link Building Tips for New blogs

1. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other Blogs is one of the best way to build backlinks for new or old blogs. Start commenting on the blogs with high PR. Commenting will not only build backlinks but will also gain traffic your blog. But to get success in blog commenting you should follow some blog commenting tips. Don’t comment with different name, don’t add Affiliate links, don’t Spam. Comment on the Blogs so that it gets accepted and you gain backlink which is needed for your blog. You can also comment on Comment Luv enabled blogs, this will helps you in getting traffic for your blog.

2. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is an easy way to build backlinks for your blog. Most of the Bloggers now follow this method to gain backlinks. Search for High PR Blogs related to your Niche and start submitting Guest Posts. You can add upto 2 links of your blog in your Author Byline. Apart from the Backlinks, the visitors will see your Blog link and if you wrote quality article they will visit your website. If the Blog where you have submitted guest post receives huge traffic, then your blog will get good traffic. Try to submit 2 Guest Posts a week, then you can effectively build Backlinks and will gain huge traffic.

3. Article Submission

Article Submission is one of the best way to build backlinks for your new Blog. Search for the article directories that has high PR and high traffic. Submitting articles will gain you backlinks. You may not receive traffic from Article Submission but you will gain backlinks for your new blog. Building backlinks is important as backlink helps us to gain good Search Engine Rankings.

22 Responses to “3 Link Building Tips for New blogs”

  1. Anjali Desai says:


    Great post!!

    It is very important to know useful and important tips for doing any link building plan for new blogs.

    As we all know that building backlinks for your blog is one of the best ways to make your blog SEO friendly and it is also very helpful to gain High Search Engine Rankings.

    Yes, Blog commenting, guest posting and article submission are the useful 3 link building simple tips for new blogs and I totally understand these terms.

    But, I want to know some more tips regarding link building for new blogs. So, can you please tell me other easy and useful tips about link building?

    Anjali Desai

  2. Nathan says:

    These are great ideas. There are so much to learn when it comes to SEO and getting your site into the top spot. However, things shouldn’t become to difficult and confusing especially if we follow tips and ideas written in this post.
    Building links is not really an over night success, so I guess if you want your site to be successful, spending time, having a lot of patience and the willingness to learn about SEO are the important factors that you need to be able to reach that high PR rank.
    Thanks for the ideas.
    Best regards, ATYQ

  3. Edward says:

    A terrific way to find quality blogs is to apply blog lists to locate them, just bare in mind that you simply shouldn’t spam those sites. Making real as well as good comments thus bringing something towards the posts/debate, this will may also increase the chance of you having your comment approved.!

  4. Killara says:

    If I could add 2 of my own tips to the three excellent points made in the article.

    1. Gone are the days when commenters blogged “rubbish” – too many commenters wrtie/say any ol’ thing to get their back link. It is important to add value and write something that adds to the conversation. Afterall, you’re not just after the link – more valuable than that is the traffic and visitors to your site. Write good stuff with examples of what you’ve done on your own site to lead readers to want to click on the link.

    2. Blogging is about building your brand that you do have knowledge and you’re worth following. Commenting “rubbish” for the sake of a link really does devalue your own brand.

    Keep blogging and keep it real!

  5. Killara says:

    Excellent thoughts!

    Given Google’s new Penguin Penalties, this is good advice about creating back links naturally. The key it seems is good content and naturally forming links.

  6. Link building takes all kinds of forms, but commenting is one of the best. It’s smart to comment naturally rather than just focusing on high PR sites or using the same anchor texts.

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