10 Quick and Easy SEO Tips

10 Quick and Easy SEO Tips

There is no one thing that simply “is” search engine optimization, but by following a few easy SEO tips you can help your site rank well. There are a lot of elements to what SEO is, and this is one of the reasons climbing up the search results can be such a difficulty for so many webmasters.

SEO itself is not easy; that’s why lots of people, businesses and organizations spend big bucks to hire out firms to do SEO for them.

Having someone else do SEO for you is a great solution if you have the money, because SEO experts don’t come cheap.

If your current budget has you relegated to trying to do SEO on your own, fear not, there are many easy SEO tips that you can implement to help you rank well.

There are plenty of great SEO resources all over the web, including various tools and tutorials.

10 Quick and Easy SEO Tips

10 Easy SEO Tips

We know SEO is complicated enough, but sometimes all the information on how to do it can make everything even harder!

This is why we are happy to offer you 10 quick and easy SEO tips:

1. You Need Quality Content – Most Important of the Easy SEO Tips

You should craft unique and well-written content that includes your keywords. Actual people need to read this stuff, not just search spiders.

2. For Keywords, Think More About Phrases and Not Just Single Words

You are better off using “best cotton towels” and not just “towels” for a keyword. Long tail keywords often mean lower competition.

3. Keep Your Content Fresh and New

Adding new content regularly can help your ranking, and it will encourage actual human visitors to come to your site much more often.

4. Build Quality External Links

A lot of webmasters get it really, really wrong when they set out to get as many external links as possible, often through spammy comments on other blogs and sites.

One link from a trusted site with a good reputation can do a lot more than a lot of poor links.

5. Keep Your Text as Natural as You Can

If your text is bursting with keywords, you are in for problems both with the search engines and your users.

This is known as keywords stuffing or spamming, and search engines don’t like it.

This practice can lower your search rank and will probably drive away visitors since your text will be almost unreadable.

6. Don’t Bother With Paid Links

They won’t help a vast majority of the time because they are tucked on sidebars which aren’t viewed as well by the search spiders.

If they are obviously sponsored links, they won’t go as far either and real people won’t be too likely to click them.

If you need links, start contacting other webmasters and maybe arrange a trade.

7. Focus Your Pages

If you try to focus on multiple keywords or keyword phrases at once, you are watering down the potency of your work.

Think of using one or maybe even two keyword phrases per article tops.

8. Get on Social Media

Your site or blog needs a presence on places like Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to share your pages there.

Bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon can do wonders for your search rank and the number of visitors you receive; don’t be shy about submitting your own pages here every now and then.

9. Don’t Let Yourself Look Like a Spammer to the Search Engines

When your register a domain, pick a site that doesn’t block ownership information; you want one that is transparent to who buys their sites.

This is one of the easy SEO tips that you don’t need to worry about implementing on a regular basis.

10. Don’t Rely of Flash or Java

If you want the search engines to find you based on keywords, it will be mighty tough if you have page after page of Flash or something else the spiders can’t see.

Make sure there is text on the page that can be found and indexed, which is an important and easy SEO tip to follow.

16 Responses to “10 Quick and Easy SEO Tips”

  1. I love that you gathered all this information together in one place. Great tips!

  2. Killara says:

    Dear Kevin,
    You mention in your article not to be shy “submitting your own pages here every now and then.”. Could you share with me your advice as to how frequent you consider “every now and then” please? What is the accepted protocol for linking pages on our sites to FB, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, etc..etc..etc?

    Incidentally, your article is excellent – full of good practical advice.


  3. Stefan says:

    You could very easily delete points 2 through 10 and this would still be a great article. Quality content is more important than any amount of SEO. If your content sucks that people aren’t going to visit your site, no matter how well you advertise it.

  4. Victor says:

    Posts like this should serve as a table-book for every SEO newcomer, as all of them make the same old mistakes 🙂

  5. Philip says:

    There are several ways that you should consider to start SEO, first looking for a relevant keyword to easily generate traffic and build backlinks.

  6. Kenny Fabre says:


    thanks for the SEO tips but regarding tip 5 “keep your text natural” I add my keywords to my articles at least 15 times I hope thats not bad when it comes to it being seen as natural

  7. Dewey says:

    Thanks for the tips. Great notes to consider for beginners like myself! 🙂
    Looks like I have lots of fresh posts to try to gather up /sweat hehe.
    Cheers, I’ll look forward to more of your posts and tips!

  8. Jym says:

    Nice set of tips.

    This is a very rounded overview of SEO. I love that you started with quality content – Google’s getting better and better at learning what’s great content, not to mention that quality generates the best reader response.

    The days of keyword stuffing and paid link packages are over. Fresh, unique, quality content is the key supported by good backlinking and with proper on page optimization.

  9. JerinJ says:

    Thanks a lot. Definitely worth reading for a beginner like me. Keeping the contents fresh means the site should be updated daily. Is it? Or how often??

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Having fresh content on a regular basis is great for doing well in search engines. It may take some time to really do well, but with more content you have a better chance at ranking for several keywords.

  10. Amanda says:

    Excellent post! All the tips are quite practical in one hand, and very effective in other hand. But if to generalize, then I would say that the most important things are quality content and social media usage

  11. Nishadha says:

    I think a combination of all the things mentioned above are required for ranking well. But if you cant focus on everything then the best is to focus on getting quality links for authority blogs and guest posting is the best way to go about it. I think content networks and linking networks will have a hard time in the future.

  12. I’m still wondering whether submitting our own posts at StumbleUpon is okay or not. Last time I knew we weren’t encouraged to do so or some said try to mix yours and others

    • Nishadha says:

      I think you can get away with that as long as your own posts are of good quality and also if you are submitting other quality posts. I usually ask a friend to discover my post, then I like and share it.

  13. bbrian017 says:

    Hey great guest post Kevin. I like your tips I think they are nice and basic, easy to follow for some of the newer website owners and bloggers. I always like seeing posts like this, many people complain and say it’s been over talked about but truth be told so many people are still making these same basic mistakes. So in my opinion and article like this is never outdated it’s just for a newer audience.

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