How to Repair Your Registry

Repair the Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a common section in your computer that experiences a number of problems from time to time. In turn, these problems may cause errors in your computer such as software errors or loading, error messages popping up, and even crashing your whole Windows operating system. That’s why here, you’ll learn on how to repair your registry for free. Read More »


Windows 8 Will Make or Break Microsoft

Windows 8 Hybrid – Its All About the Apps or Lack of Them

Microsoft has long dominated the desktop platform. No other company was even close. They enjoyed a dominance unlike anything we had seen before. Then the early part of the last decade saw a revived Apple begin to chip away at Microsoft dominance. Apple would go on to release devices that would change the way we worked, learned, and communicated. Read More »


Top 5 Green-Tech Apps

Eco-Friendly Technology

The subject of being eco-friendly is one I’m sure we’re all fully aware about; we all know that we should recycle, that we shouldn’t leave the TV on standby overnight and that we should try to use energy-saving light bulbs. But knowing where to start in order to make a notable difference (as well as always remembering to carry out such tasks) is always easier said than done. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Why Should You Buy an Ultrabook Instead of a Laptop?


Are you about to buy a laptop? Think again for you may end up regretting your decision. Ultrabooks are the new in thing. These are stylish, sleek and powerful. Ultrabooks come with each and every feature that you expect your laptop to have and are really more portable when compared to laptops. Here are five […] Read More »


Tips for Your New Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire tablet has quite a few things going for it, including a nice entry price that is much less than the cost of some of the other tablets out there. However, the Fire does have some differences, so if you’ve used other tablets in the past, then you might find that the Fire is a bit different. The following tips should help you get up to speed with the tablet quickly though. Read More »


Tips and Tricks to Stay Undercover on Internet with VPN

Staying Undercover Online

When going online most people think they are fairly anonymous. They visit websites, login to social media websites, check their email and more without much thought on their virtual footprints. Unfortunately, those surfing without protection, such as provided by a VPN service, are easily tracked. Just what can be seen when you are online? Read More »

Security Tips

Why Small Businesses Should Look at CDW Data Storage Solutions

CDW Data Storage

If you own a small business, then you know how important your data is. Everything from documents to e-mail needs to be properly stored, and also backed up in a protected server. CDW can easily help small businesses manage their important files by providing storage management and virtualization solutions that will work for any small business. Read More »

Data Backup

The Buzz around the New Mini iPad

iPad Mini Mockup

pple changed the way computers were perceived with the introduction of the iPad and the tablet PC. If you have had a blast playing games on your device or browsing page after page of a new book, then you are in for a real surprise, as Apple has now announced a new version of this tablet PC, known as the Mini iPad. However, unlike the other versions of this device, the new version has a slight twist to it. Read More »

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