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SugarSync Cloud Backup Service Review

SugarSync Logo

SugarSync has rapidly been gaining popularity and has managed to become one of the leading cloud backup services on the market. With generous free storage, hands-free backup and easy recovery options, your files will be safe with SugarSync, no matter what device you use. This SugarSync review covers the important features that make this cloud backup software such a great value and excellent choice for both home and business users. Read More »

Data Backup

Benefits of Hiring Custom Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Custom software development services are the best services available in the professional world; these services have emerged as the boon to different business organizations. Every business has a different process of working and has its own functions and operations. Custom software applications help in better working as they are designed specifically as per the individual needs and requirements. Read More »


Top 10 Mobile Apps for Bloggers

Samsung Galaxy Tab Typing

Every day a huge number of different events happen in the Internet, and if you are an owner of an interesting and popular blog, you need to know and follow them. The fast popularization of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets in particular, has led to appearance of new type of blogging – a mobile one. […] Read More »


Outlook Password Recovery – Easiest Way to Recover Your Lost or Forgotten Outlook Password

Outlook Logo

Microsoft Outlook is one of the largely used email clients especially across organizations and corporate world for sending and receiving business critical information like shared mailboxes and calendars, exchange public folders, SharePoint lists and meeting schedules. There are various third-party add-on applications that help to integrate Outlook with devices such as BlackBerry mobile phones and with other software like Office & Skype internet communication. So, we can say that Outlook mailbox of a professional person is one of the treasure which someone can not afford to lose. Read More »


New Buzz in the World of Smartphones

Windows Phone 8

The latest buzz in the big world of smartphones is the latest version of Windows Phone. Windows has been around even before Smartphones ever happened to this earth, but in the realms of Smartphones, they haven’t exactly been the flag bearers. But apparently with Windows phone 8 all this is about to change. Microsoft has undergone certain meetings with Nokia to establish that Microsoft is to be participating with equal enthusiasm in this field as well. Their recent launch of Microsoft surface also indicates a good going plan. And why not. The kind of success that Smartphones are getting is hardly deniable. Read More »

Mobile Phones

Microsoft SQL Server 2012’s AlwaysOn Feature Creates Availability

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

SQL Server is used by business applications, web applications, individual programmers, and for content-intensive websites. Microsoft SQL is popular among the developers because it is a powerful, expandable, and upgradeable choice for database solutions. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is equipped with various features. Many server makers have built products based on this platform, such as the Dell SQL server. We will be discussing the AlwaysOn feature of SQL Server 2012 in this article. Read More »


The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Start-ups

Virtual Office

Modern technology means that many, if most start-ups begin as one person operations from a kitchen table with a laptop. However, although this is possible, anyone doing this will be able to tell you what they miss out on from having a dedicated office – a reputable address that separates work from home, someone else to answer the phone (and let you get on with your core business) and a space to meet clients in that isn’t your front room. Read More »


Shiny Objects: Catching Customers’ Attention with DVD Marketing

DVD Disc

Unless you’re running a corner lemonade stand and building your business by word of mouth alone, you’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of marketing media that have cropped up in recent years. It’s not just about print and radio anymore: Local television, social media, and banner ads are all vying for a piece of your fast-disappearing marketing budget. Read More »

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