New and Interesting Features In The Next IE 10

Internet Explorer Logo

The successor to IE 9 is currently under development process by Microsoft. The company has recently released the first Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview, which not only runs on Windows 7 but also on later versions. This has been noted as a lightning fast release even for the very competitive browser market, only after one month from IE 9’s final release. Read More »


Benefits of Password Management Software

Password Security?

These days, computers and technology play a notable role in our daily lives. Almost every household owns a computer, a laptop, a netbook or a tablet. Everybody is connected through the internet; everybody knows how to operate a computer. Even kids study computer as early as the age of six. And with the birth of social networking sites, people are now officially hooked to their devices. Read More »

Security Software

The Latest Tablet on the Market

Google Nexus 7

With tablet manufacturers competing for the market share by either providing unique and premium features or by reducing their prices, end users have a wide range of tablets to choose from when-ever the new tablets hit the market. The latest to join the tablet market place is Google, the search engine giant. Google recently showcased their Google Nexus 7 tablet during their annual I/O keynote event. Read More »


Best Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers

Mobile Apps

As a long-haul truck driver, the life you experience can be a lonely one. Even though the money can be great, the job isn’t for everyone. To be a trucker, you’ve got to be able to handle long periods of time by yourself and long stretches of nothing to do but stare at the road ahead. Fortunately, the advent of mobile technology has made life on the road a bit easier. Here are the top five apps for truckers. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Software Best Practices for Startup Companies

Business man

Startup companies are not for the weak of heart—growing a business from the ground up takes money, experimenting and thorough planning that bigger, more established business generally don’t have to worry about on a daily basis. One of the biggest decisions companies must make at the beginning of their startups is also one of the most important: the decision of what software they should use for running, organizing and communicating within their company. Read More »


5 Products to Extend the Life of Cell Phone Batteries

Duracell myGrid

As smart phones get fancier and more advanced, the battery life seems to dwindle away, having to power all of the different apps and widgets that are available. Suddenly your phone isn’t as portable as it should be. But there are many gadgets and accessories out there to help cell phone batteries last longer. Read More »


3 Reasons Your Broadband Connection Isn’t Fast Enough and How to Troubleshoot

Broadband Connection Speed Test

Slow broadband is a common problem and there can be any number of reasons behind it. Some of which you can’t do anything about, such as the weather, or the distance from your home to the nearest exchange. However, very often the problem with your internet speed can be addressed and it’s simply a matter of discovering the problem and then fixing it. Read More »


What You Need To Know About Cybersecurity for Your Business [Infographic]


Businesses in this hyper-competitive, high-tech world rely on the operations of computer systems to run successfully. Unfortunately, as sophisticated as data systems and operating software have become, so too have hackers and corporate spies evolved to stay one step ahead in their own illegal activities. Cybersecurity has become such a pressing issue in this environment that the SEC itself has made it a number two priority in its latest Corporation Disclosure Guidelines, insisting that corporations disclose all cybersecurity risks or incidents. Read More »

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