Five Business Apps for New Grads

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Modern mobile phones do more than make calls. They’ve quickly become essential to businesses as methods of communicating, storing data, surfing the web, and completing various tasks. With more apps being released every day, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Fortunately, new grads have an advantage over many other people in the workplace: They’re younger and more familiar with technology. If you’ve just graduated and are looking to enter the business world, make sure to familiarize yourself with these five apps that businesses can’t live without. Read More »

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Some Useful Security and Privacy Apps for Android


As smartphone’s are becoming more powerful and things to support these devices for example wireless networks are increasing, the use if these devices increases over all. With cell phones being used only to call someone or a send a text, smart phones available today can be playing you favorite song while you are going through your email, with a picture being edited in the background and while you are part of a video conference. Read More »

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Why Expensive HDMI Cables are Bunk

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As with any electronic device I buy, I have been reviewing the latest HDTVs that are available. While doing my research I also realized that I would probably need an HDMI cable or two, considering not all HD devices include a cable. For anyone that has looked at purchasing, or purchased, an HDMI Cable, you would know that there are many different cables with an equal number of different prices. Read More »


Anonymous Attacking Again and Again

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They’ve been called hackers on steroids, the shadowy hacker network known as Anonymous. We are seeing a growing cyber threat in the recent attacks launched by Anonymous. The hackers have pulled off some of their most daring attacks yet – targeting the US Government and FBI phone call with Scotland Yard. Read More »

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What is Pleasing in a Local Website Design

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Google’s latest algorithm updates have focused more and more on local search results. With local companies getting more focus in today’s search results, of course their websites will also be getting the same amount of new attention. The problem with that is, most local company’s websites are absolutely terrible. Many smaller, local companies began putting up websites years ago before the new era of web design hit the web and before standards were really ever laid out for how a website should look. Read More »


Stop Thinking and Install This iPhone SMS Spy in Your Child’s Phone Now

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Waking up at night, the only tick-tock sound that you hear is from the clock in your bedroom. Well folks times have changed now. If you hear a tick-tock sound multiple of times in your room at night, you should automatically figure out that it must be your child on his iPhone, talking through SMS messages with his buddies. Every normal person would tell you that these late night discussions through SMS messages and chatting are totally clueless. Read More »

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What You Might Be Expecting From the Apple iPhone 5

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It’s that time of year again. Everyone in the world of the internet and technology is pulling at the pants of Apple, trying to figure out just what is going to be different about the next iPhone. It’s already known that it is certain to be released this year. In fact, many figures have said that August 7 looks to be the magic date. Don’t hold me to that though. Read More »

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Four Lessons IT Administrators Can Learn From Yahoo! Server Breach


A recent Yahoo! server security breach exposing 450,000 usernames and passwords indicates that there are certain security measures that cannot be ignored. Yes, it is true that every web server is exposed to security risks, but through some precautionary steps, the damage can be controlled or minimized to a great extent. In addition, server producers such as Dell try their hardest to make the servers as safe as possible. Read More »

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