Things to Do Before Buying a Gadget


Almost everyone loves gadgets and with so many kinds of them coming to market regularly, the gadget lovers buy them almost every day. Many people are very passionate about gadgets and they buy one of them every time it attracts them with great features and looks. From mobile phones to laptops or tablet PCs, there is no limit to type pf gadgets that you can actually buy. However, its always important to make sure that you buy the ones that are worthy and look for the best price deals available.

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Is Cloud Data Easier to Recover: 5 Cloud Data Recovery Concerns

Top 4 Cloud Storage Providers

Long before the cloud came around, individuals and companies alike were turning to Web based storage and data recovery. With a mix of software and Web based management controls, off-site data backup and recovery was finicky, non-mobile and not too much more cost effective than the on-site tradition. Now that the cloud is above, the nomenclature of the past no longer applies – cloud storage and data recovery solutions are growing in maturity, offering capabilities in integration, management and control that the old Web based data storage providers just couldn’t offer.

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Goodbye Keyboard, Goodbye Mouse

Computer Keyboard

It’s gonna happen eventually…but when? When are we going to stop using these rudimentary tools – the computer keyboard and mouse. Just look at them. They look like they are straight out of the early 1900’s and well…they are. At least, the keyboard is. The Keyboard has its roots in typewriter technology which was first in use in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Video terminals for computing along with keyboards were used in the 1970s. The mouse was first used for personal computers around 1984.

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How to Create 3D Videos

3D Glasses

You don’t need a major Hollywood studio or even expensive equipment to create 3D video. Chances are you have everything you need already. You can get 2D to 3D conversion from several applications, but YouTube provides a free and easily available solution for anyone. This works for any videos that you may have sitting on your hard drive already, but works even better if you learn some tips to shoot 2D video with the knowledge that you’re going to be converting to 3D later.

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Getting A Taste of Google’s Unveiling of New Devices

Google Logo

Google proved this week that although one Hurricane Sandy might put a halt on a big planned press event, it wasn’t enough to stop them from revealing the much-anticipated new Nexus gadgets. All of the new products were quite a bit to take in, and one might have found it necessary to stop and keep track of just who was carrying what, but all of the new pieces are looking quite promising.

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5 Ways to Make Telecommuting Work for You


If your boss asks you to work from home, you may jump at the chance. Before you say yes, you need to stop and consider that telecommuting isn’t for everyone. While the thought of working from home sounds good, some people don’t find it to be all it’s cracked up to be. If you’ve been tasked with doing your job from your home, here are five ways to make telecommuting work for you.

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Home Security Gets Infinitely Easier with Mobile Apps

Home Security Mobile Apps

Every once in a while, you come across a technical innovation so clearly beneficial to the average person that it makes you realize how amazing technology can really be. You might find yourself feeling this way about home security mobile apps. For much less money than you expect, you can invest in a webcam system that is easily monitored through your smartphone so you can keep track of what’s happening in your home wherever you may be.

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