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Comprehensive Comparison Between Amazon, Linode, And Digital Ocean’s Cloud Services

Comprehensive Comparison Between Amazon, Linode, And Digital Ocean’s Cloud Services

Cloud computing has been defined as the provision of on-demand, IT resources using a ‘pay as you go’ service. This covers network based services as well as tools, which are provided by virtual servers. This is easily done by simulating the software running on one, or more computers. Cloud computing has rapidly evolved because the servers don’t actually exist and so are easily expanded or minimized without causing any problems to the user. Read More »

Cloud Storage

Why Has Your App Been Rejected by iTunes?

Why Has Your App Been Rejected By ITunes?

Developing an app is an ambition that many of us hold. Although with the range of development software and platforms available today, it is actually fairly easy to build an app from start to finish, building an app that is sure to be approved by your target marketplace is another challenge in itself. For many app developers, whether they’re building an app as a marketing tool for a business or creating a game simply to make a profit, iTunes serves as their main target. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Did You Know…eBay Facts and Strange Sales [Infographic]

Did You Know…eBay Facts and Strange Sales

Did you know that there are many weird and wonderful listings on eBay? Of course you did! Who doesn’t waste time looking for weird items on there? As long as you don’t make a purchase all is good! Here is some technical information for data enthusiasts (nerds) about eBay. Did you know that eBay has 10 petabytes of data stored in their Hadoop and Teradata clusters? For the ordinary folk who doesn’t know what a Hadoop is, it is primarily used by engineers who use data to build products. Read More »

Online Apps

Keyword Research for Web Design Firms: An Introduction

Keyword Research

Your current clients and potential clients are searching for you…but how are they searching for you? Or here’s a better question, how do you know they’re finding you first? Your firm’s website could have the best user experience and graphics, but your efforts will be wasted if they can’t find you on the web. To drive traffic to your site, make it easier for spiders to crawl your site and get it indexed. For that to happen, it starts with keyword research. Read More »


Tools to Help Build an Amazing Website

Tools to Help Build an Amazing Website

If you are planning on creating a website you may want to look into the tools that can help make your online idea a reality. There are many different tools – some user-friendly, others are more advanced – that you can use. Below are some of the more popular tools that are used by millions of webmasters today. Read More »


Disinfecting Your Computer of System Doctor 2014

Disinfecting Your Computer of System Doctor 2014

System Doctor 2014 may be the most frightening and nerve wrecking malware today. This rogue antivirus software is the perfect combination of deceptive and destructive, using multiple methods to inconvenience you and persuade you into purchase their merchandise. Instead of reinstating your computer’s health, it jeopardizes it more in order to trick you into bigger and more costly purchases. Read More »

Security Software

Guidelines for Buying Existing Domain Names

Guidelines for Buying Existing Domain Names

Nowadays, domain name speculation has become a very lucrative venture. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific domain name, there are chances that it has already been taken. This means that you might have to think of a different name or attempt to buy the existing domain name from the owner. If you opt to go with the latter option, here are some tips which will help you save money as well as time. Read More »


Web Design Trends to Watch in 2013

Web Design Trends to Watch in 2013

The October 2013 Future of Web Design conference website illustrates the trends shaping the look of today’s digital interfaces. The site emulates the minimalist style of a mobile app display. Large rotating images and text dominate the layout, arranged to emphasize a prominent “Register Today” button. Flat textures blend smoothly into a shadowless surface barely rippled by subtle gradients. Read More »

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