Why Apps Like Tinder is Preferable to Traditional Dating Sites

Why Apps Like Tinder is Preferable to Traditional Dating Sites

Our elders will often regale us with talk of the “good old days” and how things were far better in their era, but we have plenty of advantages in this day and age as well. For example, finding a partner is as easy as it has ever been in the history of the human race thanks to the advancement of technology.

Dating apps are the most recent innovation in the field of online dating, but they are in no way the first. Dating sites are their erstwhile predecessors, and while they were a reliable way to find love online for a long time, it seems their time has passed. Today, we’re going to look at why apps like Tinder are taking over the online dating scene.

Easy to sign up

One of the best parts of dating apps like Tinder is that they are easy to get started with. Instead of having to go through a ton of work to get your profile set up so that you can find the right match, a dating app will often let you link it to your social media, from which it will fill in all of your info.

Many people aren’t willing to take the plunge and try online dating because of an associated stigma or simply because it takes too much effort. An app will often simplify the process and be more tempting to try because of it, bringing in more users (and some of them will inevitably end up staying).

User-friendly and convenient

Another reason why developers are choosing to create a Tinder like app instead of a dating website is that they are far more convenient for the user beyond aspects like signing up and filling in info. For example, you can reach into your pocket and access a dating app on your commute to work or on a lunch break.

Beyond being accessible from everywhere, you often have a simpler way of selecting between potential matches when using a dating app. Instead of having to go through people’s profiles painstakingly, apps like Tinder let you swipe through people’s pictures and let you get to know them through talking instead of profiles.

They’re fun

One of the best parts of dating apps is that they are fun to use, even if you have no intention of meeting with the person on the other end. Whether a user is looking for a quick confidence boost or a little bit of conversation, it’s all possible through a dating app in a couple of minutes.


There are many more reasons why dating apps are taking over in the world of online dating, but the three that we’ve presented are the ones that we find the most relevant. We hope that we’ve been able to spread some light on the world of online dating.

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