Top Cellphone Technology for 2013

Cellphones are becoming more and more technological every day and it’s wonderful to live in a world where we have the internet in the palm of our hands at all times.

Over the past year we have seen some impressive technology appear on the market in the cellphone arena. Here is a quick look at some of the latest technology for cellphones that have appeared on the market.

Top Cellphone Technology for 2013

Google Now

This new feature links up with your Google account and provides you with some really cool features. It’ll take your location and will give you the details of things near you. This might be the local temperature, how long it’ll take you to get to work in current traffic and local photo spots that are worth visiting.

If you use a Gmail account and Google Calendar then the features get even cooler. Google will recognize a holiday, travel times and flight numbers and will let you know things like the temperature in the destination country, as well as, what time you need to leave home to get to the airport in time for your flight.

Samsung Galaxy S4

If you’ve fallen for a Galaxy tablet recently, this is the phone for you. The huge screen lets you use it much in the way you would a tablet. Having this much technology in your hand means you can ditch your tablet, laptop and PC and stick with just your phone.

Being on a contract with a phone like this means that if anything goes wrong with it, it can be sent off to fixed. Better than trying to workout how to replace a tablet screen or where to find replacement laptop batteries.

Google Nexus

If you want a phone without all the bloatware that often comes with branded mobiles then the Google Nexus is for you. A beautiful, lightweight phone that comes unlocked for you to do with as you wish. You can choose your favourite provider without having to be reminded who they are every time you start up your phone.

iPhone 5

This is being dubbed as the best iPhone yet. So many issues with the old models have been addressed and finally, the iPhone has a decent camera!

The voice recognition is superb (although a little slow if you’re just using mobile internet) and very accurate. The Easter eggs that come built into Siri are a constant source of entertainment too. Try asking ‘beam me up, Siri’, it’s quite fun.

Lumpy keyboard

With all this touch screen technology, it can be quite hard to touch type on a tablet or cell phone. There’s new technology from Tactus that will give a screen texture whenever the keyboard is brought up. You can feel each key and can type away. As soon as you are done with the keyboard, the bumps will disappear too.

This technology is only available for tablets at the moment but Tactus hopes that cell phone brands will adopt it for their phones.

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