The New and Advanced Features of MS Word 2013

The New and Advanced Features of MS Word 2013

Microsoft Word is one of the popular applications for documenting by all cadres of users whether he/she is a student, or a writer, or writes something for his/her pleasures. Many applications have been developed to give competition to MS Word, but nothing has defeated it till date. This is because; in every new version of MS Word, Microsoft includes some impressive features that you need and love to have. Let us see what Microsoft has included in its most recent version i.e. in MS Word 2013, which will help you to work easily.

  • Cloud Integration – The complete support of MS Word 2013 with cloud allows you to keep your entire content accessible everywhere.
  • Keyboard, Mouse, Touch, and Pen – This feature enhances the support of MS Word with tablets, Smartphones, and all latest electronic gadgets, and hence lets you be productive all the times.
  • Windows 8 – With the compatibility to Windows 8, Word 2013 has become smarter in its working.

The New and Advanced Features of MS Word 2013

Despite having smart and comparatively advanced user interface, this new release has familiar look and feel that makes it understandable by both advance and novice users. Let us see some of the advance features of this latest release of Microsoft Word 2013:

  • Account Management and Effortless Collaboration: Now you have whole new landing page of your MS Word application. This new landing page has three sections. A sidebar, information about the account, and product information. You can navigate through the sidebar and access the functionalities like exporting and sharing. The support for cloud allows you to access your document from anywhere. Moreover, the support for social media is another hotshot of this version. You can share your document directly on any of your favorite hot spots without much effort. The ‘Product Information’ allows you to manage you account and analyze the complete subscription of MS Office suite with all the details.
  • More Effective Object Placement: The placement of an object (like a picture or figure) and its editing both were big tasks in previous MS Word versions. However, in Word 2013 a simple click reveals all the relevant functionalities of an image file. The floating layout option allows you to select the layout of your object and re-sizing button around the object lets you resize it easily. You can expand the options by clicking ‘See More’ and can increase the image size (or zoom it) by simple double click. Moreover, you can move your image wherever you want by a simple drag.
  • Easy Insertion of Pictures, Videos, and Other Interactive Contents from the Web: With the availability of various options inside ‘Insert’ tab on the Ribbon, you can insert pictures, video, and other contents from the Web very easily. You can use the ‘Bing Image Search’ and ‘Flickr’ account to search and attach pictures within Word 2013 itself. The Royalty Free and Illustrations directory can be accessed through the search bar in Insert Picture window. Moreover, to make your Word document more dynamic, you can add videos and can pick them from social media sites like Youtube, Bing Video search, and From a Video Embed Code. To insert a video, you just have to type a keyword in its relevant search bar and you can easily view the results.
  • Elaborated Templates Directory: A directory of templates comes upon clicking ‘New’ on the right pane. You can see several templates arranged as tiles in user-friendly format. The ‘Search’ bar available here allows you to search from hundreds of online templates present in Office Library.
  • No More PDF Readers or PDF Editors: PDF is one of the highly used formats and most of us hardly prefer any third-party tool than Adobe PDF reader to open and edit PDF files. However, the support for PDF in Word 2013 allows easy opening of PDF files in Word document itself. Moreover, you can edit texts, resize images, alter table and lists, and add or remove information in your PDF file with Word 2013.
  • Feature to Protect Your File from Crash and Recover the Unsaved: MS Word seldom crashes. Sometimes due to sudden power outage and sometimes due to unexpected closing, it gets crashed. This causes complete inaccessibility of the current Word file. However, to protect your file from such crashes Microsoft provides AutoRecover and AutoSave features. Follow the below mentioned steps to enables these options, if they are not enabled yet in your Word 2013:
    1. Click “File->Options->Save”.
    2. Ensure that “Save AutoRecover Information every x minutes” box is selected.
    3. Also ensure that you have selected the option “Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving”.

However, if you forget to select the autosave option in your MS Word 2013, and lose an important Word file due to sudden close, then follow the below steps to recover the unsaved document:

  1. Open MS Word 2013.
  2. Open a new Word file or an existing file.
  3. Click “File” tab.
  4. Then select “Info”.
  5. Click ‘Manage Versions”.
  6. Click “Recover Unsaved Documents” provided in “Manage Versions”.
  7. Go to “Open” window and select the file and click “Open”.

However, if you have a corrupt Word document, then MS Word 2013 does not provide you any method to repair the corruption. In such case, you have to take the help of a professional Word 2013 repair software. Reliable software repairs corrupt or inaccessible Word documents without causing data loss or changing their original format.

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  1. Lavindra says:

    I found this post to be extraordinarily useful as i used to be looking out what all the data

  2. maksan says:

    Interesting news . It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  3. Frank says:

    I found this post to be extremely helpful as I was searching what all the information was about regarding the new and advanced features of ms word 2013.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Sofiya says:

    This article claims to tell you “everything you need to know about Office 2013”. Sadly it doesn’t tell you whether you can use Office 2013 on a Mac – can you and if not is there a new version of Word for Mac in the pipeline?

  5. Adeline says:

    Hi Adam,
    Word 2013 definitely has some really cool features, one I particularly like is the simple, yet wonderful Read mode. Unfortunately I hate what they’ve done to the interface so am still using 2010. people are better off with 2010 until Microsoft cleans up the mess they made with the interface, for starters.


  6. daniel says:

    I’ll have to admit that 2013 version it’s a bit tricky then before. But that will be the case with every update.

  7. Evan says:

    I have been using Word 2013 for more than 6 months and it is really buggy. So is much of Office 2013. So, the first thing that Microsoft needs to do is to clear out the bugs. Unfortunately, Word is still stuck, for most of its features, in the beginning of the last decade.

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