Can You Run a Real Estate Site Without Being a Licensed Broker?

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the sectors of the economy that will always be lucrative. Well, there will hardly be a second real estate bubble but still real estate offers significant money making opportunities. This is why many people are considering it to be a good career field. In some cases all you need to do in order to get into the real estate business is enthusiasm but in other cases you can’t become a broker without getting licensed first.

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Free SEO Reporting Tools for the Business Owner with a Plan


Most company owners know that SEO is a long and slow process. You’re constantly waiting to see your name at the top of that search engine results page, but it’s tough to know when it’s going to happen. For this reason, many companies use SEO reporting tools to help ease a little bit of the suspense.

SEO reporting helps keep you in the loop when it comes to your SEO efforts. In general, SEO reporting software will give you the ranking of a keyword you are targeting and then show you the jump in rankings that keyword has over time. Other reporting tools offer information about your web pages for further optimization, the Google PageRank or Alexa ranking of your site, and/or the competition for a specific keyword. Unfortunately, many of these software cost money that many companies just don’t have. In such an up-and-down economy, things like SEO reporting tools usually get the boot when it comes to budget cuts.

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How To Grow Your Online Business With SEO


Search engine optimization is important for any online business to succeed and grow, but learning how to grow your online business with SEO is important. Businesses today have realized the great power of having an online presence to sell and market their products or services.

Online stores are easy and inexpensive way to grow your business as more and more people prefer shopping online nowadays.

Online stores are an innovative way to start a new business or expand an existing one.

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful techniques helping today’s online businesses thrive.

SEO can help increase traffic, getting more people to your site thereby improving chances of getting potential customers.

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Can You Make a Business With WordPress Design?

Wordpress Logo

WordPress has revolutionized the way we use our websites. You can have a website up and running in minutes, that is professionally done, and easy enough to add your own touch. However, there seems to be a certain taboo with using WordPress as an official web developer.

In all reality you are hardly doing any work and folks who are not savvy with the web may not know the difference between a WordPress site, and a site that is manually coded. So the question is which is more valuable, and how can you sell you WordPress development of a website to potential customers? This is a pressing issue, and doesn’t always have an immediate answer.

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Promote Your Online Business through Guest Posting

Branding your Blog for Better Online Success

Guest posting is essentially a type a blogging in which you write posts on any topic. Your posts should be informative and qualitative. At the end of the post, in the author info, you can place a link of any site if approved. Guest posting is like an information sharing method that attracts the online users and readers to read your post and if they like your post, there are chances to click on the link placed at the end of the post. Those readers may consist of direct or indirect traffic to the posted website. In other words, Guest Posting is a service of posting unique articles written about any topic to promote your business.

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