Backblaze: How Much Does It Cost?

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There are 2 main products under the Backblaze name: the sibling Personal Backblaze and Backblaze Business which are both used for cloud backups and the Backblaze B2, an IaaS platform. Both solutions allow you to store and backup your data on the cloud, however, their intended user bases are different. Thus, it only makes sense that the pricing structure between these services is also different.

How I Backup Data Files Automatically So I Won’t Worry About Losing Files

How I Backup Data Files Automatically So I Won't Worry About Losing Files

Protecting your data files with a good data backup plan is one of the most important tasks you can perform to keep your data safe from hard drive failure, malicious software, or just accidental file changes or deletions. For me, I have been talking about various data backup plans since I started this blog, and with over 600GB of personal photos and videos stored on an external hard drive, I also take data backup very seriously.

Why My Data Hard Drive Errors Didn’t Affect Me

Why My Data Hard Drive Errors Didn't Affect Me

My external hard drive is where I store all my important files such as photos, videos, and personal information. Most, if not all, of the files I store on that drive cannot be recreated, or would be very difficult and time-consuming to recreate. This is why I am always ensuring that drive is available for use, and protected.

Of course, as with most things in life, nothing lasts forever. This is especially true with hard drives. In this case, my external hard drive started to give me problems, causing me to be concerned for my data files.

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Backblaze or Carbonite: Which Do You Need?

Why I Chose BackBlaze Over Carbonite

A few years ago my cloud backup provider changed their pricing plans. The change made backing up my data with them very expensive. I also knew that I would be having much more data that needed to be backed up each year, so the price would continue to rise. Fortunately, then I had about one and a half years left in my current plan with that provider, so I had time to review other cloud backup providers before I had to change.

During that time I looked at many different providers and many had pricing packages that had limits to the amount of data I could store. Of course, the larger the storage space and more money it would cost. I looked at two services – Backblaze and Carbonite. Each provided unlimited storage for a flat, affordable, rate per month. Just what I was looking for to back up my data. In the end I went with Backblaze, and my reasons are outlined below.

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The 4 Most Effective Tips to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware

4 Tips to Protect Your Data from Ransomware

Ransomware – a class or malware that restricts access to a computer until a ransom is paid – has been around for many years. In fact, one of the first known ransomware – the “AIDS” trojan – was found in 1989. Unlike other malware, ransomware has sort of been in the background, not drawing much attention. In 2013, the ransomware called CryptoLocker began making news as it infected computers, and then began encrypting personal data files.

How to Backup Your Files for Years to Come

How to Backup Your Files for Years to Come

It is amazing how fast life can go by sometimes. I was recently looking at some of my digital photos and realized that I have over 28,000 digital photos saved since 2002. That was the year I bought my first digital camera. Back then I didn’t realize how many I would actually accumulate, but after starting a family since that time, the number of photos has grown exponentially.

Photos aren’t something that I can recreate, which means that if I lose one, it is lost forever. If you are like me and have kids, losing photos is probably something you hope will never happen – because you can’t retake the picture. As I was going through my photos I am always glad that I have a good backup process in place that allows me to enjoy the same photos 11 years after they were taken. Having a backup process is the reason that I know I can view these photos 11 years into the future and beyond.

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Backblaze Launches Mobile App for iPhone

BackBlaze on iPhone

I have been a fan of Backblaze since I started using them to backup my data to the cloud. I find their service affordable ($5/month) for unlimited data backup, easy to use, and secure. The one thing that has been missing was a way to access my files from a mobile device. I use an iPad on a regular basis, so having access to my files on Backblaze from my iPad would be a huge benefit. The good news is that Backblaze has released a mobile app for the iPhone that will also work on my iPad.

I haven’t installed the app yet, but I will soon, but from what I can tell it does have some cool features.

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