Some Security & Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser

Some Security & Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser

The browser Chrome from Google carries a number of extensions which are meant to give you a proper security and privacy. Chrome with a couple of extensions can therefore carry a number of things for you including blocking JavaScript, cookies, plug-ins, tracking scripts and even force websites to render encryption for your traffic.

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These extensions for Chrome secure you the best and give you the right privacy as compared to the other browsers. It took long for the add-on ecosystem to mature but certainly these are better in result as compared to the other choices except Mozilla. By this ad-on ecosystem Chrome seems to be in the same row of mozilla. Let’s explore some of the security and privacy extensions for Chrome.

Some Security and Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser


With the help of NotScripts, you can prevent the JavaScript from running on the web pages you visit. You may even add sites to the NotScript’s whitelist, this will allow JavaScript from them. By doing so you can prevent attacks which comes due to the JavaScript flaws, however, many of the websites will not work without the JavaScript. You can also prevent plug-ins like adobe flash. The idea of NotScript is inspired by the NoScript for Firefox.

Adblock Plus

This extension comes with a default set of filters which prevents tracking scripts apart from blocking the ads which comes with a better approach than in the case of NotScripts. The good thing about this extension is that you just set it and then forget it, however, has one demerit as it blocks only the known threats.
Ghostery: Do you want to know who is trying to track you on a web page which you have visited? Simple, try ghostery it will help you find the one who is tracking you. It acts like a tracking script blocker which works at the background and renders you all the information. The moment you will find someone tracking you, ghostery will pop up the information giving you all the information pertaining to the ad networks, their privacy policy links etc. You can even customize the blocking in order to just block a single network.

KB SSL Enforcer

There are many websites (even the wikipedia and twitter) which supports the HTTP encryption; however, you will not find any HTTPS sites by default. This extension carries a list of websites which support HTTPS and simply redirect you to this HTTPS version when you try to access them. In this way you can keep your browsing activity from a number of prying eyes.


WOT, or call it web of trust, comes as an icon over the toolbar of Chrome which display you the trust rating for the visited website. You can also find these icons over the research result web pages. In this way you can make out the good and bad websites. Thus prevents you to enter your credit card number at a bad place. You can rate such cheat and fraud websites with your rating to make the other users understand its trustworthiness.

The users these days have started taking the web security and privacy thing very seriously. Considering such concerns, Google Chrome too incorporated such security and privacy features in the form of extensions to prevent you from number of prying eyes cyber criminals. The above list comprises few but important security and privacy extensions for Chrome, hope you find them beneficial.

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4 Responses to “Some Security & Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser”

  1. Stefan says:

    Adblock + is one of the greatest applications in the history of the internet… but I try to avoid using it. Generally sites are dependant on advertising to make their money, and if everyone disabled all the adds on every site they visited then a think a large portion of great websites would risk going out of business.

  2. Nishadha says:

    AdBlock plus is a must have in any browser, saves you lot of headaches and saves time on page loads.

  3. Becca says:

    This tool is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about this tool.

  4. Adeline says:

    Nice list of extensions Rebecca. You could also add Secure Profile extension to the list.

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