Software Best Practices for Startup Companies

Software Best Practices for Startup Companies

Startup companies are not for the weak of heart—growing a business from the ground up takes money, experimenting and thorough planning that bigger, more established business generally don’t have to worry about on a daily basis.

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One of the biggest decisions companies must make at the beginning of their startups is also one of the most important: the decision of what software they should use for running, organizing and communicating within their company.

Bad software plans can be huge detriments to startups, while good software decisions can be extraordinarily beneficial. The following is a broad guide to smart things to think about and overall best practices startup companies should keep in mind when considering their software options.

Software Best Practices for Startup Companies

Software Qualities to Consider

No startup wants to stay small and in its beginning phases; people create startup companies with the goals of growing their businesses into legitimized, permanent and successful companies. Therefore, scalability is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the software your business will use.

It should be able to grow and develop along with your business—outgrowing and changing software can cause unnecessary hassles and wasted money, so find one that has the capabilities of lasting through change and development.

Another important thing to keep in mind is its manageability, as well as consumer usability—how easily will a system administrator be able to run the software and communicate both internally and externally? Just because a program works for one business does not mean it will be best for yours, so do your homework and see what works best for your company.

Other Smart Software Moves

Departmentalize Online

Many startups don’t have offices, and even those that do usually aren’t as structured or organized as bigger companies. Organization online, then, is extremely important, so look for programs that will help your company in this respect.

Creating a company intranet consolidates your company and investors into a more professional and organized space. Departmentalizing is also crucial to startup success, so organize your intranet by department for a clearer workspace. Google Apps are helpful in creating such an environment.

Find Software That Manages

Investment in workforce management software can prove especially valuable for startup companies. Such software plans, schedules and tracks productivity within your business in a way that reduces the amount of work needed by your startup and keeps customer commitments at the forefront of every action. Features like employee schedule self-service and performance management ensure company monitoring while allowing more time for businesses to focus on products and goals instead of planning.

Don’t Forget Your Mobile Devices

Finding software that is equally effective on your mobile devices can be extremely beneficial to startups as well. So much can be accomplished on smartphones today that it doesn’t make any sense to exclude them from your business.

Such software will increase the potential for productivity and make running your business that much easier.

Many factors go into determining the best means of running your startup, so don’t make decisions lightly. Consider these suggestions and above all, keep your business’s and your employee’s best interests in mind when making your business decisions.

6 Responses to “Software Best Practices for Startup Companies”

  1. Theodore Ranieri says:

    I thought resorting to open source environments like Linux Ubuntu is a good move for a start up company but then again, it got me thinking that the main dilemma about going that direction is on who will be taking accountability for anything that can go wrong with a particular application or software. It is still best for start-up companies to factor in a reasonable investment for the best software package as a “cost for doing business.”

  2. We are a start-up company and struggling to stay afloat. In this environment articles like these feel like fresh air. They not only replenish our morale but also help us re-prioritize our goals. I hope we’ll be supplied more and more of such resources from you.

  3. saha says:

    Very useful and helpful guide for startup companies. It is important to choose right software for your organization. Workforce management software is also very important to manage, schedule and tracks productivity.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks saha! I’m glad you like the post. As more and more data is available to businesses, it is the ones that can produce actionable insights who will have a better chance to succeed. Workforce management software is an excellent way to do so.

  4. Sandip says:

    All very valuable tips – the most valuable being the point about mobile devices. In the fast moving environment you need to always be connected and able to respond. Therefore, it’s a huge plus if the software you’re using has a mobile app, website or another solution – don’t neglect that

    • Adam says:

      Very true Sandip. People, and especially customers, expect a response at all times regardless of whether or not you’re in the office.

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