The Snooperscope Brings Night Vision Tech To Your Smartphone

The Snooperscope Brings Night Vision Tech To Your Smartphone

Night vision technology has always been super cool. Who doesn’t want to be able to see clearly in the dark when you need to? Flashlights only illuminate so much.

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The only problem is that, while night vision technology is now more readily available to the public than ever, it’s typically ensconced in bulky goggles and scopes that are cumbersome to carry around.

Researchers have recently been working on new nanocrystal technology to eventually make a sleeker pair of night vision glasses a reality.

But until that happens and we all become a bunch of regular James Bonds, there’s already a night vision accessory that integrates with the devices we all use every day – our smartphones.

Snooperscope is the night vision lens that is designed for use with smartphones. It’s a little surprising that there haven’t been tons of devices like this already, considering all of the other things that our phones can do.

Apparently, the Snooperscope was initially designed for military use, so that soldiers could aim their rifles with better precision in darkness. Using infrared light as a source, the Snooperscope is able to provide a clear picture (in that standard night vision green colour) and display it on your smartphone screen.

It connects to your smartphone through peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and has a built-in battery that lasts up to four hours.

Since you can control the camera directly from your smartphone (or any other device on the same internet connection), there’s no extra weight needed to use the Snooperscope.

The technical specifications of the Snooperscope are pretty impressive as well. It contains a 1.0 Megapixel ¼ CMOS camera with a fixed focus, high sensitivity lens.

It also has a built-in speaker and microphone with ADPCM Compression and Automatic Gain Control. Then, with the corresponding smartphone, you can take photos, record video in 720p, and even provide real time commentary alongside image captures.

Beyond the night vision capabilities, the Snooperscope also has unique things to offer during daylight. When using it in visible light, the device can also see things that the human eye cannot.

The manufacturer suggests professional uses like uncovering forgeries or examining plant life, meaning it must have some pretty powerful telescopic powers as well.

The Snooperscope has been available for a few years now, ever since a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, but it’s starting to take off more nowadays.

With smartphones getting more advanced by the day, users are looking for cooler applications to mess around with. In this regard, the Snooperscope definitely fits the bill.

Source: Snapmunk.

Image source: Snooperscope.

2 Responses to “The Snooperscope Brings Night Vision Tech To Your Smartphone”

  1. somon says:

    Seems great defensive weapon for critical situations and the implement of night vision technology on smartphone is great advancement, now people can use it. anyway thanks for nice share.

  2. Rajpal Singh says:

    Hi Paul,
    Technology is growing day by day. its really cool that you can use night vision technology with your smartphone and it makes your phone more smarter.

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