A Look Back On Printers Of The Day

I went to buy a new printer last week for my Business, I was actually quite shocked and taken aback from how small they had got and how advanced. There are plenty of articles online about the newest ones and reviews etc. So I thought I would create an article and take a look back over the years of the printer! This may bring back a few memories for us older ones, and for the younger ones, well it may open your eyes to how hard it was for us! That small place where you lay your laptop or desktop computer used to be the space where the printer was, haha!

The Epson Stylus

The Epson Stylus

This was the printer of the day for many of us, I can even remember the noise of the damn thing and the shaking of the desk, not very practical if you worked from home and the wife was fast asleep. These things used to jam up, a lot! It is unbelievable to now think you can buy a printer that can easily be carried around so you can print from anywhere.

Which is smaller than the damn draw on the Epson Stylus, my god things have moved on. I think if you even put two cartridges off the Stylus side by side that Mini printer would still be smaller!

When It Came To Our Upgrade

When it came to our upgrade and we seen this come out:

It was a must have, all of our friends had one and we wanted the best, lord knows why they started to become bigger before they got smaller. If I remember right, this was the exact printer that just gave up on us all and went to sleep with the green flashing light without telling us what was wrong with it, even Windows 98 was like “Yeah, and….?”. Needless to say this was the printer that got the smack on the head when in a rush.

The Impressive One Of The Day

I never owned one of these but they had these in School, I could swear some offices do still use these as they did have some incredible printing speeds.

HP LaserJet 4000T

They used these in the school I was in, never know, they are probably still there! These things could print page after page in a matter of seconds and spit out hundreds of pages. To be honest on the printer, not much did go wrong with it, the only problem was the sheer size of it, the practicality goes right out of the window!

The “Space Shuttle”

This, in my memory, was the first printer to actually print optimum decent color. You were able to print photographs on it and amaze people with them as at the time people still went to places like Kodak to print off holiday snaps. This printer allowed you to do it from the comfort of your home with photo paper.

HP 3700

I named it the space shuttle as it looks like something from outer space.

My name is Sophie I hope I bought back some memories for you all, today I think there are printers that fix themselves and diagnose themselves, we have come a long way. I also have one last tip for you guys, as inks are getting more expensive, tryout Internet-Ink, they stock thousands of Ink for many brands of printer.

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