Kids Apps: Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security [Infographic]

Kids Apps: Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security [Infographic]

With the incredible fast adoption of mobile technology in all spaces of everyday life such as in work, home, recreation, and education, it comes as no surprise that mobile usage is on a steep rise among children and young adults as well. Back when there were only cell phones, it was understandable for parents to be able to withhold giving their children access to a personal mobile device for quite some time with the exception of emergency purposes.

But now that we are somewhat of digital technology age, where in order to be a successful and competitive member of society and in the workplace you have to be knowledgeable of all things mobile and internet, parents don’t really have the option of sheltering their children from the internet – they need to know about it or else they suffer as they grow into adults. However, it is still alarming to realize that children in kindergarten and and even younger are already using mobile apps as frequently as most adults.

Meanwhile, many of the apps they use probably don’t have proper security measures for child-use. This infographic, “Kids Apps – Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security,” gives a great overview of the statistics of child mobile app usage, vital stats of mobile app development, how these apps can find and use your personal information, how these apps might allow your children to spend money without permission, and most importantly, the things you need to know to protect your information and your children. Find out more below.

Kids Apps: Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security

This infographic is by Veracode, an award-winning application security company specializing in secure software supply chain and other security breaches with effective risk assessment tools.

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