iPhone 5 Made Quite A Buzz Lately for Being the Slowest Phone

iPhone 5 Made Quite A Buzz Lately for Being the Slowest Phone

A test conducted by Which Tech Daily? has made quite a buzz for the last few days. After studying the processing speed of a few phones, the iPhone 5 came in last. What does this mean for the iPhone? Apple has set the standard for a category of phones, and now it seems they are not meeting that standard. Is it that Apple is getting lazy, or that technology is moving too fast? Perhaps it is just a simple difference in priorities between companies.

The iPhone has made quite a name for itself since the first unveiling. Hype always builds for a new release and there seems to be a feeling of “what will they do next?” It is because of the innovative company’s promise to do better that they have earned a reputation for excellence. After it has been suggested that the company make a “cheaper” phone to keep up with the Chinese market, a quickly growing customer, Apple refused. After all of this time, we as consumers expect nothing less than what Apple expects of themself: the best.

iPhone 5 Made Quite A Buzz Lately for Being the Slowest Phone

In recent tests, however, the iPhone 5 did not come out on top. It did not earn a title as the best, or even the second best. In a recent test conducted by Which Tech Daily?, the iPhone 5 was beat out by the first place Samsung Galaxy 4, in a test that measures speed of processing requests. Other contenders were the HTC One, coming in second as well as the Sony’s Xperia Z in third. So, what does that mean for Apple? Coming in last is quite a blow to a product that is expected to be the best.

The hard truth is, with Androids on the rise, it has been something like the space race. Not everybody wants an iPhone anymore. Although this competition has facilitated a lot of growth and innovation in the area of smartphones, Android seems to be taking the lead in certain demographics. This Which Tech Daily? test indicates that the iPhone 5 is literally falling behind the competitors in the area of speed.

Could this be a result of Apple falling behind in an effort to keep up? On the other hand: how important is it to Apple consumers that their phone be the quickest to process requests and multitask? It is yet to be determined how this particular test will affect a customer’s desire to buy the ever coveted iPhone 5.

Could the hit to the company affect the sales for the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S? Who knows, maybe those who buy every new iPhone aren’t bothered with quality. Perhaps the brand name itself is reason enough to upgrade each year. We will have to wait until September 2013 to find out.

It is widely believed that the iPhone will be upgraded to match, if not exceed, the speed of the Galaxy 4. Whether or not Apple is embarrassed or motivated to upgrade its processing speed, it may continue to fall short of the Androids. It’s anybody’s guess. One thing, however, is not left up to speculation. In any competition between companies, the customer always wins.

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