How to Reset the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router

How to Reset the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router

One of the most popular pages on Technically Easy is the post titled Securing Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router. In that post I outlined the steps needed to secure these particular wireless broadband routers to maintain your wireless network security.

The one problem I didn’t mention is how to reset the router back to the factory defaults. You may need to do this if you forget your router’s password or made a mistake and you can’t connect to the router. In this post I’ll outline two methods you can follow to reset your Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G router.

Reset Button


Resetting the router to the factory defaults will delete any changes you have made to the router, including any security settings. This should be used as a last resort.

The first method involves simply pressing a button located on the back of the router. The image below (courtesy of Linksys) shows where the button is located.

Linksys WRT54G Reset Button Location

Linksys WRT54G Reset Button Location

To reset your router, use the following steps:

  1. Press the reset button for 30 seconds.
  2. The settings should now be returned to the factory default settings, meaning any changes you had made would be deleted.

  3. Open up your Web browser and enter “” in the address bar.
  4. For the login, leave a blank ID and enter “admin” as the password.

The router has now been reset. Follow the steps in Securing Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router to secure your router and for securing a Linksys wireless network.

Through the Web Administration Pages

The second method involves logging into the Web administration pages of the router. Use the following steps to reset the router using this method:

  1. Open your Web browser and enter the IP address of your router. By default, the address is “”.
  2. Enter your user ID And password when prompted. Hopefully this has been changed, but if it hasn’t, the default is no ID and “admin” as the password.
  3. At the top of the Web page, click “Administration” and then “Factory Defaults”.
  4. Beside “Restore Factory Defaults”, click “Yes”.
  5. Now click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the Web page.

Your WRT54G wireless router should now be reset to the factory defaults. Ensure you follow the steps outlined in Securing Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router to secure your router and for securing a Linksys wireless network.


This post has provided two methods you can use to reset your Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G router. If you are having problems with your router, try to reset the Linksys WRT54G to the factory defaults, and then make the changes again and see if the router starts working again.

You should also consider using a VPN once you have reset your router. Over at you can find out how to install and use a VPN on your computer.

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  1. nelly5504 says:

    Hello! Rapid question that’s entirely out topic.
    Are you aware of the steps to making an internet site mobile phone pleasant? My web page appearances weird when surfing around from my smartphone.
    I’m trying to find a style or plug-in that could possibly take care of this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Pm says:

    Default IP address is, not

    • Logo says:

      It’s going to be different each time you reset, for example, before i reset, mine was, now it’s

  3. verona says:

    i have 1 question, we have been trying to set a password for the wireless connection to prevent other users to connect to our network but we cant seem to figure it out.. what do i do?

  4. al Toren says:

    sorry, I meant to say that it CAN’T find the server

    • o martins says:

      The id (username) is changed on new releases to “root” not blank
      It says so in the error message if you try to log in, but it’s easy to miss…

  5. al Toren says:

    sorry, it can’t find the derver

  6. al Toren says:

    Now it says it find the server

  7. al Toren says:

    Well, I think the router did reset, because the name of the changed network is no longer visible, but neither is the default ‘linksys”. And when I try to go to I get “Safari can’t connect because the server isn’t responding”

  8. al Toren says:

    I have a WRT54GS v.5 with a MAC. I had changed the settings on the router but I have forgotten the password. When I tried to reset the router (pressed the reset button for 30-40 secs), but it hasn’t
    worked. Do you have to unplug anything. When I enter the default IP in the address bar, it won’t load (“server not responding”) I can open the changed IP, but it wants a password. Any help?

  9. CharlieDR says:

    I think you should watch this video to reset Linksys router. It is shown properly in the video. I had issues with Linksys WRT120N router and I was not able to open the setup page with the default admin password.

  10. Omar Butt says:

    For all of you morons out there suggesting doing a hard reset of wrt54g(voip) router by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds, I wasted hours looking for a solution. My problem was that if I tried to do a factory reset by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds it would still look for a password if I tried to reset it by logging onto the Administration page and clicking on do a factory reset of Voice and Router. Googling the problem tells you to leave the username blank and password admin. But what worked for was username:Admin password blank. Now that is something I can guarantee anyone would not find on google. I stumbled on this myself.

    • Rolfonzo says:

      I had no luck with a blank username or using admin or flipping the username and password BUT it did work for me when I used “root” as the username. (well that was logical!!)

  11. Terence says:

    I am trying to reconfigure my oldish Toshiba to work with this router but it won’t go to with or without the s. I am reluctant to reset to factory defaults lest that make my other computers unworkable. Ideas? Thanks.

  12. ED says:

    When I set my system up as secure. I entered a password. This does not work for entry in to the wireless network . The system issue’s a passphrase which is too long to remember. I need to change the system to take a password I create or make the system unsecure. How do I do this?

  13. Howard says:

    I upgrade my WRT54G v8 router with Linksys firmware 8.000.8 today and can’t connect to the internet wireless. Tried to reset router to factory settings (a few times), reconfigured router settings, and read a million other posts on the web to no avail. I’m sure that it’s something small that I’m missing but can’t figure it out.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  14. Sieny Kouwenhoven says:

    Dear Sir, We have a wireless router WRT54G2 and we are having a lot of trouble with it. It is a year old and bought it at Best Buy and quite often either me or my husband gets thrown off the internet. According to the connection I am still connected but cannot get on the internet. We than have to reset the router and then is works again for a while, but it is a nuisance. I just had my computor checked and everything was fine. Could you tell me why this is happening

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Have you tried to change the channels of your router? There should be a few different options in terms of channels. If that doesn’t work, it could be a problem with the router itself.

  15. bincy says:

    okay, have issue with this resetting, I followed Method one;however, it is prompted me to enter in id and pswd in the Authentication Required Box, but it won’t go from there, its stuck in that mode, and won’t take me back to the set up page. Please help me

  16. faz says:

    I had press the reset button for 30 seconds, but when I access the IP address and enter the admin password, it not allow me to access the administration page. what the problem?

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Are you getting an error, or a blank page? If you are getting a blank page, and you aren’t using IE as your Web browser, try switching to that browser.

  17. Leah says:

    Okay, but now what? I can’t find any information on how to set it up after I reset it. Once at, what do I do, what do I enter? Please help! This is just for wireless in my house, using a laptop and my smart phone. Nothing fancy. Thanks so much in advance.. just want my wireless back! 🙂

  18. Ron says:

    The instructions were extremely usefull. They were well writtien.

  19. I have one of these and it wont accept the password having trouble resetting it….can someone help?

    • Paul Salmon says:

      What trouble are you having with the reset? Are you pressing the button long enough?

      • Conrad says:

        Hi .
        I bought a second hand Linksys wireless-G WAG54G router but I am struggling to get it set up and needs help to do that. I did the reset button pressing thing and removing the power, the I have put in the address bar, but when I am requested to fill in my user name and password, I left the user name empty and put admin in as password, but still it keeps on asking for the user name and password. According to me that is incorrect.

        Please help me to reset this and get it set up.

  20. Bruno says:

    But, if I reset my linksys, it will work without key when I torn my laptop.
    And I need wi-fi to enter on the site
    help me

  21. Newbie says:

    My WRT54GS V6 keeps giving management mode firmware upgrade. I downloaded the latest firmware and it said update successful still gives me the firmware upgrade page on

    It assigns the ip correctly on dhcp & also get a ping reply, but power lights keeps blinking continuously. DMZ light is solid green…

    Any help is appreciated.

  22. franky says:

    we are having trouble connecting to the internet. i have gone thru resetting it and following all the above steps…
    the only thing is , i ahve tried it on wep and wpa pre shared key
    we do not have a choice of wpa personal
    either way, sometimes it showes the wireless name and it connects but does not allow us to enter a internet site

    the only way the internet worked was when i plugged the ether net from the modem directly into the laptop

    does this mean the routher is bad

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Are you able to connect through the router if you connect the laptop to the router using a network cable? Have you tried changing the Channel the router uses for the wireless signal? This option is found in the Wireless Settings page of your router.

  23. Joe says:

    I’m not going to blow sunshine up your collective asses, this is the biggest bunch of non-technical peopel I’ve ever seen. Pack your stuff up, return it to the store, and have them take and post your pictures so that they don’t inadvertently sell you any technology in the future.

    You are all literally beyond help.

  24. david main says:

    i have tried to reset the password several times but it wont work. need to know what to do. please help me.

  25. LORRAINE says:

    When I type in the into my address bar, it doesnt do anything

    • David says:

      Hi, not an expert on this, but can tell you of my recent experience and hope it helps. Assuming you are using or trying to use a wireless Linksys router and also assuming you can used a wired internet connection: if this were the first time you were trying to go to without success, you must reset (push button on back of router) wireless router. You can’t do anything until you get to that web site. After resetting router and successfully getting to and going through setup page, you have to remember passwords and network key you changed. Assuming this has happen, you need to go to Start, Network connections, wireless networks, and right click properties. There you change to match the changes you made at

    • Joe says:

      Close out your browser completely (or reboot your computer) and then relaunch the browser and try again.

  26. misty says:

    i reset from the back of the router but it will not accept “admin” ass password with no user name i cant get pass that any idea what to do?

  27. Owen says:

    I can get through all the steps outlined until I attempt to save settings with new password. I do indeed get prompted to login but cannot get anythign to work to save the changes. I have tried 1) blank/”admin” and 2) blank/”[new pw]” but it just keeps prompting me again. Any idea what to do?


  28. Parapa says:

    I have HP compact Lap top. I use calling card to talk internationally. When I talk from my office through my laptop the conversation is clear.When I talk from my friends place using his internet which has connections same as mine the conversation is clear through my laptop.
    When I use lap top in my house The conversation is not clear.There is too much disturbance in the line.But when I connect my friends laptop in my net the conversation is clear.I tried with modem connected directly to my computer.No improvement.
    Some time in between for few days the conversation was clear through my laptop in my house.
    Please give advise

    • Joe says:

      You need to have your ISP come and test your line, sounds like you have a break in the line into your home

      • parapa says:

        When I use lap top in my house The conversation is not clear.There is too much disturbance in the line.But when I connect my friends laptop in my net the conversation is clear

  29. David Lane says:

    Nothing. I can’t connect wireless with my computer. I even used another wireless device (smart phone), one that I have connected many times. I even tried changing phone settings to match wireless router changes, but nothing. I have gone through the Linksys setup many time but can’t see my router. Only when I reset to factory defaults can I uae the router. I am puzzled or hapless. Dave

    • Paul Salmon says:

      You can’t see your router? Did you keep the “Broadcast SSID” enabled? You may also try changing the wireless channel for the router, which should be listed in the wireless settings in the router.

      • David Lane says:

        Maybe that’s it. My instructions said to disable it. I’ll try again. Thanks

        • Paul Salmon says:

          I keep the broadcasting enabled, mainly because some devices may have difficulty connecting to the router, and it really doesn’t provide too much security. There are applications that can find wireless networks regardless if the SSID is broadcasted or not.

  30. David Lane says:

    I am fully frustrated with my Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I have tried to password protect it many times without success and have to reset it each time. I can now use it wireless to access the internet with no password nor encription. I also can access the internet via hardwire via the wireless router. I will try again to password protect, however my question “Do I use the wireless connection to go to to password protect or do I use the hardwire connection to the internet to I am ready to buy another wireless router and scrap the Linksys one even though it works fine unprotected. Thanks for any help.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      You can connect to through either the wireless or wired connection. I suggest you use a wired connection, however; since once you secure the wireless connection you would have to change the wireless connection settings on your computer before you can connect again. With a wired connection you won’t lose the connection since you aren’t on the wireless.

      What is the issue with password-protecting the wireless? Are you able to save the password?

      • David Lane says:

        Paul, I just tried again to password protect. Got all the way through the Wireless Security instructions “successfully”. Change the SSID, passworded, as requested, the networking WEP/WPA, network authorization = Open, data encription = WEP, connnection type = ESS. I did not go through the MAC addressing authorization section because I wanted to leave open for when the kids visist with their wireless devices. Everything when smoothly with the security setup exercise, but as before, I couldn’t access my wireless router. I needed to reset it again to use it unprotected. Hope this is not too much information. Thanks for your help. Dave

  31. John says:

    hello! When i plug my wireless g router (WRT54GS) into a power source the lights for Ethernet port 1, 2 & 4 as well as the internet light come on immediately once plugged in. They stay solid then the four lights start to flash in randomness. The router does not get me online hardwired or wireless and my internet modem does not show that the router is taking internet from it. I never had an issue until I one day decided to move the router & modem into my room from the living room. I have tried to reset router, let the router sit for 3 days untouched and I have tried to do some troubleshooting with the linksys easylink advisor & nothing is working! Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening or even how I may possiably be able to fix this issue? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you.

  32. Bernard J. says:

    By the way, sometimes you can use Internet Explorer, and if the Internet connection doesn’t work, then the Windows trouble shooter will sometimes repair the connection, and I have used it in the past when nothing else worked…and I don’t usually use IE but the trouble shooter will usually fix what’s wrong, not always, but usually.

    Good luck

  33. Bernard J. says:

    Hello, I have been more or less “following,” or have been more or less “subscribed,” to this thread, as I also had a problem with my WRT54GS, or whatever model I have, Linksys Wireless Router, but I just wanted to say a few things, both about my situation plus also about these other comments.

    First of all, I wanted to say that I used to connect to and access my router just fine, and I could make setting changes, and had no problems with it, even after I had flashed it with software that works with the Linux operating system, which has more features than the Linksys software, that I used when I used Linux.

    However I could one day no longer connect to it, no matter what IP address I tried, and even the Windows trouble shooter, which used to “repair” the connection when I couldn’t do so myself.

    I couldn’t connect to it directly but I am still using it even now, with the old settings, which I now can’t change, I can’t reset it to factory default because it had been flashed with software compatible with Linux, but even using Linux I can’t access it anymore, not directly.

    I can go through the wireless router, using the Roku Soundbridge wireless or Ethernet music player, and I can access Internet radio stations going through the wireless router, I just can’t connect to it.

    The Easy Setup button does nothing, and the reset button on the back does nothing, even after holding it in or pressing it for 1 minute, and even when disconnecting power to the router for ten minutes, but again I do have the software for Linux use in it.

    I’ll say this about the router too, even though I can use it, knowing what the password was that I put into it, and also what I called the router, or what name I gave the router, so I could use the music player going through it to access the music on my computer’s hard drive, I can’t access the Internet if I connect the Ethernet cable from the computer to the LinkSys wireless router, then connect the Ethernet cable from the wireless router to the DSL Cable modem, and can only access the Internet if I either connect the Ethernet cable from the computer to the DSL Cable modem and then in order to use the wireless router for accessing the Internet, I have to run two Ethernet cables to the wireless router from the DSL Cable modem, or I can still connect the Ethernet cable from the computer to the wireless router, but then I need to run two Ethernet cables from the wireless router to the DSL Cabel modem.

    So it’s my belief that IP addresses are being “issued” by the DSL cable modem, and that the wireless router isn’t “assigning” IP addresses, like if that was turned off in the router, but I happen to know that I had that turned on and that I usually had it turned off in the DSL cable modem.

    In any case, I still can’t connect directly to the LinkSys wireless router and can only use it or go through it.

    I can’t reset it to factory defaults and can’t change any settings in it.

    I also tried using software called “Network Magic,” which is a free download, a 7-day trial, but certain features are supposed to work free forever, even if you don’t buy a registration, and Version 4.9 is what I downloaded and what I am using right now, and it couldn’t even fix the connection when placing the wireless router in series with the DSL cable modem, and I had to put it in “parallel” with the DSL cable modem in order to use the wireless part of it, one connection to go to the Internet, for software uploads and to access Internet radio stations with the Roku SoundBridge, and the other connection for the SoundBridge to access my music on the hard drive, and somehow the Roku SoundBridge automatically sets itself up to work with the setup.

    In any case, even though I can still use the wireless router, but not in the fashion that I should be able to use it, I’d like to be able to connect to it, but no luck.

    Version 4.9 of Network Magic, if you want to try it, can be downloaded at:

    Try at your own risk and I am using it right now.
    Have a Great Day,

  34. Ed says:

    Mt PC is currently plugged into my router. If I unplug my PC from the back of the router and plug it back into the DSL modem/pipe, will the PC assign itself a new IP and go back online? Thanx…

    • Paul Salmon says:

      You PC should get assigned an IP address by your ISP and go back online – if you are utilizing DHCP.

      • Ed says:

        If I plug one of my PC’s and also my laptop into the DSL modem they will not hook up. “Limited Connectivity” is what I get… I have to plug the two units into the back of the router and then everything is fine. Any outlet on the DSL modem gives a good signal to the router but the router seems to have taken over the operation of my two PC’s and laptop with regard to connectivity. The laptop will run on the wifi signal but the only item I have that can distribute hard wired or wifi connectivity is the router itself. I don’t like this… I can take this laptop to any motel, etc., and plug into the available in-room hookup and go online, immediately. But not at home if I plug directly into the DSL modem. I can’t figure it out….

        • Paul Salmon says:

          One thing you can try is the following:

          Remove the power from the modem.
          Disconnect the router from the modem.
          Connect the computer to the modem.
          Connect the power to the modem, wait for it to finish booting.

          BTW, when a computer is connect to the modem, does it receive a valid IP address?

          • Ed says:

            Paul, I can’t answer your last question (Don’t know how). I have not tried the four steps you suggested but they seem like they would be the route to go… I will try that with my laptop. My first attempts to go online with this laptop via the DSL modem failed, completely. I’ll go that route again trying the modem reboots. If that works then I would feel brave enought to put the two PC’s back through the DSL modem. I would just as soon not have the PC’s running through the router as I ain’t sharing stuff between the units like I first thought I would. If I could get any device hardwired back to the DSL modem I’d be a happy camper. I am reluctant to interupt one of the PC’s from a working (router)connection as my wife needs it despearately for her small business comms. If I screw that up…. Thanx!

            • Ed says:

              The only means I can get my PC’s and laptop online is through my router. None of the computers seems to be able to aquire the IP via the exiting DSL router. Even the so-called repair connection funtions come up short. I turned the laptop off, turned the DSL modem off, and moved the hardwire from the router to the DSL modem. I turned the DSL modem back on and rebooted the laptop (XP) now hooked to the modem. Nothing! So, I plugged the laptop back into the router and sure enought, I had connectivity, again. I hope the router never fails before I get this sorted out! I am resigned to the notion that I am going to have a for-hire tech come in and sort this all out. I want to be free of the router except for wireless access for guests, etc. I had ariginally hooked my PC’s to the router thinking I would have a network. So much for “User Friendly”! HALP, please!!

  35. Hanna says:

    I just changed internet service from Clearwire to Charter and my router bridge from the computer to the router but not the router to the internet.. What should I do?

  36. Ed says:

    My Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router has been on board for a few years and is working fine. I have two seperate PC’s wired to the router via cable and one laptop that accesses it via the secured WIFI. I have long since forgotten/misplaced the security passwords. When guests and family come to my home with their own Laptops/notebooks, they are unable to access my WIFI as I can’t suppley them with a password. I actually hardwire their devices with a long ethernet cable so they may access the internet. I now have two HP printers about to be installed with WIFI capability but fear the security of the router may not allow them to connect. My question is: If I reset the router, will that affect the two PC’s directly connected to it via cables? Will they disconnect? I don’t mind dropping the security as I do not live near another home or street where uninvited users could “borrow” my WIFI signal. I just want the printers and any laptops to be able to use the WIFI. Also, is the WIFI circuitry of the modern HP printers compatible with Wireless G of this router? Thots/suggestions?

    • Paul Salmon says:

      When you reset the router you rest it back to factory defaults. The wireless security piece doesn’t affect those systems that are hard wired into the device, only the devices that use the wireless network. The reset will disconnect the machines for a few seconds, but once the router is finished reseting, the hard wired machines should automatically pick up the connection again.

    • Charlie says:

      The WRT54g uses a default password of admin, leave the username blank.

      Enter the IP address into your router. It’s usually or
      That will bring up a login box.

      Leave username blank
      enter “admin” as the password.

      Once in, you can change the password.

  37. Beno says:


    I’ve been trying to reset my Linksys WAP54G Wireless-G Router using this tutorial published on your website for many times, but it still haven’t been reset yet. What should i do now for getting it reset? Thanks.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      If you used the reset button located at the back of the router, try holding it down longer. What indications are you getting that shows the router hasn’t been reset?

      • Beno says:

        The indications for many times are i found errors loading to the homepage of the device.

        • Paul Salmon says:

          Errors loading the homepage? What were the errors? Was there an error message? If you weren’t using Internet Explorer, try accessing the router’s administrative pages in Internet Explorer. That seems to be the most compatible web browser for Linksys routers.

          • Beno says:

            Dear Paul,

            Finally mines is reset to factory settings, unfortunately, i can never use my WAP54G as the activity lamp have been off until now. Can the device be used even though the lamp is still off? Why is its lamp off? Is it caused by resetting the device? lots of thanks.

  38. Deon says:

    Can I use my Linksys Wireless router for direct tv internet?

  39. Russ says:

    sisco (linksys) support told me today that i cant access to reset my password because i cant get a browser up while using the router. so i’m stuck here with a router i need to config and i cant config it because it can’t connect… GAYEST DAY EVER. i really need a little help becausei know theres a way to get this thing runnin. I’m just not comp gosu enough to know how to do it

    • Paul Salmon says:

      If you need to reset your password, you can reset the entire router using the button in the back. Press and hold that button for about 30 seconds and your router should be reset back to factory defaults.

  40. Rude says:

    is there a way of reseting the user/password without reseting the router to factory? I took over in an IT dept from someone and they didnt leave me any users or passwords. I am not sure all the things that has been changed in the router so I do not want to delete all the settings but need to get into it

  41. woodly says:

    am not geting my router to reset, do i have to connect it?

    • Paul Salmon says:

      You don’t have to connect to the router to hard-reset it. You simply press the button on the back. Sometimes a router won’t reset if the button wasn’t pressed long enough.

  42. James J. says:

    Do I follow the same step to reset the Linksys WRT54G2?

  43. Holly says:

    Ok.. I reset my router (linksys) and its still giving me Problem loading page – The connection was reset. I am trying to connect it to a Fairpoint dsl modem. I tried setting up the PPPoe. i tried defaulting the settings. I tried cloning the mac address. I have tried everything I found on other blogs of what to do. Now when I reset my router and hold down the reset for 30 seconds it still gives me the connection was reset. i tried going into cmd and using the arp -a to see if there was another ip address to use. i still get the same thing that it was reset. I do not know what else to do, and I don’t want to pay for their support. all fairpoint does is transfer you to linksys support…. Help please!!!

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Do you get the “the connection was reset” with different web browsers? One thing you can try is changing the Channel your wireless network uses. I believe should be on the same page as your SSID.

      • Holly says:

        When i had it hooked up with the comcast i had before, i had it so it was on the same channel. But I cannot get back into the router at all to change it. Where would i find it on the computer? But it should still be the same. I only have firefax installed on my computer, but i had no problems getting to the router before. i also tried looking up the ip address in ipconfig. and for the wireless router default address is blank. and when im connected directly into the dsl modem it shows the default ip address for the router in local connection 2.

        • Paul Salmon says:

          Are you on Windows? If you are, try using Internet Explorer as others have had problems with the WRT54G administrative pages in Firefox.

          Also, when you lookup the IP address in ipconfig, is there an IP address next to “Default Gateway”?

          • holly says:

            I am in windows. I will try IE when i get home later tonight. But all the times
            i got in before i never used IE before. So idk why it would just happen all of
            assudden. the default gateway is blank. there is nothing in there when i am hooked
            up through the router.

            • Holly says:

              I tried going through IE and it is giving me IE cannot display webpage when i put in the ip address for the linksys. is it possible that when fairpoint had me log into their modem it took the ip address, because its the same one….

              • Paul Salmon says:

                You logged into the modem? Did you connect the modem directly to the computer? How is the modem, router, and computer connected right now?

                • Holly says:

                  Ok. I was finally able to get into the router using either IE or firefox. When I go online i am directly connected to the modem. when i get into the router, the modem is connected to the modem. so since i am back into the router. i tried enabling the PPPoe and disabling it. but i cant get online either way.

                  • Paul Salmon says:

                    So when you use your router, the connection is: modem->router->computer, correct? You entered the PPPoe information in the router correctly?

                    • Holly says:

                      Yes. Yes I have entered it in numerous times. Every time I make sure I enter in the correct one. Granted I never had to use the PPPoe before, so im guess for security reasons it changes the number of dots in the password section as to it isn’t the same after I apply it.
                      I know the in internet is working though the router, it has to be; the direct tv is hooked into the router and when the modem is hooked into the router, the data light is going (mostly solid). but the direct tv uses the internet. so being directly into the router must work, i just dont have another cord long enough to try it, but wireless it is not working…

                    • Paul Salmon says:

                      Most applications will display more dots than the length of the password for protection.

                      So the TV is working with the PPPoe information you entered, which then goes back to the wireless. I would use a cable you currently have to connect the computer to the router – even if it means disconnecting the TV or modem from the router. It makes it easier to change the settings when you don’t have to worry about the wireless connection.

                      What settings have your change in your router?

                    • Holly says:

                      I think the tv bypasses the PPPoe since the tv and modem are going into the router. because when i disable the PPPoe it still looks like the tv is connecting to the internet. but i need the wireless, also for my ipad. it also makes it easier to use my laptop so i dont have to keep reconnecting things.
                      i also tried plugging the laptop directly into the router and it wont let me into the router. i am getting the connection has been reset. but if i go in wirelessly i can get into the router. i have everything at default now but it wont let me on. then i just chang to the PPPoe only and it still wont let me online. so i dont know what else to do …

                    • Justin Wiley says:

                      im tryin to reconnect my router however after i get it set up all the security settings done and so on my computer doesnt get internet connection through the router cable (my setup is modem>router>computer) and my ps3 isnt linking to the router wirelessly its giving me a DSN error code 80710102. what should i do? i just reset it to factory again. and reconnected my modem back into the computer. any advice would be greatly appreciated

                    • Paul Salmon says:

                      For you computer, try unplugging the power cord from your modem and router. Next plug in the modem, and wait until it finished restarting, then plug in the router.

                      While I am not familiar with your PS3 problem, after doing a quick search it appears to be a common issue. There have been different solutions that have work for many people. Once common solution is to select the manual option, but leave the IP address set to automatic. Next enter in the DNS server addresses manually. Some people have reported better luck using the OpenDNS servers (listed at the bottom-right of their home page).

  44. Cathy says:

    Love love love this post. I almost went and bought another wireless router because I couldn’t remember the password or email I used to set it up. Fabulous directions, I love this website!!!

  45. Jean says:

    I need to reset the user name and the password on my router. I found how to change the password but that doesn’t help until I can change the user name. Can anyone help?

    • Paul Salmon says:

      I’m not sure there is a way to change the user name for the WRT54G wireless router – at least not a way that I found. If someone knows of a way, I am very interested in knowing how.

  46. alicia says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

  47. pennyless says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this AWESOME, easy to follow post! (along with “Securing Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router”). You saved me $50. The punks at LINKSYS want to charge you a FEE to explain to you how to do this if you have owned your router for more than a year. And the funny part is, their FEE costs the same amount as a brand new router, which comes with a year of tech support.
    ANyway, I am so thankful I found your post. Now my friends and family can connect wirelessly when they come visit 🙂

    • Paul Salmon says:

      I have heard from a few people that say Linksys charges them for information on securing the router. As you can see, the information is easy to find online for free.

  48. Anna says:

    Help me please. I just got an IPAD but can not connect to wifi because
    I do not remember the password. What do I do?

    • Paul Salmon says:

      If you are talking about the network passphrase that you need to type into access the wireless network, you can log into the router and retrieve the passphrase. If you can’t access the router admin pages, because you can’t remember the password, then you will need to reset the router and resecure it.

  49. Anna says:

    Just got an Ipad but can not connect to wifi because I have forgotten my
    password. How can I solve this problem. Thanks!

  50. Jake says:

    I have a linksys WRT54G, i pushed the reset button in the back for 30 secs and when i put in the site it says Management Mode Firmware Upgrade so i downloaded the upgrade and i put it in and it says upgrade successful but it doesnt do anything else after that wat do i do. can you please help!!

  51. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for this- this has solved the problem I was having with my wireless networks

  52. Jess says:

    When I try putting in the default password, nothing happens. It takes me back to the login screen… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

    • Paul says:

      If you are using Windows, try accessing the administrative pages using Internet Explorer.

      • Jess says:

        I have been using Internet Explorer. I tried to reset my wireless router again and now when I put in the IP address it takes me to a page that says “Management Mode Firmware Upgrade” and is asking me to browse for a file name. Any ideas?

        • Paul says:

          Have you upgraded your firmware recently? If not, try holding the reset button for 30 seconds to see if that fixes the problem. If you are still having problems, you can download the latest firmware from the Linksys WRT54G web site. Click on the Downloads link and then select your model number.

  53. Bernard Jari says:

    I have a Linksys WRT54GS v.4 and it has always worked great.

    The only thing about it now though, even though I can go through it, and use the wireless portion of it to connect to the Internet, etc., I can’t connect to it directly to change any of the settings like I used to be able to do.

    I can’t even get the return to factory defaults to work, as when I press the reset button for 30 seconds or more, nothing happens, and I tried other methods that I read about also, can’t remember what they were now though, but even pressing on the button on the front of it, for the secure easy setup does nothing.

    I used to connect to it and I could even view other wireless networks with it because I flashed it some time ago with OpenWrt software, and I tried accessing the WRT54GS both with Windows and with Linux.

    Anyway I can’t connect to it and trying a reset to factory defaults won’t work, maybe because it had been flashed with OpenWrt.

    It still works fine, and I am using it right now, it’s just that I can’t connect to it to change settings, can’t view other wireless networks, or use any of the OpenWRT features and can’t do any factory resets either, but mainly if I could connect to it, then I could use it, but no luck connecting directly to it.

    I am using the WRT54GS with a set of 7Dbi Gain Linksys antennas by the way.

    Have a Great Day,

    • Paul says:

      I have thought about using other firmware besides the Linksys default firmware, but I haven’t switched because of the problem you have identified. Maybe when I get a new router, I’ll play around with this router just to see what I can do with it.

      • Bernard Jari says:

        Thanks…Yes, I went to the OpenWRT site and clicked on the forum button, but my system gave me the message,

        “This Connection is Untrusted

        You have asked Firefox to connect
        securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.

        Normally, when you try to connect securely,
        sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
        going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.

        What Should I Do?

        If you usually connect to
        this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is
        trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.

        Technical Details uses an invalid security certificate.

        The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.

        (Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

        I Understand the Risks

        If you understand what’s going on, you
        can tell Firefox to start trusting this site’s identification.
        Even if you trust the site, this error could mean that someone is
        tampering with your connection.

        Don’t add an exception unless
        you know there’s a good reason why this site doesn’t use trusted identification.”

        So I don’t know if I should allow the exception or not, but I am thinking of allowing it, as I was using the OpenWRT software, or should I say firmware(LOL), and it worked fine, just one day I could no longer connect directly to it.

        So I don’t know if the DHCP servers are causing a problem, as the DHCP server function or feature in the Linksys router was turned on I think, and my DSL Cable-Modem that allows me to connect to the Internet also has a DHCP server in it, and I even tried turning that off, thinking that maybe it was giving my computer a different IP address than the usual one for the Linksys, but that results in the DSL Cable-Modem giving the Cable-Modem a static IP address, and it didn’t seem to have an affect on connecting to the Linksys.

        I wonder if the DHCP server got turned off in the Linksys somehow, and whether the Linksys router has ended up getting a different IP address from the DHCP server in the cable-modem.

        Anyway, the reset button won’t reset the router, and when pressing it, even for a couple of minutes, the router’s lights stay lit Green, plus the usual light on the front of the router is off all the time now and nothing happens when I press it, which used to start flashing and I think that I got a message telling me to turn on my device, or something like that, but that light stays off, so I suppose that maybe it’s with the OpenWRT firmware.

        I used to be able to connect to it though, whether I used Windows or Linux, and used to be able to see other wireless clients with it, but now I can’t connect to it.

        I suppose that I could just use the wireless in the DSL cable-Modem, but I have that turned off, as that is only 54Mbps, probably half-duplex, as it only has one short antenna, and the Linksys is full duplex and 100Mbps, plus I had replaced the two shorter antennas with 7Dbi Gain Linksys ones, so I’d kind of like to use the wireless in the Linksys router instead of the wireless in the DSL cable-modem.

        I also have a Roku M1000, upgraded to M1001, Soundbridge, which can be used either by Ethernet connections, or wireless, and I use that mainly to listen to the almost 19Gbs of music I have on the hard drive, connecting the Soundbridge to the stereo in the living room, whereas the computer is in the bedroom, or I may even connect them to a portable that I take outside, so I use the wireless in the Linksys. I sometimes listen to Internet radio stations using the Roku Soundbridge through the wireless in the Linksys.

        I am getting by though, and it’s not real important that I connect to it directly, as I am able to use it as it is, just that I can’t change any settings, and can’t view the other wireless clients anymore.

        Anyway don’t worry about it…thanks anyway….Have a Great Day…

  54. Nikkythecomputernerd says:

    When putting your router on, cause you set it up from a Laptop? or does it need to be connected by cord?

    • Paul says:

      You can connect to any wireless router without the ethernet cable. It may be easier to configure the router with a cable, though, as some settings will disconnect your computer if it connected wirelessly to the router.

  55. joey says:

    hey paul, i tried following your router resetting instructions, but the wireless connection still does not work. i have a laptop next to me, and it can find our network name, but it still is not able to connect to it… and another thing is that, i reset the router for 30 secs, and tried going on the IP adress online…. but also, that did not come either. please help!!

    • Paul says:

      What message are you getting back when you attempt to your network name? Are you prompted to enter a passphrase to connect?

      After you reset the router, what is the address of your router? You can find out how to find out the address of your router using this post: How to Get the IP Address of Your Router.

      • Baker says:

        As you can see I am having the same trouble as Joey: I followed your instructions on how to secure my Linksys WRT54G router but now I can’t access the internet or the router. I tried the reset but it does not do anything. I did the securing on my laptop through a wireless connection. HELP. When I try to connect to web it says Internet explorer cannot connect. I tried to connect to the IP Address for the router, same thing happens. Would my IP Address change when I reset the Router? HELP HELP

  56. Coco says:

    I reset my router and now can’t access the site and my router is not detected anymore. I get this message: “The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network” with a red X beside it. So I’m unable to connect to it.
    What should I do?

    • Paul says:

      Did you re-secure the router? Once you reset it, the passphrase you entered previously will no longer work. It looks like your router isn’t expecting a passphrase (because of the reset), but you are supplying on when you attempt to connect to the router. The best solution is once you reset the router, connect to the router using a network cable instead of wirelessly.

  57. ashkat says:

    Great! I made it to the admin pages, are there any particular setting that I need to set in order for my PC to recognize my router? Because I just plugged my modem into my router and it my laptop didn’t show any wireless networks.

    • Paul says:

      There shouldn’t be anything you need to do to detect your wireless network. Some laptops can turn off the wireless adapter with a switch, and if your laptop has such a switch, ensure that it is turned on. Another thing you can try is restarting your laptop to see if it picks up your network after the reboot.

      • ashkat says:

        Okay, my laptop has the switch & it is on. So I’m going to reboot my laptop and PRAY that this works! I REALLY appreciate your help. I’m now able to get the admin pages, which I wasn’t able to do before, so I really do appreciate it 🙂

      • ashkat says:

        Okay so I rebooted my laptop, and when I connected the router the my modem again it shows my router under the available wireless networks but beside it; it says: “The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network” with a red X beside it. So I’m unable to connect to it.

      • Nikkythecomputernerd says:

        Can you put the modem on through a laptop, for a example, plug it in through a cord, and then make it wireless, but the default control computer. Would that be able to work? Cause I’m working on trying to reset my router and changing it so the controls can be on my laptop.

        – Thanks

  58. ashkat says:

    I have a Linksys Wireless-G WRT54GS!

  59. ashkat says:

    So I’m having a similar problem. I recently restarted my router for the first time because I had forgotten my password, and wasn’t able to connect my ipod wifi unless I had it. So I had to reset it well once I reset it and changed my password and everything. My router would connect to my pc but it wouldn’t connect to the internet. Now the website won’t come up and the router won’t connect to my pc or the internet. The only way I can get internet connection is if my laptop is connected directly to the modem. I don’t know what else to do, my warranty is up so I can no longer get free tech support and I really don’t want to spend any money on something that may or may not help. PLEASE help me. I live in a house with four other people I REALLY don’t want to have to sit in the kitchen/dining room in order to do my school work and browse the internet!


    • Paul says:

      When the router is connected to the modem, is it being assigned an IP address from your ISP? You can check this in the administrative pages of your router.

      • ashkat says:

        The weird thing is it will no longer let me go to the router page, it did earlier when I first reset it. But now it’s saying: “Failure To Connect To Web Server” (in Firefox). I can go to any other website except for that one, but I could before now. It just all of a sudden stopped working. This is the page —> (

        • Paul says:

          When you connect your computer to the router using a cable, what is the default gateway that is assigned to your computer?

          If you are unsure how to get this, please read How to Get the IP Address of Your Router for more information.

          • ashkat says:

            default gateway is & when i enter that into my browser it leads me to my HN9000 System Control Center.

            • Paul says:

              I’m not familiar with the HN9000, but it doesn’t look like your computer is using the router as your gateway to the Internet. Try this: disconnect the router from the modem, and connect your computer to the router. Try accessing the IP address of your default gateway again to see if you get your router.

              • ashkat says:

                My computer is connected to my laptop right now. Do I need some sort of plug to connect my router to my laptop? If so, I don’t have one. I don’t believe one came with the router.

                I’ve tried restarting the router several times, I’ve even tried clearing my cache & history on my pc. I’ve also rebooted my laptop as well. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve looked through several forums already and I’ve found others who have has very similar problems but I can’t seem to find a solution 🙁

                Thanks anyway.

                • Paul says:

                  How is your computer connected to the modem? If it is connected with a network cable, then simply use that network cable to connect your computer to your router temporarily.

                  • ashkat says:

                    Ah, okay! So I’ve now connected my laptop to my router. . .what do I do now? And is there any particular port I should plug it into? There’s 1-4 & one that says internet.

                    • Paul says:

                      Plug it one of the 1-4 ports, but not the Internet port. The Internet port is what you plug your modem into. Once you plug your computer into your router, the default gateway will then point to your router. You can then access the admin pages of your router, so you can configure it.

                      Once the router is configured properly, connect your modem into the Internet port of your router using the cable you just disconnected from your modem.

      • ashkat says:

        whoops, the page is ( it no longer works. But ( is my internet system control center, and it works fine.

  60. body machine says:

    Do i have to reset my router because it cant detect internet connection. But when i check my modem it working good and has internet connection. Whats should i do?and has also an internet its working already from the modem an the router to the pc ,the only problem is,i can’t reach the internet through a web browser,there all cannot be displayed. all of the website….

    Hope to get infos from anyone.

    • Paul says:

      You can try unplugging the router, waiting for 5 seconds and replugging it back in. Sometimes my router will just lose the connection, so I just unplug and replug the router and it seems to pick up the settings from my ISP again.

      Try logging into your router and find the page that displays the IP address from your ISP. Ensure that your router is receiving the IP address from your ISP.

  61. Cheryl says:

    Does this also reset to the original IP address….. I changed mine and cannot remember what I changed it to. duhhh!

  62. Ryan says:

    My computers/laptops aren’t seeing my router.It’s just crossed off.I did a hard reset,unplugged the power for a couple of mins and plugged it back in.Restarted the computers/laptops.Still doesn’t show my router.Please help.Thanks

  63. Mat says:

    HELP! My modem works (connects succesfuly pc to net), i can connect to the router(wireless-g linksys wrt54gl v1.1) but via the router it doesen’t. Sugestions?

  64. Archive says:

    Ya I need help my WRT54G is doing nothing at all I tried resetting and nothing I tried the web thing and well I can’t access anything at all I can’t get on the web???

  65. ACE says:

    Do i have to reset my router because it cant detect internet connection. But when i check my modem it working good and has internet connection. Whats should i do?

    Hope to get infos from anyone.

    • Matt says:

      Well in response to your router issue, first try unplugging both modem and router and wait 30 sec, plug in the modem first, then secondly the router once the modem says its online, if that does not work try again but reboot the computer in the process. What you are attempting to do by this is reasign a new ip/connectivity, this actually happens frequently so just be prepared for it as your first step.

    • ashkat says:

      did you find a solution?

  66. Tesfom says:

    This is Tesfom. I have Smart MT880 Huawei modem and WRT54GR Linksys Router. I used to to go to the address of WRT54GR Router configuration page. I resetted the WRT54GR two times. After reset when I type, I get the configuration page of Smart MT880 modem.
    Is there anyone who can help me how to get now the configuration page of the WRT54GR router please ?

  67. amateur says:

    i can´t reset my router, i press reset button but no returned to the factory default settings, please helpme!!!!!!!!!!

  68. aamer k jafry says:

    thanks i did it , thanks again

  69. Shanna says:

    Dear All!
    I have a very big problem about Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router WRT54G2. I was purchase it today, butt I can use it.
    When plug the power lead to Linksys router, all Ethernet light are on but here is just one Ethernet cable connected other three ports are empty.
    Internet light is also (on) green but other light such power and wireless light is off.

  70. Edy says:

    oh and I am afraid to reset it. If I do that, and lose the encryption key in the process, will my laptops not be able to connect?

    • Paul says:

      If you reset the router, it will no longer be secure so there won’t be an encryption key. Once you reset the router you will need to specify another encryption key.

    • bbneo says:

      If you reset the router, you might need to change a number of the settings, but if you can’t login to it, it sounds like you don’t have a choice.

      After you reset it, you should be able to access it by way of the default username/password (? admin/admin).

      First thing: change the router admin password.

      Next thing: Go to wireless security in the setup screen (via, and set wireless security the way you want it… (e.g., WPA, with a passphrase….) If you are going to use the same security you had before, you should need to do anything with your other machines. If you change it, you will have to make sure that you enter the new passhrases/codes into your other machines.

  71. Edy says:

    I have a WRT54Gv5 router that was on my older XP box for a long time. Worked great, no complaints. I got a new Vista computer and set everything up. I can get on the internet just fine, both hardwired and wireless.

    I am trying to set up a static IP for port fowarding. But, I cant log into the router. the default gateway in IPConfig is – as it has always been. when I enter that address, I get the standard ‘cannot display webpage’ from ie, just as if I was not connected at all.

    I pinged the router, and did get replies. Turned off firewall, same result. Tried Firefox, IE and Chrome – bupkiss.

    I am about to lose my damn mind. Help?

  72. bbneo says:

    Paul, you are somewhat right about Microsoft and successful “marketing” practices…

    I consider what Microsoft does more like unethical business practices… and it is slowly starting to drag them down.

  73. Ryan says:

    hey guys i got the linksys WRT54GS from my cousin and i can connect to the internet but i cant access the control panel. ivw done a hard reset and used the default password and its still wrong. Can anyone help?

  74. Bbneo says:

    Not 90%. Not on any of the 4 fedora Linux machines in my house.

    IE only has about 40-50% of the share of browsing.
    The neverending stream of security vulnerabilities of IE and Microsoft OS’s
    make them dangerous to use.

    If you haven’t tried Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome,
    you really owe it to yourself to give them a try…
    They are at least 3-5 x faster than IE in rendering pages
    *and* more secure.

    • Paul says:

      Microsoft pretty much owns close to 90% of the desktop market, and with that comes IE. I know IE only has about 40-50% of the browser market, however, it is installed on desktops whether people use it or not.

      Regardless of what operating systems people use, Microsoft and Windows will never go away. As good as Unix systems or Mac systems are, they can’t compete with Microsoft’s marketing system.

      If you don’t think so, just look at XBox. Microsoft competed against Sony and Nintendo in the game systems market, and they have done pretty good. Marketing is everything.

  75. bbneo says:

    I have *never* had a problem logging into my WRT54G using Firefox 3.x or Google Chrome. I never use IE. I do this wirelessly from my home fedora Linux systems.

    I might be lucky, and it might have to do with my particular version of the router and router software, but I kinda doubt that.

    Any company who limits their web browser access support to IE does so at their own peril today. Especially with Internet Exploder.

    • Paul says:

      I wouldn’t say that they do it at their own peril, as they are pretty much guaranteed that the browser will be installed on almost 90% of desktops today.

      I have never had any problems accessing my router through IE, but have had issues with Firefox. Why? Because of add-ons. People install so many add-ons that there may be issues in the future with accessing particular web pages. Maybe you are having conflicts with a few add-ons?

      In the end; however, any Web browser should work without any problems. You are accessing HTML pages after all, not running software.

  76. Mike Steeves says:

    If you are not using Internet Explorer, that may be your problem. Many, if not all, Cisco products require Internet Explorer for full or reliable functionality with the appliance’s web interface. For example … trying to get into a Cisco 1131AG WAP via Firefox will have you pulling your hair out in frustration. It’s even in the device documentation … but who ever reads that? I have run into the same ‘issue’ with some Linksys products, and what with Linksys being held by Cisco these days …

  77. Emil says:

    try 2 use another web browser:)

  78. captain Jim says:

    When I enter the box where I’m supposed to enter the Id & password flashes 3 times real quick then I get Log In failed 401. How can I get that box to stop flashing so I can enter a password?

  79. donut_king says:

    To make things a lot easier, unplug your router from the DSL modem and have your single computer connected to the router. Set your PC in network TCP/IP settings static to be 192.168.1..X (where “X” can be any number between 2 and 254). Then reset your modem to by default. See your DHCP on your modem makes your PC to be in another sub net (I think that is the term- but for example 102.168.254.x – and .254 will not “talk to” .1). Then follow the above sugestions. I hope this helps.

  80. bbneo says:

    I was mucking around trying to setup dnsmasq with my home fedora Linux machines, and I logged into the router and disabled DHCP… I’m not sure if that is the cause of my problems, but now I can’t connect to the router or the internet (by Firefox at wirelessly or by direct connection.

    I am thinking that my only choice is to reset the router which won’t be too big of a deal to re-program with security, etc.

    I am pretty sure that I have reset the /etc/resolv.conf files and turned off the dnsmasq daemon so they shouldn’t be playing any role.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  81. Tony says:

    Just to let some of you know. If you are still having trouble accessing the router after reset. Try using “root” as the username and “admin” as the password. Took forever for me to figure that out. Hope it helps.

  82. Steve says:

    Question, i was ablet to reset the initial password but everytime i go back to password change, my orginal password (that I don’t know) is still saved….I know this because it is 16 digits and the password i have change to is only 9 digits. Also, i have a laptop and it wont work now because it needs the old password that i don’t have. So, it’s not truly changing the password? Help

  83. cleu sane says:

    Enter your user ID And password when prompted. Hopefully this has been changed, but if it hasn’t, the default is no ID and “admin” as the password.

    and unluckily my id and password was changed by somebody i dont know and recently we are having difficulty connecting to the net what can i do?

    • Paul says:

      If you reset your router, the user ID and password should be reset back to factory defaults. You can then log into your router using those credentials, and then setup the password to whatever you wish.

  84. Trikstah says:

    hey paul thanks for your reply. I figured it half way out. because i have verizon dsl, the log in was admin, and the password is password! something that is unique to verizon . my problem now is that when i enter in the http://192.168 address it takes me directly to verizon. so now im still stuck with my original problem of securing my connection. where can i get the secured network key that it is asking for? i’ve searched everywhere, even inputing the the numbers on the back of my router. is there a way i can get this key? would I call verizon for help or would i call linksys?
    right now i can click on wireless network properties>security tab> and it gives me a drop down menu titled “security type” and below that it has “encryption type” which is set at none because it wants me to enter in my security key .


  85. Trikstah says:

    wait a sec it does show it. nevermind that . it shows the address of the 198.168,,,,, so now i just need help logging on. ive tried using the defaults. admin, admin and leaving it blank with password admin. ive also tried using my old password and log in. nothing works. how can i secure my connection?

    • Paul says:

      Try resetting your router again. Sometimes you need to hold the button in a little longer than suggested. Don’t know why, it sometimes is like that.

  86. Trikstah says:

    Hi –
    I read all the post here im still having a problem.My internet works i just cant secure it. i had it secured until i moved into my new place. Ive been to the page but the default password doesn’t work. i then ran the command promp ipconfig and noticed that i do not have an address next to my “default gateway”?

    thanks for your help in advance.

  87. Gato Barbieri says:

    All these things work find and are documented in the Linksys documentation. The problem I am having is that after reset, my firmware still says 4.21.1 which may be true, but the admin page is dog slow and didn’t used to be that way. It is amazingly slow. I don’t know what happened, but everything was working fine. Comcast, of course, will not admit anything wrong with their network even though I was having intermitent disconnects directly from their Motorola modem. But anyhow, I did a DHCP renew on the admin page and it went silly after that. I finally got it working by resetting the router, but now I don’t know if should re-apply the firmware update or why it admin page is so slow.

    • Paul says:

      Have you tried disconnecting your router from the modem, and then access the admin pages? If it still slow, then it isn’t your ISP that’s at fault.

      If you have applied the firmware update, the reset button should set that back to factory defaults – just the settings within the admin pages. You can try the firmware update again, and see if it takes this time.

  88. Dan says:

    if you are getting the REALM LEVEL 15 ACCESS ERROR when you try to login it is from not typing http:// in front of your ip. the new internet explorer requires you to type it.
    type ALL of below and you will gain acces.

    hope this helps.

  89. Lei says:

    thank goodness, i was abLe to fix everything..thank u pauL for Listening and giving suggestions on our different issues regarding wireLess connections..i was abLe to fix mine by just reading the conversations above and foLLowing your instructions..thanks and God bLess..=)

  90. Lei says:

    need some heLp here, i can’t connect to my own router..and when i started resetting it, after putting in the address bar, they won’t accept my password and username..what should i do?

  91. Joran says:

    Got a question i want to port foward. but i can only do that when i know my pass and name of the router so i typed admin in the pass but nothing worked… i treid really everything that is possible with admin ! i even tried something with root… nothing nothing nothing!!! what to do ??? if i reset the router then all connections are lost we got much laptops/computers here… do i have to make for all computers the settings again back?? or does everything work still ??? help me please

    • Paul says:

      If you reset the router, then all settings in the router are restored to the original factory defaults, including the user ID and password, as well as any security settings.

      If your laptops/desktops are configured to use DHCP, then there isn’t really much to change to get them to reconnect to the router. You would need to setup the router to use the same SSID and passphrase as the current settings, or you would need to setup the computers to connect to a different SSID.

  92. BK says:

    Yes, we’ve tried everything. I’ll try it again, but when we contacted Linksys yesterday, they told us that the router would no longer work since the warranty is up unless we wanted to pay an additional amount of money and they would walk us thru resetting the router.

  93. BK says:

    I just found out, yesterday, that my Linksys router has stopped working because the 1 yr warranty is up. Linksys has programmed their routers to stop working once the warranty is up, similar to a lease. Is there anyway to get around this. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

    • Paul says:

      I have had both of my linksys routers for 3-4 years without an issue. Have you tried unplugging the power from the router and then plugging it back in? Have you tried the hard reset outlined in this post?

  94. Alex says:

    I there, I have a Linksys WRT54GL Router and for some time, I led it to a friend. When he refunds me it, I plugged in and… the green power button only winks, it’s not stable. No hard resets (10-20-30 secs and more), I can’t get in via http… I don’t know what I must do. Any ideas? Thank you very much.

    • Paul says:

      It sounds like a hardware issue, and if it is, then you will need to replace the router.

      Try taking it to a store that can test the router and see if they can get it to work.

  95. Bill says:

    I pressed the reset button on the linsys router and now whenever I try going to it says it cannot connect. I really need to get my network up again and secured. HELP!!!

    • Paul says:

      Try the following:

      1. Connect your computer directly to your router using a network cable.

      2. Go to a command prompt and type “ipconfig” (without the quotes).

      3. The IP address beside the “Default Gateway” is the IP address of your router. If you still can’t connect using that IP address, try holding down the reset button longer, or using https instead of http.

  96. Stacy says:

    After a few years of absolutely no issues, my WRT54G router suddenly stopped sending a wireless signal. My PC is okay because it is connected directly to the router, but my mom’s computer and my iPod touch can no longer connect to the internet, and the wireless network I created is no longer one of the option when I am prompted to “connect to a network.” It’s like it was randomly deleted or something. Is this a common issue? Is this where I would use the reset feature? I have tried setting up the network again using the installation disk that came with the router, but it doesn’t let me… it gets halfway through the process and then I get an error message. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

    • Paul says:

      You can try resetting the router back to the factory defaults, and then reset up the network. What error message are you getting when you try to configure the router?

  97. Easty says:


    Yes the laptop switch is on. I reset the router back to the factory settings, but still could not access the set up page. So I bought a new router. Back on line again.

    Anyway Thanks for replying


  98. Easty says:

    Hi Paul

    I have a slight problem with my WRT54G, it has stopped sending me a wireless signal. I am still able to use a network cable to the back of my laptop, but when i try to access the setup, I am not getting anything at all. How do I get it’s ip address back?



  99. jose says:

    if u dont have the disc for a linksys WRT54G2 V1 how can you download it.

  100. Carol says:

    I have this router in my home and it works great! However, I have a small issue, which is more of a nuisance than a problem, but something I would like to resolve. I got this router used, from my parents. When I use my i pod touch, and tell it to locate me, it says that I am at my parents house, but I am indeed at my own house. The router still thinks it is at my parents house. When I first got the router I reset it. I wonder if i can fix this location problem without resetting. I have an extensive home network and I would hate to re add everything to it.

  101. Kris says:

    I’ve reset the router using the IP, but accidentally reset using the button on the router itself afterward. Now, when I type the IP in the browser again, it takes me to management mode where it gives me a dialogue box to browse for a firmware update. What do I do if I lost my linksys disc?

    • Paul says:

      Hmm…I don’t understand why it would ask for a firmware file. The only thing that comes to mind is that you tried to update your firmware, but something interrupted the process. If you need one, you can always visit the Linksys web site and download the latest firmware version, and follow the instructions.

      The reset buttons should have just reset your router back to the factory default settings, and doesn’t affect the firmware.

  102. Moojan says:

    I tried to put in the IP address into IE and it asks me for password, I put blank for username and admin as the password but it keeps asking me again, as if it’s the wrong password! what can I do?

    I have a desktop and a laptop in my house and I have a router.
    I used to have the modem connected to the router, the desktop connected to the router via a cable and my laptop would connect wirelessly.

    Since last week, my desktop’s internet doesn’t work even when I directly connect it to the modem!
    My laptop’s wireless also stopped working. It doesn’t work when I connect to the router with a cable either. The only time it works, is when I connect it directly to the modem with a cable!

    ‘ve tried resetting the modem and router but neither have worked!
    help please!

    • Paul says:

      When you connect your desktop directly to the modem, do you get an IP address? Run ipconfig from a DOS prompt and check for the IP address in the list of information.

    • NATE in IT says:

      my default username and password after resetting my linksys router is always as follows:
      user id: admin
      password: admin

      ip is always after a reset, the router is your default gateway.

  103. Zach says:

    The reset method always works… everytime…. for me at least…

    but how do you do it without resetting…
    For some reason, i can never go to

    and i am forced to reset each and everytime.. Why is this? and how can i just type in next time, so i don’t have to reset the router…

  104. Wanda says:

    I had a cable modem and lynksys G router (WRT54G2) that was working fine. I unplugged the cable modem from the Lynksys — and hooked the ethernet cable directly to a laptop computer. Once I unplugged the computer and re-plugged the Lynsys – my laptops that had worked previously, found the connection and was receiving a signal, but I could not connect to the internet.

    What steps do I need to take to restablish the working connection. After running the Lynksys CD again to try and restablish the connection it tells me that the ethernet cable is not plugged in (it is) and it is unable to repair the connection.

    At the moment I have all the computers off, the xbox and Wii off and the power supply off to the modem and router – leaving the ethernet connections as they were before.

    • Paul says:

      I would try to power up your modem, and wait for the modem to finish starting. Once that is done, I would then try to power up the router and once again wait for it to reconnect.

      Once the router has powered up, try connect your laptop to the router, and see if you are able to connect to the Internet. If you can’t do it wirelessly, connect your laptop to the router using a cable. Go into your administrative pages and check to ensure your router has received an IP address from your ISP.

  105. Paul says:

    Thank you, I’m glad I found this info, now can set up a small netowrk bettween my computrs


  106. Paul says:

    Thank you, I’m glad I found this info, now can set up a small netowrk bettween my computrs


  107. Mike says:

    To Deepak and others.

    I had same problem with nothing happening when entering “admin” as password. As a last attempt i tried to disconnect the power to the router, and put it back on power. Also i tried using IE to write the IP (used Google Chrome before). Wich did the trick i don’t know, but it works now.

    • Paul says:

      I disconnect the power from my router once in a while when I lose my connection to the router. Once I reconnect the power, my computer tends to automatically reconnect to the router again.

      I usually only use IE when connecting to the admin panels of my router.

  108. ezra says:

    i cant access my router when i place it sends me to my modem. someone was playing with my laptop and it appears that something was changed. however i can connect using a wired connection. i tried the reset by holding the reset botton down. can u give me some ideas? what can i try?

  109. Deepak says:

    I tried many times(more then 30 seconds), for reset button. then I tried login with blank user name and admin password. but not getting administrator page.

  110. Joe Bear says:

    Thanks for all the advice. I followed what was written and my modem is working great.

    Joe Bear

  111. g. will says:

    yup……. i tried both http and https and it says Internet Explorer cannot display the web page….
    the format was nn.nnn.nn.n

  112. Paul says:

    Was it the Default Gateway IP address (from ipconfig) that you entered into your browser?

    Did you put it in the form: http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn (or https://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn if you enabled the SSL security)?

    What do you get when you enter the IP address in your browser?

  113. g. will says:

    Thanks for helping…

    How do i get to the admin pages because i tried the ipconfig the putting that number in the internet browser and nothing happens….

    Well i had my router at my house then i moved and hooked it up where i live now, so will that give me more the 1 ip adress ….

    When it was working i had other things hooked up wirelessly with the ps3 and the computer…

    And as for the wall hahaha what ever will work…..

  114. g. will says:

    I have a ps3 hard wired and a computer hard wired to the wrt54g(comcast service). When i unplug then plug the modem back in and do the same of the router, which ever one i try to access to the internet first will be the only one i can use. In other words after i do the little aka soft reset if i turn on my ps3 and play a game on the internet my computer cant connect to the internet….. The real issue is that it was working and it just stopped… I tried all the ports toooooo…. Can someone help me b4 i throw this thing through the wall………
    p.s. I have tried the ipconfig and getting my address, then typing it in the internet web browser, nothing happens.

    • Paul says:


      I have a few questions.

      1. How many IP address is your router set to assign? Ensure you have enough IP addresses assigned by your router.

      2. What are the IP addresses assigned by your router in your DHCP Clients table? Log in to your administrative pages, then go to Status->Local Network. Click the DHCP Clients Table button to view.

      3. Is any of the machines connecting to your wireless router using a static IP address, or all they all set to use DHCP?

      4. Will you be repairing your wall before you fix your router or after? If you wait until after, you can just throw the router through the same hole.

  115. Paul says:

    Hae you enabled SSL security in your admin previously? If that is the case, then you need to specify (note the https and not http).

  116. John says:

    I’ve used ipconfig and I’m using the correct address in my browser but I still cannot access the admin interface. I’d really rather not reset my router settings, are there any other options available to me?

  117. Jesse says:

    typing into the browser doesn’t take me anywhere. Any suggestions?

  118. Paul says:

    @Sachin: The IP addresses look correct. I haven’t setup many PPoE connections with routers, but have you setup the router correctly?

    In the router administrative pages, change the “Internet Connection Type” to PPPoE, and then enter your User Name and Password give to you by your ISP.

  119. Sachin Vaishnav says:

    Earlier I had cable modem which was getting connected Linksys WRH54G. It was working fine.
    I changed the connection to an ADSL modem. I connect that to my Linksys WRH54G wireless router, which further is used to bring my laptop online.

    I am not able to connect neither wired nor wireless – as soon as I bring the wireless router in. It works absolutely fine when I connect my modem directly to my laptop.

    I tried to reset the router’s setting using reset button. When I do ipconfig, I get IP address as and gateway as Is there any setting that I have to do in wireless router? Its a PPoE type of connection. Do I have to provide LAN Ip, starting IP address, DNS, Gateway in the router’s page?

    Pls help

  120. Walker says:

    Try using not …. And jim reset the router to factory defaults a lot of pranksters like to screw with the router setting and return them

  121. Jim says:

    I purchased a new laptop which would not connect to my wireless connection. I played around on my desktop and managed to screw everything up.
    I have been on the phone with Comcast who cannot help whatsoever.
    I have re-installed Linksys but to no avail.
    I have reset it also.
    With the ethernet cable or USB straight from my modem into PC I can connect to the internet but not through the router.
    Then the ethernet cable stopped working.
    I get a dial -up box but when I press “connect” it informs me it is connecting via WAN miniport (PPPOE).
    I’ve changed it to “never dialup”
    Under the broadband connection properties it asks for a Service Name.
    I tried putting in “” but to no avail.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I’ll worry about the laptop connection later.

  122. Paul says:

    @Sheridan: Click “Start Menu->Run” and type “cmd”. At the DOS prompt, type “ipconfig”. The IP address listed next to “Default Gateway” is the IP address you enter into your browser.

  123. Sheridan says:

    Hi, I am unable to access the ip address page. It just comes up with an error message when I type in

    Other web sites say that you have to change your ip address to,although this also does not work.

    I have also tried resetting, no joy!

    My internet is working fine, I just need to secure my wireless connection on the ip address site.

    Any suggestions?

  124. Paul says:

    The router should be on when you push the reset button. You can push it as many times as you want, but it only takes one time to reset the router.

  125. dave says:

    How many times can take to reset the linksys wireless router? and it is required to turn off the wireless router before to reset? what happened if the wireless is turned on then it tried to push the reset button?

  126. nick says:

    i tried the reset procedure 4 times now i still get the level 15 access. i tried admin as id and admin as password and i tried just admin as id no password
    and i tried no id and password admin. nothing any help?

  127. sean says:

    hi, i reset the router through the admin page and everything went well, but i still cant connect, both my laptops found the connection and connected but would not go online.

  128. Paul says:

    @Mitch: What id and password are you using to access the administration page?

  129. Mitch says:

    I held the reset button for 30 seconds, but when I access the IP address online and enter the admin under password, it still does not allow me to access the administration page. Any pointers for me with this problem? Thanks!

  130. Bernie says:

    Your reset procedure worked perfectly for me. Thanks.

  131. Simant says:

    cant excess my wireless router and have searched ur whole website found nothing cant we chat with online technician to sort this out.

    • Michael B says:

      There are two things:

      -you should make sure if you have a wireless connection on your computer it is turned off
      -you should make sure that your network connection is enabled
      reset can be held 30 seconds with power on, no special procedures required

  132. Paul says:

    I believe the router needs to be plugged in.

  133. Chris S says:

    Does the Linksys need to be plugged in or unplugged while holding the reset button? Does it matter?


  134. Paul says:

    @Jonathan Cox: What ID and password are you using to log in to your router?

  135. Jonathan Cox says:

    Hi there. I am unable to access my Linksys router. When I reset and use the admin password, it comes back with Realm Level 15 access. Can you please help me!!? Thanks.

  136. Clint Eagar says:

    Thanks. I really need these settings.

  137. Paul says:

    Looks like you are getting your modem’s setup page and not your router’s. Ensure that you have connected the router to the modem correctly, and that you have connected to the router wirelessly.

    The best way is to use a network cable and connect to the router to set it up, and then setup the wireless connection on your PC.

  138. Anonymous says:

    I reset my router, now I get a Westell setup page and not the normal black and blue Linksys page when in input

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