How to Build Backlinks for Obscure Topics

How to Build Backlinks for Obscure Topics

Learning to build backlinks can be hard enough on popular niches, but imagine trying to do it on obscure topics that have significantly fewer viable options. While it can be a difficult undertaking, it is important to not get frustrated and keep following through on proven methods that work. Try following these simple tips to get some good backlinks on topics that are not well understood or have a smaller specialized market.

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Example one: For demonstration’s purposes, consider Heater Meals. They are a company that manufactures and sells, as their name suggests, heater meals. These are meals that are already ready to go and be enjoyed. They work best for those out camping in the wilderness, on long hikes or trips and even have a purpose in the military as a way to feed soldiers warm meals. While the market is not over saturated with websites about warm meals for soldiers, the market does have a substantial amount of websites that care about those who serve in the military. You do not have to be 100% exact when building links. look for companies that are talking about ways to send help to the soldiers, ways to support the soldiers or ways to get involved in aiding them. They have to eat, so why not suggest heater meals for care packages and other such efforts? Just like that you have a backlink on an organization’s website and its relevant and helpful to all parties.

Example 2: Economics Wiki is a site that specializes in economics tutorials and exam help for college students.  While the economy is a big topic, economic student help is not, and the few places out there that do support such searches are already well established. As a result, it is important to reach out to those that have a say in the class room and to students. It is a good ideas to contact professors or other professionals that can have an impact on the field. Many professionals, including professors, have their personal website with the university or a department page. Contact them and explain what you are trying to do and request a link. Not only does talking to professionals provide link opportunities, but it also gives you the chance to get higher authority link opportunities such as from .edu sources.

Example 3: Beck Studios sells theatrical curtains. That market is extremely small, and not many sites out there offer the same service, as not many people are always searching for it. Theatrical curtains are relevant to move theaters and stage plays, so it can be incorporated into many other topics, including reviews of theaters and films. Consider writing guest posts for blogs, reviewers and other sources and working in a backlink that way. Even if the topic is not 100% related, as long as it is on message and connected to the overall subject of the site you are trying to link back to, it will be helpful.

These 3 simple tips can help you create backlinks and be on  your way to growing the DA of your favorite websites. Not only are they easy to  implement, but the methods work.

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17 Responses to “How to Build Backlinks for Obscure Topics”

  1. Sam says:

    There are more smarter ways of building back links than it used to be 5 years a go. With Google Algorithm changes all the time you should not rely on one method. Try to save your self and your business huge drop by using verities of back link methods.

  2. Jerry says:

    Great post but does this stuff still work?

  3. Sushant says:

    Hello Alex,thanks for providing such useful information about creating backlinks, it is going to help a lot of people who want to do SEO for their websites including me.thanks,Sushant

  4. Philip A. says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great tips, thanks for sharing this.

    You’re right, it is hard to get quality backlinks even for the most popular niches, but let alone those mini-niches which are not so popular.
    I’m my opinion the key is to think out of the box when you are building backlinks, test everything, this way you will find the right way to build backlinks for any niche no matter how obscure.

    Have a great day, looking forward to your next post.Cheers


  5. alexstruass says:

    The backlinks plays vital role to getting the good market to our site. Many people suffer with this back links. They think that getting the backlinks is very easy, yes its some right but the main thing we have to observe on that which is good or bad. The good quality backlinks are standard and the bad links will not standup for a long time. This is not a potential back links. Now the above topic is so good so far. Which gives good information to all. Thanks to share this informative post.

  6. Pretty interesting article. I enjoyed the real time examples which you’ve listed in the article. But, I’ve tried few other ways of backlinking other than contextual backlinks and it still works.

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