Guidelines for Writing Great Titles

Guidelines for Writing Great Titles

One of the best ways of drawing attention to your blog posts is to use titles effectively. Choosing a good blog title is very subjective and there is really no right or wrong answer. However, there are some guidelines that can help you enhance your blog titles so as to attract readers as well as search engines.

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Guidelines for Writing Great Titles

Keep Things Simple

Search engines as well as readers prefer shorter titles. For best results, it would be advisable to keep your blog title below 45 characters. However, you can still attract traffic to your blog with a longer title.

Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Your titles should make your posts stand out among all the other posts competing for the reader’s attention. There are many ways of grabbing attention, including writing controversial titles, shocking titles, titles with big claims or even confusing titles.

Make Sure the Title Meets a Need

Online readers want to have their needs met and their problems solved. Your titles should show that you can offer a solution to their problem or need. This will result in increased traffic to your blog.

Use Descriptive Words

Some readers might prefer confusing and cryptic titles. However, most of your readers would want descriptive and concise titles. Your titles should give readers a clear idea of what is contained in the post’s body.

Fit Keywords Into the Title

Keywords are crucial if you want your blog posts to help in search engine optimization (SEO). This might not be easy, especially when trying to craft short titles. However, incorporating keywords in the title is important if you wish to involve SEO in your blogging efforts. You need to select a few important keywords and fit them into the title in the best way possible. Inserting the right keywords in titles has led to a significant increase of traffic to my blog which promotes webhostingpad discounts and coupons.

Choose Titles Carefully

When choosing titles for your blogs, there is no need to rush. You need to take time to come up with something unique, relevant and catchy. When your blog titles are carefully chosen, readers and search engines spiders will definitely take notice.

11 Responses to “Guidelines for Writing Great Titles”

  1. Jym says:

    Headlines and Titles are so critical to drawing readers into your blog.

    I like the basic foundations you’ve laid here, particularly meeting a need. So many post headlines seem to be a bout nothing, they offer no benefit or interest to the reader. they’re the ones that don’t get clicked of course…

    It’s well worth taking time to master the skill of headline writing!

  2. Ella Martin says:

    Most readers are judging whether to read our whole article or not on the title so the title are very important.

  3. For us to be able to have a great writing ability for our online business this must be followed. for me sometimes, I usually use the Google ad-word in choosing the best title.but as I have read this article it is better to make things very simple and make sure that the title you have chosen is unique. to attract many readers attention.

  4. Averyl says:

    Thanks for the tips..really needed..:)

  5. Shree says:

    Thanks for the tips! I often get confused while choosing titles for my blog posts. These tips are really going to help the next time I fall short of a title.

  6. Aanchal says:

    These are basic things to consider while choosing your title, this way one can easily write attractive title for post.

  7. Danica Stone says:

    Thanks for the tips. Maybe I can also use this for the titles of my article. Is it also applicable for constructing a title of an ebook?

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