The Grandparent’s Guide to the Internet [Infographic]

The Grandparent’s Guide to the Internet [Infographic]

If you have grown-up children and they have made you proud grandparents, you will probably have noticed just how adept their kids are at using the internet and their tablet or smartphone, with many preschooler’s knowing their way around an iPad with amazing skill and dexterity.

Being a grandparent is great fun of course, but it also means that you are trying to catch up with the digital age and all that it has to offer.

Smartphones and iPad’s were not words that had been invented and neither had the internet for that matter, which means that you might just find everything associated with the internet and how to use it, a bit daunting.

The Grandparent’s Guide to the Internet is designed to get you up to speed and give you the confidence to explore what the web has to offer and how to harness its ability to make some of your daily tasks easier and more efficient.

The guide takes you through step-by-step, from explaining why you need a web browser, what a window is and how to navigate around a page, to sending emails, uploading or downloading pictures and videos, right through to how to get to grips with social media.

If you want to share your experiences and spend time catching up with what your grandchildren are doing and what they have been doing, the best way to do this these days is to learn how to use Facebook or Skype, so that you can communicate with your family and others in the only way that that really know how to these days.

The Grandparent's Guide to the Internet

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