Four Essential GoPro Accessories for Shooting Stunning Video

Four Essential GoPro Accessories for Shooting Stunning Video

Those who have seen the stunning variety of experiences that a GoPro camera can shoot in High Definition video can attest to the camera’s quality. The GoPro HD camera is a rugged, compact, and light device that has given the world a unique style of highly personalized photography and videography. From accompanying divers on marine adventures to traversing rocky off-road terrain on cycle, bike or car, the GoPro can record it all with stunning clarity.

By itself the GoPro is simply a light, durable, and compact camera. In order to make full use of its features and durability, it is important to invest in a few versatile accessories. You do not have to buy a lot of accessories – just aim to buy rugged, durable accessories that can match the kind of quality of video footage you aim to shoot with the camera. With a small backpack of GoPro accessories and your GoPro, you can be ready at a moment’s notice to shoot underwater, on the road, and even in the air.

Four Essential GoPro Accessories for Shooting Stunning Video

Here are some exciting options you must consider when buying a GoPro accessory:

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

Out of all the GoPro accessories, this one will definitely turn a few heads. DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter does not look like it would be difficult to maneuver, but it is surprisingly an easy device to fly. The Phantom 2 positions the GoPro camera strategically, giving you amazing views for your videos. While it is light, it is designed to feature a good center of balance, and therefore won’t tip over or give you shaky footage.

The Quadcopter features a high performance 5200mAh Lithium Polymer battery backup that keeps it in the air for about half an hour, giving you enough time for a lot of footage. Further, battery data like capacity data and maintenance reminders make sure that it is a fuss-free device.

Fat Gecko Dual Suction POV Camera Mount

The highly versatile Fat Gecko Dual Suction POV Camera Mount is great not only for your GoPro, but even your DSLRs and other cameras. You can fasten your camera on literally any smooth surface, making it a great investment.

The suction cups can pivot easily, and the Mount is resistant to inclement weather, including rain, strong winds, and even 150 mph speeds. And, the exposure to the elements won’t damage the Mount, as it uses Anodized zinc. This means your camera is steady and safe.

GoPole, The Bobber floating GoPro Camera Accessory

The GoPole has three uses. First of all, it is great for seaside shoots and will prevent water damage if your camera gets accidentally dropped in the water. Secondly, it can be used as a convenient hand grip to give you a variety of angles. Thirdly, its colour and design makes it easy for you to fish out of the water as the pole sticks out of the water.

These three accessories can be conveniently bought online at great prices.   Feel free to visit online stores like Camera Store online to explore their features, as well as browse a wider assortment of exciting GoPro HD camera accessories. Visit for further details.

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