Effective SEO Tips for New Sites to Get To the Top

Effective SEO Tips for New Sites to Get To the Top

Thousands of new websites are born or registered everyday. The sites that are optimized with latest SEO standards obviously seem to do better than the ones that are not. As a matter of fact, there is no point in starting a website if you are not planning to do SEO on that. It will be buried way back in the search results pages and no one will ever get to know about your business.

Plenty of work has to be done when a new business site is created, and some of them are quite complex too. Remember that SEO is always going to be an ongoing process, and it picks up momentum in the long run.

SEO is all about targeting the relevant audiences to your website, and keeping them interested with continuous engagements. Hence, do not optimize your sites solely for the search engines. You will have to mainly focus on your potential customers. Even the search engines give first priority to their users. In simple words, you will need to please your clients, and Google has no option but to offer you with good page rankings.

With the launch of a new site, you could simultaneously setup a few things for long term success. For this you can prepare an SEO checklist to prioritize work for optimizing new sites.


  • Accessibility – Search engines and users must know how to access all the web pages and content in an easy and well defined manner. Avoid making dumb mistakes like 500 and 404 errors, missing title tag, duplicate content, etc. Even misleading or inadequate content on the web pages will not grab the attention of visitors or the search engines.
  • Keyword targeting – Selecting proper keywords for targeting is the key. Therefore, keyword research becomes imperative before starting on contents. Make certain that you choose the ones that really applicable and relevant to your business. If this part is dealt with properly, then the task of keyword targeting becomes easy.
  • Superior content – When visitors view the web page, they are looking for help, tips, guidance, and information along with images, videos and graphics. So, build your website with quality contents, which can really add value to your potential customers. It will also add credit with search engines. Content relevancy is valued by Google, even if your website has fewer backlinks or weak keyword targeting.
  • Usable web design – Your website need not look just good. More importantly, it must be user friendly. In short, its ‘usability’ rate must be good. The user experiences on your site must be smooth, which will ultimately help you in getting loyal customers. Some main factors that are preferred by users and search engines are:
    1. Site speed and page load time.
    2. Content formatting must be easy on the eyes.
    3. Simple code structure.
    4. Appealing design.
    5. Visual elements.
  • Social network set up – Social signals assist search engines in finding your website easily. People are impacted everyday through social sharing, and hence it becomes a solid platform for branding. You will need to setup accounts or business pages on leading social networking platforms. Make sure that you use the themes and formats that are similar to that of your business websites.
  • Quality link building – Low quality backlinks can be dangerous, especially for new websites. Google penalizes or bans websites whose link profile appears to look like spam. When your site does not have trustworthy or quality backlinks, the search engines will be reluctant to index those contents. So start building quality links from reliable online sources. It can be done in various methods:
    1. email marketing with opt-in lists.
    2. Press releases.
    3. Guest posts.
    4. Backlinks from review sites, blogs, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and many other social sites helps in building relationships that can get your site noticed, liked, and enjoyed.

All these things will take time, investment, efforts, energy, creativity, and authenticity. You could always hire professional SEO Company for the job.

4 Responses to “Effective SEO Tips for New Sites to Get To the Top”

  1. Toni says:

    SEO is the hardest thing to me.. so I avoid this hard way with choosing niche keyword with little or no competition

  2. Kathy says:

    Hey Paul I went through a lot of your post and I just laughed out of control by reading your infographic about texting. This post is really helpful for SEO professionals. Thanks for sharing it. Quality link building and fresh content give high rankings in SERPs.

  3. maksan says:

    Interesting news . It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  4. This was actually a very good post. Excellent in fact! Giving all the details I needed when I was a newbie blogger. If anyone is new and reading this post, please pay attention. Every step detailed is exactly what you need to do. If you don’t know how to do it, find someone who can help you. I found that waiting my time looking for someone was time-consuming. Talk to reliable people to help you. Those people you already know. Great job on the article.

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