Cloud Based Video Conferencing Can Be a Bridge

Cloud Based Video Conferencing Can Be a Bridge

Updating software is a pain. It’s supposed to automatically update, but it usually doesn’t. Meanwhile, your computer or network probably is vulnerable to the latest Internet virus. Then there are the updates you don’t want because you’re working, and you don’t have time to stop and restart your computer.

Things can be even worse when you’re dealing with video conferencing software. Does everyone on the call have the latest update? Probably not. This can cause real problems. Who cares about a pretty new graphic interface, when the video feed goes black on three screens right before a presentation? All because one software update suddenly made Skype incompatible with OS X.

If only there was a way to bridge all the different software programs on local computers or networks regardless of version to a single video conferencing solution. Then you wouldn’t have to call your local IT guy who’s afraid of Macs or always wants to trouble shoot over the phone. You know, the guy who can’t get the Flash plugin to work right in Firefox?

Cloud Based Video Conferencing Can Be a Bridge

The Cloud Solution

About half of U.S. companies nowadays say they have converted to cloud computing at some level, Reuven Cohen recently reported in Forbes. Companies use clouds to store data and to access software. It’s often less expensive than keeping everything onsite. One cool thing about online versions of software such as Adobe Photoshop is there is no need to update it locally. That cuts down on a lot of local software maintenance.

If your company has not jumped into cloud computing, your video conferencing woes might be the perfect excuse to at least give it a try. It’s like when your jeans finally get a hole in them so big they would still look awful, even if you patched them. It’s time to get a new pair.

Cloud based video conferencing from Blue Jeans could be the answer to your problems. This company’s software can run a videoconference without the need for additional hardware or software. It’s all in the cloud.

Blue Jeans cloud service can connect with a variety of other video conferencing software. One participant can use Skype for Business from his PC desktop while another connects with Google Hangouts on his MacBook. There is a Blue Jeans app for Android devices and Apple mobile devices. All you need is a Blue Jeans account, an Internet connection, a computer and a camera. Even the stock webcam on your laptop will work.

According to Blue Jeans, video conferencing room systems can really eliminate connection headaches. You can sync with Outlook and Google Calendar to set up a schedule and email invitations.

Cool Features

Because Blue Jeans is cloud-based, the company can use best-of-breed software. It’s not tied to some Apple or Adobe software suite. You can share video content with participants in your videoconference and it will be in sync, so no more Google Hangouts lag issues.

You can record your Blue Jeans meetings in the cloud, so participants can go back and review information. Employees who missed the videoconference can view it later. And don’t worry about security. Blue Jeans has firewalls and encryption. You can text chat with participants while the videoconference is going on, and if a participant does not have a video camera or just doesn’t want to use one, he can just use audio like he would in a phone conference.

Blue Jeans service includes a command center program with all kinds of graphic displays of user data, video and audio quality for each user and bandwidth load. With this information, managers can plan future videoconferences that maximize participation and productivity. Companies can add features to their Blue Jeans account as needed.

Cloud Integration

Using cloud-based video conferencing allows companies to collaborate with vendors and contractors without travel and lodging expenses, PC Tech Magazine points out. An additional opportunity is to connect with potential clients.

Aside from the wow factor, making it easy for a potential customer to connect can be a great competitive advantage. Do you really want to lose sales to your competition because you’re company is still using old technology?

If your company isn’t using cloud technology to store and share data or save on heavily used software such as Microsoft Office, now is the time to jump in. Because the cloud computing industry is doing so well, software deployment is changing, according to Connor Forrest of Tech Republic. It’s like needing a car part no one makes anymore. Your competitors might be saving money on IT support and using better software, while you’re needlessly burning cash on excess labor.

Some predict companies will switch their IT services to remote, Dirk Paessler wrote in Betanews. If that happens, local networks and administrators will be unnecessary. That might be years away, or things could accurate as they often doing in computing. For example, PC graphics cards become obsolete every six months for hardcore gamers.

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