7 Best Ways to Secure Your Site from Attacks

7 Best Ways to Secure Your Site from Attacks

Ever since, I started using WordPress, I have found nothing that compares to this great content management system. This is because WordPress is versatile, and as such any person can be able to adapt it for use in any manner.

However, this was not always the case. When I first heard of WordPress, around six years ago, I simply dismissed it as one of those fads that come and go in a blink of an eye. But, I was wrong, and quite honestly, it was one of my mistakes, since I came on to later learn that WordPress was simply more than just a fad.

7 Best Ways to Secure Your Site from Attacks

Today, it is one of the most widely used blogging platforms. But this has also led to problems with hackers targeting WordPress based sites. Nevertheless, there are some WordPress security Plugins that I use to ensure that my sites remain safe at all times.

Common Security Plugins:

1. WP Email Guard

This is a plugin that ensures that a site’s email addresses are not collected by crawlers and spammers. It is a great plugin for people who have no love for spam mail, I know that I don’t.

2. Fast Secure Contact Form

This is a plugin that is great for people who hate spam as much I do. This is because this plugin is used to make sure that a person is able to receive emails from real visitors. In addition, it has a section where a meeting with the visitor can be arranged via video, or a phone call. I simply love this plugin because it ensures that I do not get any spam.

Must Have Security Plugins:

3. Login Lockdown

This is a popular app that ensures that any hacking attempts via your login page are thwarted. This plugin works by simply keeping count of login attempts made from a specific IP address. If the password, for a site such as www.shopwpthemes.com, is wrong for a given number of times, then the site login is shut down. Therefore, only the site owner can be able to access the site from this point on.

4. AskApache Password Protect

This is another great plugin that ensures that your site is always safe at all times. AskApache uses multiple levels of security layers on a site such that any person launching an unskilled site attack or hack is bound to fail. Therefore, if you do no wish to get bothered with hacks that are of no significance, then this plugin is what you should get.

My Top Picks:

Since there are so many great WordPress security Plugins, these are my top 3 selections for 2012. I have zoomed in on these apps since they are not only useful, but they epitomize what security apps for sites ought to be and should be.

5. WordPress File Monitor

WordPress file monitor is a great plugin that monitors the files in a site continuously. Therefore, in case there is a change done in a site, then the site administrator is notified immediately. This is a favourite plugin since I am assured that if a hacker does get in to my site, I will know about it immediately, and be able to take action.

6. AntiVirus

A similarly spectacular plugin for WordPress is AntiVirus. This is a plugin that is used to ensure that a site is free of viruses, and dangerous code. Scanning is done each and every day and a report after each scan is usually given. Therefore, it is quite useful.

7. Bulletproof Security

This is a WordPress security plugin that protects sites from SQL injection based attacks, and other forms of hacking common today. In addition, this plugin is great since it ensures that a site owner incorporates this plugin into the control panel for easy access and control. This is one of the best apps that I have ever used, and that is why it is one of my top picks for 2012.

7 Responses to “7 Best Ways to Secure Your Site from Attacks”

  1. Sunny says:

    Basically when we are starting our blog we should also made an idea about security of the blog.
    The above article provides very good information about security of the blogs.
    Thanks for your valuable information.

  2. win says:

    These plugins are great, Now I have a list of security plugin which I can use for my other blogs, but I already using the login lock down. The plugin is great and function well for my web.

  3. Jovie Onyema says:

    I really need the email guard and maybe the login lockdown. i just dont know how i manage to get all the spam mails that i do. thanks for telling us about these great plugins.

  4. Hi Paul,
    It’s good to know about all points on WordPress security. At present, there are many spammers and if we don’t know about how to secure our website then we may put ourselves into trouble. I found login lockdown is good for checking any hacking attempts via your login page. Thankyou for sharing 7 best ways to secure our site from attacks.

  5. Aasma says:

    That’s an useful resource for wordpress security, and you must be serious about it.

  6. Kia Snite says:

    This is really important to me. Thanks for posting this sort of useful information. Now, I know already how to protect my website from attack.

  7. Thomas says:

    Hi Paul
    That is some great tips you have here. I really like the Login Lockdown plugin. It sounds great. Mayby I should check it out for my own WordPress blog.

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